Honey massage – a sweet procedure for beauty and health

For a long time, honey has been famous for its miraculous properties. It is not only a source of energy and beneficial nutrients that play an important role inside our bodies, but also brings great benefits to the body from the outside. It has become difficult to surprise anyone with such secrets, but the fact that everyone wants to be beautiful and keep their beauty for a long time is a completely different question, to which women and men have their own approaches.

A common form of beauty preservation is honey-based masks and body wraps, but another industry that has made honey even more famous is honey massage. It sounds not just like a sweet spice, but also an effective procedure, thanks to which the skin becomes silky and toned, and the problem areas more often affecting women acquire the desired result in several courses.

The honey massage itself, as you know, came to us from the countries of the East since antiquity, but for unknown reasons, it did not tolerate wide distribution. As a fact, honey is one of the fastest natural ingredients that can be absorbed into human skin and help accelerate blood circulation, and all the vitamins stored in honey are instantly absorbed and act to cleanse the body from two sides, removing excess toxins and toxins. Also, honey has a warming property, thanks to which it is possible to prevent or weaken the disease of the respiratory tract. Therefore, using honey in various massage techniques instead of chemically made creams that clog our vascular system with residual enzymes.

Honey massage is often used on a separate part of the body, and the technique is more similar to light “slapping”. This technique is quite risky, because the vessels that are closer to the surface of the skin burst and can form small bloody smudges, and sometimes small bruises, but do not worry, such defects disappear in 2-3 days. During the massage, you can see how a white mass remains on the masseur’s palms – this is a sure sign that the salts deposited over several months are gradually broken down due to the properties of honey and removed through the skin pores, which open under the influence of warm air and hot honey. This technique is often used for osteochondrosis, cellulite, stretch marks, tightness of the nerves and immobility of the shoulder girdle.

In addition to individual zones, there is a holistic massage that covers the entire body. Here, rubbing a honey solution or melted natural honey into especially painful areas is used, and massage tools can interact: needles, rollers, jars that will help break up salt deposits, fat folds and even out the skin surface. The whole body from the neck to the fingertips will be involved under the massage.

As a rule, you should choose natural honey: linden, flower or buckwheat. The ideal combination with honey is white or green clay, a small amount of grape juice, almond or olive oil. A mixture with natural ingredients will not only enhance the effect of honey, but also provide additional nutrition, improve color and easily cope with joint pain (arthritis).

Honey massage is harmless for diabetics. Recently, talks and advice from doctors have become more frequent, to use massage for diabetes, and since honey immediately enters the blood during a massage, it helps to remove blood clots and cleanse blood vessels for healthy blood circulation.

Another myth about honey massage is an expensive procedure. Yes, in expensive beauty salons, the price of a professional massage using the above natural ingredients will overestimate your expectations. But it is not forbidden to carry out procedures on painful areas of the body at home, which means that it is more profitable to spend on natural honey for conscientious beekeepers who are not yet lazy.

Honey massage is the best way to remove toxins and toxins from the surface of the body, preventing them from getting into the blood, which means that the massage procedure itself should be more than responsible. After any honey massage, a warm shower is necessary, which helps to eliminate the toxins that have just been removed, plus “flushing” the pores, which tighten when the skin cools. The skin after the massage becomes soft and silky.

The technique of honey massage is diverse, it includes both rubbing, stroking, vibration, clapping and unsticking the hand from the back. The classic honey massage is an additional help to strengthen muscle tone, while the relaxing effect can reduce pain, improve breathing and reduce your cough. Massage with a restorative function allows the damaged spine to return the nerve connections to a healthy state. Strengthens elasticity, which is important in postpartum conditions and athletes. There is no separation of massage between a man and a woman, it equally affects any organism, whether it is a child or an old person.

Honey massage is not just a useful procedure with a large supply of useful properties, which is absolutely applicable to each of us. Being beautiful is good, but being beautiful and healthy is even better, which means that you should not resort to unverified means when there is a large treasure of natural, sweet beneficial properties in the palm of your hand.

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