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How animal print will be the highlight of your look in the summer of 2020

One of the fashion trends of summer 2020 will be the “animal” print. Not everyone perceives such a direction for the hot season. Warm weather calls for soft, airy shades. Designers have come up with many different ways to bring the wild nature into summer outfits, and it is not at all necessary to emphasize them with frills or lace. Animalism in clothes is relevant for any season.

animal print

Fashionable shades and patterns

Purposeful people who know how to combine a variety of elements of images choose “animal” prints. Here are the most popular color combinations of such patterns for summer 2020:

  • brown – yellow;
  • golden – yellow;
  • White black;
  • brown – white;
  • pink – purple;
  • green yellow;
  • black – neon (light green, blue, pink).

trendy print color

These shades can be combined in different ways. On the agenda is a light fabric with uneven stripes on a plain canvas.

printed stripes

Spots of different sizes look beautiful, smoothly transitioning from one tone to another. Products with the image of large spots with jagged edges will be fashionable. Large stains surrounded by small marks are popular.

spotted clothes

Variants with rare small spots or thin curved lines on a plain background are possible.

Leopard spots

Leopard dresses, skirts are not quite suitable for an evening out, but they are great for a casual look. The trend will be closed and sophisticated models.

Leopard skirts

Playful dresses can be safely combined with white sneakers. On cold days, you can throw a leather or denim short jacket upstairs.

Leopard print

Dresses can be fitted, as well as free tailoring.

Leopard dress

Leopard leggings are no longer in fashion, they were replaced by cropped trousers with a straight cut with a high fit. Denim skirts under the “animal” color came into fashion. Lighter pencil skirts are also popular. They definitely need to pick up a solid top. The most suitable length for the “animal” pattern will be midi.

Leopard clothing

Leopard print shirts and tops come in a variety of colors. These items look amazing with jeans or a leather skirt.

Leopard shirts

You can diversify your wardrobe with a light animalistic T-shirt with thin straps. It’s cool to wear neon blouses with white denim shorts or cropped pants.

Leopard T-shirt

reptile pattern

If you want to add a little sophistication to your outfit and emphasize the elegance of style that complements the bright shades of summer, then you should think about a modest print of a snake, python, crocodile. This complex pattern comes in light and dark shades.

reptile print

In the summer of 2020, a combination of pastel colors is in fashion: dark gray, smoky, porcelain. A dress with a “snake” ivory print will add charm to a fashionable look.

snake print dress

For a casual outing, a gray top with a reptile pattern is suitable. In cold weather, it is appropriate to wear leather trousers with a “predatory” printed color. You can complement the image with a handbag or wallet under the skin of a snake.

reptile print top

Zebra and tiger stripes

The color of the zebra is less “predatory” than that of the leopard. In the summer of 2020, he returned to the world podiums again. The animal pattern is used for dresses, blouses, bags.

zebra print

You can combine such striped things with plain clothes. It is better to focus on one printed product or combine different versions of this pattern.

striped trousers

White tiger and giraffe outfits will be especially popular. Most often, this print is found when sewing T-shirts, tops. Sometimes “animal” patterns will be combined with floral motifs, in particular, this applies to overalls.

animal print

Summer is a good time to experiment. It is worth getting inspired to buy clothes with animal print. Such things correspond to the latest fashion and emphasize the style of the outfit.

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