How and with what it is fashionable to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves in 2021

How and with what is it fashionable to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves in 2021? This question interests many fashionistas, since voluminous sleeves are a trend that will be popular for several more seasons. This blouse gives the image of femininity, elegance. It seems to return to the Victorian era, when representatives of the high society put on puffy corset dresses with puffed sleeves or ruffles and slowly walked around the hall with their heads held high. And today we will tell you what you can combine with a blouse with voluminous sleeves to look stylish, fashionable, still attracting the attention of others.

Fashionable ways to wear a puff sleeve blouse in 2021

A stylish bow of the spring-summer 2021 season must necessarily consist of a fashionable blouse with voluminous sleeves. And it doesn’t matter exactly how the folds are located and where the extra centimeters are added:

  • On shoulders;
  • Wrist;
  • Throughout the length of the sleeve.

Any blouse will be relevant. But still, each voluminous sleeve has its own name:

  • Torch. Something like a ball. Many small folds, especially at the base of the shoulder. These sleeves come in different sizes and lengths. At the end, as a rule, there is a cuff;
  • Flare. Flared sleeves can start from a different “point” of the sleeve: from the shoulder line, only from the middle or at the very wrist;
  • Boof. Something like a flashlight. But it is usually longer and much more magnificent. There are both long sleeve and 3/4;
  • Juliet. This is a mixture of a flashlight, which is located on top, and the usual narrow sleeve to the bottom of the product;
  • Balon. Straight, but rather wide sleeve. There must be a cuff or elastic at the bottom;
  • Corrugated. Wide long sleeve. In several places it is pulled together with a cord or elastic band to form several rows of puffs;
  • Wings. Another version of the voluminous sleeve, consisting of several layers of frills that expand towards the bottom. They come in different lengths and designs.

But how and with what is it fashionable to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves in 2021? Let’s take a look at a few images.

Look #1: Pencil Skirt

In order to make it easier to assemble the capsule, it is best to purchase a blouse with voluminous sleeves in the following shades:

  • sky blue;
  • Butter cream;
  • Delicate white;
  • Dusty pink.

These colors are not only in trend now, but also go well with any bottom. If you want to keep the lightness and femininity of the image, choose a leather pencil skirt in dark shades:

  • Dark beige;
  • Dark blue;
  • Cowberry.

These are related shades to the main color of the blouse. The combination of harmoniously matched colors gives a calm look in which you can safely go to work in the office and in a restaurant.

Add a few laconic accessories from a similar range of colors and, of course, pumps to visually stretch the figure and add height.

Look #2: Jeans

The second, rather stylish combination of how to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves in 2021 is jeans + vest. You can, of course, without a vest. But if you fully assemble this capsule, then you will get a fairly youthful image.

Choose jeans in blue shades. It is this tone that gives lightness, elegance. And be sure to make sure that they are narrowed to the bottom.

As for shoes, here it is also best to give your preference to the heel:

  • Balmorals;
  • Ankle boots;
  • Winclippers;
  • Jodhpur;
  • Mules;
  • Chelsea and others

This image is a bit like a business style, but due to the presence of denim, it turns out to be light, walking, casual.

Look #3: Pants

If you decide to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves, for a fashionable look in 2021, we recommend choosing high-rise or casual trousers. In terms of color, focus on pleasant cream, brown shades. But, of course, you can choose dark and bright colors.

Still, let’s talk about a pleasant beige range of colors. To such an image, it is enough just to pick up a coat, additional accessories. It’s really hard to mess it up. It always turns out to be quite concise, fresh, pleasant, in this way you can go to work in the office or to other events.

When choosing a coat, be guided by the fact that puffy sleeves fit into outerwear.

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Look number 4: leather sundress

Leather products in 2021 are simply MUSTHAVE! Surely you also have trousers, a skirt or dresses made of this material. And now we will show how beautifully a blouse with a voluminous sleeve and a leather sundress is combined.

The color of eco-leather can be completely different. In this example, purple. But you can choose a shade that will refresh your complexion. Pay special attention to the selection of the bag. In this case, it should be trendy, large, but at the same time not stand out from the main palette of the image, since voluminous sleeves attract all the attention to themselves.

The image of a blouse with voluminous sleeves and a sundress turns out to be very feminine, stylish, and most importantly suitable for everyday use.

This is the stylish look you will get if you choose any of the options. Of course, you can experiment with colors, types of prints, length and type of sleeves, fill the blouse completely, only in front or just one edge. Each option will look very harmonious and, most importantly, fashionable.

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And what do you prefer to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves?

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