Homemade wraps for weight loss

There are many wraps for weight loss. Wrapping with algae, clay, honey and various herbs. To improve efficiency and achieve the best result, there are general recommendations, as well as rules for use. An increasingly popular way to lose weight can be done at home.

Contraindications to the use of this type of weight loss are pregnancy, kidney disease, tumors and varicose veins. It should also be used with caution in skin diseases, as it is possible to provoke allergies. An hour before the procedure, it is not recommended to eat and drink a lot. The course of wraps will bring you closer to the cherished goal of losing unwanted kilograms.

Before the actual procedure, you should clean the pores and rid the body of excess fluid. To do this, take a bath with the addition of sea salt. So there will be a better absorption of nutrients.

For wrapping, you need cling film. Turning into her, it is worth half an hour to stay in a warm place, for example, to warm up under a blanket. Additional funds should be used one at a time to avoid the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

Seaweed wrap uses kelp. Seaweed removes swelling and smoothes wrinkles, and also contributes to the disappearance of cellulite. There are two types of seaweed wraps. By pouring kelp plates with water at room temperature, a cold wrap is obtained. It is worth waiting half an hour until the algae swells and only then apply them to problem areas and fix with a film. For a hot wrap, warm water is used, 37 degrees. The rest of the procedure is similar to a cold wrap. Seaweed body wrap is one of the most effective means of weight loss.

The use of clay will help moisturize the skin, remove unnecessary toxins and toxins. Significantly reduced body volume. Aromatic ingredients and algae are added to the clay, if desired. Clay diluted in water and warm fillers are applied to areas that they want to reduce, wrapped with a film. After half an hour, it should be thoroughly washed off with warm water.

To use a herbal wrap, you will need an infusion of chamomile or other herbs. Ordinary green tea is also good. Such manipulations will make the skin supple and smooth, have a rejuvenating effect and relieve swelling. Herbs should be insisted and immersed in them with cotton or linen fabric. The processed material is applied to the body and relaxed. After the procedure, there is a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Coffee wrap is recognized as one of the most effective. Three tablespoons of unbrewed coffee is diluted with milk until a thick slurry is obtained. It is applied to the body and wrapped in cling film.

Do not forget that in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, weight loss and rejuvenation will be much more effective. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you achieve the desired result faster.

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