How and with what it is fashionable to wear a jacket in 2022

In 2022, a women’s jacket will become one of the main elements of the basic wardrobe, so it is not surprising that many fashionistas are interested in the question of what to wear it with. Let’s figure out which models will be popular this season, and how to create stylish looks with these clothes.

Fashionable jackets 2022

Leading brands offer a wide range of spectacular and beautiful jackets – from timeless classics to very unusual design solutions. Consider which models will be in trend in 2022:

  • Leather. This season, jackets, both natural and eco-leather, will be popular. According to fashion trends in 2022, women’s leather jackets should be worn in black, brown, green, yellow and burgundy.

  • Blazer. An elongated jacket is a great choice for the cold season. Designers offer women of fashion to wear such models with any clothes and shoes.

  • Double-breasted jacket. Jackets decorated with stylish buttons look very original. Therefore, it is not surprising that such models are present in many collections presented this season.

  • With print. The leaders of 2022 will be stylish jackets with geometric (plaid, stripe, houndstooth) and animal patterns. These beautiful models will appeal to fashionistas of all ages.

  • Oversize. To look beautiful, women who value comfort in clothes just need to put on this spectacular model. Designers advise wearing an oversized jacket with turtlenecks, pullovers, jeans, skirts and leggings.

In 2022, the trend will be models of not only calm (beige, brown, gray), but also bright colors (pink, red, yellow, green, orange).

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Stylish looks with a jacket that are in fashion in 2022

A beautiful and original jacket is an indispensable thing in the demi-season period. Elongated and insulated models will successfully replace the jacket and reliably protect from the cold. Fashionistas cannot do without a trendy jacket in a frosty winter.

Let’s learn how to create stylish looks with a jacket:

Option number 1

Clothing with a geometric pattern will be a favorite this season. Therefore, in 2022, a women’s checkered jacket can be worn with any clothing. You can create an original image if you put on a fashionable jacket with cropped trousers and a shirt in a similar print. To make the image harmonious, stylists advise choosing clothes in the same color scheme, combining large and small patterns.

Option number 2

The combination of an elongated leather jacket with a mini dress and high boots looks catchy. This outfit is ideal for going to a club or a youth party. The outfit will turn out even more original if you choose clothes that contrast in colors. So a black jacket looks great with a dress imitating a zebra striped color.

Option number 3

According to stylists, in 2022 it will be fashionable to wear a black jacket not only for work or school, but also as casual wear. An outfit consisting of a fashionable blazer, T-shirt and denim skirt is great for warm autumn or spring. Complementing the image with stylish jewelry and sunglasses, you will create an interesting everyday bow.

Option number 4

Women of fashion are mistaken who think that a jacket is not suitable for creating evening or festive looks. For example, a red double-breasted blazer with satin lapels, worn with a light dress, looks very impressive. Monochrome outfit is feminine and elegant and perfect for special occasions.

Option number 5

To emphasize the waist and create a beautiful silhouette, the jacket should be worn with a belt or belt. So a yellow velvet jacket will add brightness to the look, consisting of leather trousers, a shirt and high-heeled ankle boots. A beautifully tied belt will help to emphasize the merits of the figure. In this outfit, women will feel confident in any situation.

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Option number 6

In 2022, the trend will be the classic combination of colors in clothes. It’s a great idea to combine a brown-beige blazer with a black turtleneck and a pleated skirt. Properly selected accessories in the form of jewelry and a stylish bag will give a harmonious look to the image. A short skirt combined with high-heeled boots will emphasize the beauty and length of the legs.

Option number 7

This season it will still be fashionable to wear a striped jacket with skinny jeans and a white shirt. This outfit is a win-win idea for creating a stylish casual and business look. The resulting laconic outfit will appeal to women who do not like excessive pathos and adhere to the official dress code at work.

Option number 8

Leading brands have also taken care of fashionistas who prefer a sporty style of clothing. In 2022, stylists recommend wearing an oversized jacket instead of a jacket in not very cold weather. If you wear such a model with knitted pants and a turtleneck, you will be able to create a comfortable and stylish outfit. Insulated sneakers and a fur bag will perfectly complement the fashionable look.

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The photos on our website will tell you what it will be fashionable to wear a women’s jacket with in 2022. After studying these tips, the fair sex will be able to look stylish in any situation.

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