Hot trend of summer 2020: shopping bags and eco-friendly shopping bags

Since the 2000s, retail chains have been accustoming customers to plastic bags, which were not only convenient, but also cheap. The material for their manufacture does not decompose for hundreds of years, and the surrounding nature is daily polluted with used bags. Shopping bags and ecological shopping bags have become an excellent alternative to harmful polyethylene.

shopping bags

Reusable shopper

A fashionable fabric accessory, which is a shopper bag, is similar to the rag bags of grandmothers from the CIS. Its advantage is environmental friendliness and simplicity. As a rule, such a product has one compartment, is easy to fold, does not take up much space and is always at hand.

The shopper can be taken not only to the store, but also to the gym, to work and for a walk. A cloak with trousers, a coat, a dress, a suit and other types of clothing will suit this accessory. The only exception would be an evening dress. Office workers, women and men, students and schoolchildren are happy to use such a fashionable accessory.

This product will last for several years. The complete rejection of plastic bags will lead to a transition to these versatile accessories and the habit of always taking a shopper with you. According to stylists, the image with a shopper is interesting and worthy of attention. The shopper is designed for going to the grocery store, to the fitness club, to work and for a walk. Any clothes will suit this product: a trouser suit, a light dress and a demi-season coat. Only an evening dress does not look with such an accessory. People of different ages are happy to use this fashionable bag.

Reusable shopper

The shopper will last for several years. People will gradually get used to taking it always with them, while plastic bags will soon completely disappear.

graceful shopper

Wicker shopping bags

Open woven bags have been popular for several seasons. In specimens with large cells, a dense fabric lining is used. They wear string bags with clothes made of linen, cotton and other light fabrics. Woven nets can be both monophonic and multi-colored. They are used not only for going to the supermarket.

wicker string bag

You can put books, magazines in a shopping bag, it will suit both multi-colored dresses, as well as classic and business suits. Most “household” shopping bags are woven or knitted from cotton. You can fit a lot of things in this compact bag.

wicker bag

Fashionistas use a variety of options to give these products style. These include leather handles. Knitting lovers will be able to independently crochet such a product using the macrame technique.

wicker string bag

A compromise option is presented in the form of a bag or clutch, which is folded into a string bag. Here, personal belongings are hidden from prying eyes. You can wear a bag of any shape in a wicker accessory.

fashion wicker shopper

Currently, you can meet a fashionista with a shopping bag filled with books and magazines. It will suit both multi-colored dresses and business suits. Most “household” models are made of cotton. You can fit a lot of things in this compact bag. Today’s women of fashion wear wicker bags in the old fashion. They fill them with fruits and various foods.

fashion woven bag

Soul Gift

A shopper bag and a shopping bag are an original and useful gift. The main advantages of eco-bags are efficiency, practicality and an ironic attitude to fashion.

Shopping bag

In order to introduce your friends to an ecological lifestyle, give them a trendy shopper with cool prints or a crochet string bag. Especially popular is the eco-bag made of Tyvek, which does not fade, does not get dirty and does not get wet.

shopper options

Avoska creates an impression of lightness, so its combination with resort relaxation will create a special mood. You can hang a scarf or a keychain on it. This will give a certain chic to the image.

shopper option

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