How and how to whiten the skin on the elbows

At all times, women took care of their appearance. The greatest attention was paid to the face, skin of the hands and hair, that is, those parts of the body that were on public display. More attentive beauties have always paid attention to areas less accessible to the eye, such as the neck, feet or elbows.

In history, there are many facts about women from high society who had to follow a special dress code that suggested a minimum number of open areas of the body, in particular sleeves, the length of which had a certain standard – no shorter than the hands. Partially, these rules have been preserved today, in reputable companies there are certain rules that regulate the appearance of their employees. As a rule, women do not have the right to appear at business meetings in revealing outfits with bare shoulders or legs. But when the working day ends, every girl wants to allow herself to look chic, and then exquisite hairstyles, open evening dresses and light outfits that reveal all the charms of the female body come into play.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of a beautiful face, many people forget about a common but not particularly discussed problem – dry and dark skin on the elbows. Among the most common causes of dryness and dark pigmentation in this area of ​​the skin are:

  • excessive ultraviolet radiation. Lovers of “sunbathing” should be aware that from direct exposure to the sun on the skin, not only a beautiful tan can appear, but also darker age spots, and ultimately skin diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance can also lead to a change in pigmentation. Especially often this effect is observed in pregnant women;
  • heredity. Since pigment is an inherited factor, the appearance of marks similar to those that your blood relatives have is normal;
  • with age, the processes of skin regeneration slow down, and therefore the appearance of various kinds of age spots on it can become more frequent, and they themselves will not come off;
  • due to a lack of vitamins of groups B, E and A, due to the lack of which the body is dehydrated and the skin becomes drier and darker;
  • diseases associated primarily with the endocrine system, such as diabetes or thyroid;
  • mechanical damage to the skin. If you constantly lean on your elbows, rub them against hard surfaces, the skin becomes rough and becomes tougher;
  • dry air and low temperatures make the skin of the elbows dryer.

If the problem is related to diseases, it is better to consult a doctor. But if you are healthy, then creams or peels that you can buy at the store or cook yourself will help get rid of the problem. Cooking home remedies will allow you to verify the quality of the product and spend a minimum of money on it.

The first step towards perfect skin in this area of ​​​​the body will be the regular use of a scrub that will help remove dead skin cells and remove the dark and rough layer. There are a lot of ways to prepare such a scrub at home. Among them are the following:

  • mix in equal proportions fat sour cream and sea salt or coarse salt, without waiting until the salt dissolves, rub it into the skin of the elbows with massage movements;
  • a mixture of ground coffee, lemon juice and honey also helps to get rid of dead skin cells;
  • Using natural ingredients with a harsh texture, such as rice or lentil powder, in combination with unsweetened yogurt or kefir will help soften rough skin;

With the help of peels, your skin will become brighter and softer. You need to use such products every one and a half to two days, before visiting the bath or shower, or simply wash them off with warm running water. In addition to scrubs, you can use hard sponges made of loofah or pumice.

After cleaning the skin, it needs to be lightened. Ingredients such as lemon juice, soda, strawberries, flaxseed oil, milk, etc. will help with this, with which you can make excellent masks:

  • lemon juice, which contains acid, will help whiten the skin, it is enough to apply it for 10-15 minutes. And if you mix it with a few grains of sugar, you will also get a scrub, which, in addition to whitening, will remove dead skin particles;
  • ammonia has many properties, including whitening. In order to get a mask, you need to mix 60 ml of glycerin and 5 grams of ammonia, apply to the skin and leave for 25 minutes;
  • a mixture of 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 egg yolk and a little warm water applied for 20 minutes will also help brighten the skin;
  • 25 ml vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l flour and a beaten egg apply on the skin of the elbows, hold for 15-25 minutes;
  • warmed linseed oil or avocado oil is applied to the skin for about 10-15 minutes, then washed off;
  • With the help of dairy and sour-milk products applied to the skin, you can not only lighten it, but also moisturize it. Products such as milk, cream, kefir, cottage cheese are suitable for masks or daily wipes;
  • gruel of strawberries will help even out skin tone, it is enough to apply it for 20-25 minutes with a thin layer;
  • a 1:2 mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water will get rid of dark and rough skin. It is necessary to soak a cotton swab with such a mask and fasten it to the elbows for half an hour;
  • by mixing lemon juice, sauerkraut and bearberry extract, you can get an excellent bleaching agent;
  • add honey and a little turmeric to warm milk, apply sparsely on the skin for 15-20 minutes. Despite its bright color, turmeric will not paint over the skin, but, on the contrary, will lighten it;
  • mix one tablespoon of grated elderberry leaves and fruits with blackcurrant, fresh sorrel leaves and 50 ml of milk. Grind all this into gruel and apply with a cotton swab for 15-20 minutes;
  • a tablespoon of olive oil and 5-7 ripe apricots are ground, heated to a temperature of 36-38 degrees, after which the mask should be applied to dry skin for 10 minutes, rinsed with running water;
  • in a bowl, mix one teaspoon of glycerin, lemon juice, vitamin E and 4 tablespoons of milk. Mix well, rub the resulting paste into the skin, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse;
  • lime juice and coconut oil in a ratio of 1:2, applied to the skin, perfectly brightens it in 10-15 minutes. For greater effect, after washing off the mask, rub the skin with a hot wet towel.

After you have removed the dead skin layer and lightened it, your elbows shine with beauty and health.

It is believed that such procedures are best done in winter or autumn, when the sun is not too active. But at any time of the year, the skin needs to be protected using special creams containing UV filters and not particularly fond of tanning, …

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