How a manicure can rejuvenate your hands

In this article, we tell how a manicure can rejuvenate hands. All secrets and stylish ideas especially for you!



Before choosing the perfect manicure design, you should take care of the well-groomed nails. With age, a woman inevitably faces wrinkles, pigmentation and weakening of the condition of the plates.

Of course, you can’t turn back time. But you can organize a well-deserved care for your hands, which will provide a more accurate and aesthetic manicure. Homemade herbal baths, emollient creams, light scrubs, basic cuticle removal and nail cleansing – all this will help not to give away your age.

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In the arsenal of a woman of elegant age, there should also be a caring varnish, which often acts as the base of a manicure. It is important to ensure that it contains vitamins that protect and nourish components.

Nail shape

An important aspect of anti-age nail art is nail shape. Manicurists give several win-win recommendations in this regard.

At an elegant age, it is not recommended to decorate predatory long nails – not only are they most susceptible to brittleness, they also look rather rough. The optimal move is a bet on smoothness, femininity and naturalness. So, you can give preference to a soft square, oval or small almond. These forms have no age restrictions.

As for the optimal length, the masters give universal advice – it should not exceed 25% of the total size of the plate. These are medium nails that do not cause discomfort and look natural.

You can achieve the optimal shape and length at home, deftly maneuvering with a nail file. It is better to use a high-quality tool made of ceramic or glass – with such materials, the nail plates will not be brittle and delamination.

[tds_warning]Do not actively cut the plates in the side parts – this will not have the best effect on their condition and health.[/tds_warning]

Color palette

Universal manicure color with an excellent anti-age effect belongs to the classic light palette. For example, you can choose your favorite among milky, powdery, pink, beige and translucent tones. Such a delicate palette is the best choice for women with fair skin. It looks best on an almond or oval shape in a glossy or matte finish.

Peach polish, which is the closest relative of the light orange palette, can also be a good option. It will take on the mission of masking uneven skin color and age spots. Peach manicurewhich hands look youngermay mean not only a plain peach coating, but also its combination with small rhinestones, a floral or geometric pattern.

If you want to add brightness to your manicure, take mint, menthol and coral colors as a basis. Not only can they boast a rejuvenating effect, but they also correspond to the leading fashion trends.

Refreshing coral is most suitable for ladies who have warm golden skin. They can combine this polish with blue or red accents to create a particularly expressive manicure. For example, you can implement a gradient effect with a given palette.

With a pronounced olive skin color, it is worth having an orange varnish in your cosmetic bag, which in its shade is closest to the red palette. This color scheme will be a good choice for everyday life and for a special occasion.

Some dark shades are not unquestioningly taboo. For many women, burgundy, emerald, eggplant and chocolate shades are wonderfully suited. The most advantageous saturated coating looks paired with a light contrasting design, for example, with lace patterns.

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Do not be afraid of the brightness of the red color. If you choose its warm shade, close to the orange palette, it will also provide the desired anti-aging effect. Many Hollywood stars combine this coverage with bright lipstick and look amazing.


At an elegant age, some shades of varnishes need to be crossed out from the list of favorites, because they insidiously emphasize all the defects and time marks on the skin of the hands. This forbidden list includes fiery red, brick, dark gray, blue, blue, black and green tones.

A rich neon palette is also considered not the best option. It tends to draw attention to the hands and their features. In addition, at the age of 40+, such varnishes simply look vulgar.

Contraindications include not only unsuccessful shades, but also youthful and old-fashioned types of design. So, after 40 years, it is better to give up predatory prints, frivolous shades, logos and infantile drawings, acrylic stucco, studded with rhinestones, catchy and outrageous compositions. All of these options are contrary to elegance – the main criterion for manicure at the age of 40+.

You should also be careful with a matte finish – it can focus on cracks and wrinkles on the skin. Such a top can only be used as an accent on a pair of marigolds.

Which varnish to choose

After the milestone of 40 or 50 years, women should make quite high demands on nail polish. Cheap cosmetics are unlikely to work, because it will cunningly emphasize all the irregularities and weakness of the plates – and even the base coat can be powerless here.

If you prefer to do a manicure at home, then pay attention to a curious novelty in the world of nail art – varnish with mineral particles. Such cosmetics visually align the plates, and also provide a uniform and rich coverage.

Manicure designwhich rejuvenates hands, can use the unconditional must-have of recent seasons – varnish containing shimmer or glitter. The high density of shimmer is an excellent distraction from skin imperfections. Such a manicure will look luxurious and noble and will surely collect a lot of compliments and admiring glances.

Also a great solution would be a coating of gel polish or shellac. These variations guarantee a long-lasting and highly pigmented finish. The main thing is to periodically give the nails a break from such a manicure.


It is believed that complex nail art is already contraindicated for women over 50, but a classic jacket with a different design is a pleasant exception to this rule. This is a universal manicure, which is always an indicator of a woman’s impeccable taste. In addition, the elegant combination of a transparent or beige base and a bright smile is perfect. rejuvenates hands.

For a change in the usual jacket, lace decor, a little glitter or a couple of sequins are perfect. A great idea would also be to experiment with the color of the base and smile…

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