How and with what to wear Bermuda shorts in 2021

Few girls know how and with what to wear Bermuda shorts in 2021. Previously, such things were worn by military personnel, and then civilian men and women began to use them. But free-cut elongated shorts have become popular not so long ago.

What Bermuda shorts are in fashion in 2021

This season, designers highlight several options for Bermuda shorts. Depending on the place of application, the following models are distinguished:

  • For Sport. Comfortable shorts made of soft fabric suitable for the gym and outdoor activities. Wear white Bermuda shorts with a black strapless top, and drape a white hoodie over your shoulders. This look is perfect for a family picnic.

  • For office. The length of the shorts allows you to wear them even in a business style. For work, a beige suit with Bermuda shorts and a straight-cut jacket is suitable.

  • For beach. Due to the free cut, you can easily move around. Relevant for entertainment by the sea will be denim shorts with a raw edge.

  • For the holiday. In this case, you can use bright colors or unusual accessories. For example, white shorts with lacing on the side, a white loose shirt, a wide burgundy belt with a light scarf to match and glasses. A bag with colorful geometric cubes will complete the look.

Among these models, the most relevant this year are shorts of such styles as:

  • with high seating. Such Bermuda shorts visually slim the girls, lengthen the legs and reduce the waist. You can wear Bermuda shorts of this model every day, fashion trends in 2021 allow you to use them even for business events;

  • cargo. The elongated shorts of this style fit well into casual looks. Girls can safely wear them for walks and outdoors. The main difference between cargo is a free cut and large patch pockets. Most often, these are products of black, sand or dark green color;

  • Bermuda bodysuits. Recently, among middle-aged women, this type of corrective underwear is especially popular. Elastic dense fabric pulls extra centimeters in the hips and abdomen. And shorts make it possible to tighten the buttocks. Under clothes, such a bodysuit is not visible.

Most models are made from natural materials: cotton, wool, linen or denim. Lycra, spandex or viscose are suitable for sports bermuda shorts. Elastane is added to some shorts. It prolongs the period of wear of the product, and does not allow Bermuda shorts to stretch or shrink.

Bermuda shorts: fashionable images 2021

To wear bermuda shorts in style, fashion 2021 suggests following these tips:

  1. Choose bermudas with a free cut, knee-length.
  2. Do not combine with a loose, shapeless T-shirt/top. This combination looks baggy and not stylish.
  3. Do not take tight models. They look favorably only on girls with high stature and long toned legs. The tight-fitting model emphasizes all the flaws of the figure.

Bermuda top

Add an immediate ambiance to your look with loose-fitting shorts in silk or linen. For contrast, add a denim shirt or sweater. For example, light Bermuda shorts, a sweater of the same tone, a belt and sandals.

For a trendy look, you can also pair Bermuda shorts with a lace top and matching blazer. The combination of a feminine bralette and rough shorts will add audacity and mystery to the bow.

A T-shirt, golf, shirt or blouse is suitable as a top. It is better to refuel them completely or only in front. For example, you can take light Bermuda shorts, a turtleneck with a zebra pattern, black sandals with thin ankle ties and a small bag. This bow is suitable for informal meetings.

A bright sweater will add richness to the image. Wear it with yellow knee-length shorts, a white and pink bag and pink pumps.

To visually adjust the silhouette, take shorts, a loose-fitting shirt, tuck it in and emphasize the waist with a strap.

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What shoes to choose

Experts recommend combining such shorts with shoes with a small heel, with classic pumps, flat sandals or laconic slippers. Pumps with suit Bermuda shorts and a red blouse will be a great option for an office look.

Wide products will also look good with sneakers. Take a gray suit with a jacket and shorts, a white T-shirt with a small lettering, sports shoes and high socks.

Bermuda suits

This season, the stylish military bow is very popular. These are Bermuda shorts and a shirt with large patch pockets. From above the extended jacket with a short or long sleeve. The highlight of the image will be a small cap. The monochrome of the costume makes the outfit bright and extraordinary.

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Color spectrum

For everyday and business attire, Bermuda shorts in discreet colors are suitable: black, gray, beige, brown, etc. A universal option is a combination of black and white. Black Bermuda shorts with a white shirt, plaid blazer and white pumps are suitable for both a business meeting and a walk.

For special occasions, you can choose products of rich pink, lilac or red. For example, a fuchsia suit.

Once you have figured out how and what to wear Bermuda shorts in 2021, you can create stylish outfits for different occasions. Most importantly, choose models that emphasize only the dignity of your figure.

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