How and with what to wear a voluminous sweater

The number one problem for fashionistas is how and with what to wear a voluminous sweater. This is a basic wardrobe item that easily creates an original and attractive look that visually removes a couple of extra pounds. With the right combination of top and bottom, you can create a look suitable for an informal setting and a business lunch.

Fashionable images with a voluminous sweater

Fashion does not stand in one place, but is constantly evolving. One garment yesterday was unacceptable and was considered tasteless, today it is in trend.

An oversized sweater is a thing that looks 3 sizes larger, but makes the girl feminine and elegant. The distinctive features of voluminous sweaters include a wide cut, free style, simplicity. Fitted clothes are more suitable for curvy women.

The stylists have identified the main recommendations that will help women create fashionable images:

  • The ideal oversized sweater should be at least 2 sizes larger. Girls with a slender physique and average height can wear a sweater 4 sizes larger;
  • neutral shades (gray, beige) are ideal;
  • focus on the game of textures;
  • it is a simple and comfortable style that does not require a lot of decorations. They will not be compatible with the image.

How to wear an oversized cropped sweater?

The presented sweater is quite popular this season. On some models there is no sleeve, so when choosing the bottom, you must take into account its length. A good combination would be a sweater and a fluffy skirt. Girls of large forms need to wear a belt to help hide the flaws in the silhouette.

With a short sweater, a variety of skirts and loose-fitting trousers are combined. Heeled shoes will help to complement the female image.

What to combine with a one-shoulder sweater

In the cold period, interesting places of the female body are hidden under a multi-level layer of clothing. When a girl is too warm, her femininity is lost. To avoid this, wear an oversized one-shoulder sweater. This element is easily combined with almost all basic things.

The ideal image would be a sweater, leather skirt and shoes. Girls who prefer pants are advised to complement the look with plaid or skinny trousers. Skinny denim looks good with inserts.

From low-soled shoes, slippers, moccasins or sneakers are suitable for a sweater.

Oversized sweater and flared skirt

This is one of the most popular combinations. This contrast allows things to maintain balance, making the top not so warm and wintery, and the bottom – summer and light.

Sneakers are perfect for this look. They enhance the harmony of femininity and casual style. This image is suitable for thin and curvy ladies. A wide sweater will hide extra pounds at the waist, but a skirt will reduce the effect of volume. To hide the cons in the hip area, choose a midi-length flared skirt.

Sneakers can be replaced with traditional pumps or heels, or boots.

Oversized sweater and tulle skirt

A couple of seasons ago, wearing a voluminous sweater without a neck or with one bare arm in combination with a skirt was not fashionable. Such variations were unfeminine, and not suitable for going to a festive event. Now this combination is often found at secular parties.

For a formal event, the presented skirt, sweater and heels will be the perfect look. However, it cannot be supplemented with a belt. The image must be natural, so the abundance of accessories must be abandoned.

Oversized sweater and dress

An oversized sweater is worn over classic dresses or thin shirt dresses. These outfits are perfect for spring, summer and fall.

Actual look voluminous sweaters with skinny dresses knee-length and a little higher. To emphasize the figure, you can wear a belt on top.

Bright knitted dresses are in harmony with a gray oversized sweater. A belt is used as an accent.

A calm blue or petrol shade of an oversized thing is combined with a romantic style outfit. A wide sweater is suitable for fitted dresses of medium and maximum length.

Oversized sweater and jeans

You can wear a voluminous sweater with jeans of different variations. A wide range of variations allows you to choose the most suitable pants, given the type of figure.

Jeans are a multifunctional element of the wardrobe, so every girl has them. You can combine a voluminous sweater with short or narrow models, boyfriends. It is important to respect the proportions in clothing. Thin ladies can tuck a sweater into high-waisted pants.

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Oversized sweater and dress pants

Girls can tuck an oversized sweater into dress pants or wear it as is. Skinny pants and a voluminous top are the standard, making the silhouette slimmer. An oversized sweater is combined with chinos, culottes, straight pants. Add heels to the look, and refuse flat soles.

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A voluminous sweater allows women to hide extra pounds. But, for very full ladies, this thing will not work.

A fashionable voluminous sweater is a godsend for people who love layering. Under the bottom you can put on a shirt, then a jacket, a jacket and a coat. If you want to know how and with what to wear a voluminous sweater, look at the selection of photos in the article.

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