How clothes can shape your figure

Do you know how clothes can shape your figure? Whatever your answer, do not rush to leave, because you may not know all the secrets. In this article, we will talk about the problems that many girls face and show you how to solve them.

What clothes can make you taller and slimmer

Properly selected clothes can work wonders – add you a few centimeters or remove a couple of extra pounds. And it’s quite easy to do this:

  • Monochrome bows. When the top and bottom of an image are the same color, a vertical line is created and the silhouette is not interrupted. In this case, you will visually appear taller than you really are. All kinds of total bows have this effect – with jeans, leather, knitwear, or ready-made suits.

  • Flared trousers. High-waisted wide-leg trousers make your legs look longer. In addition, they hide too wide hips, which makes you look thinner. To enhance the effect, wear flared trousers with heels.

  • vertical stripe. This is probably the most famous and often used way for women to appear taller and slimmer. A vertical stripe can decorate trousers, a dress or a whole suit, it creates the right line of the silhouette and slims down.

  • Color division. If you use dark and light colors in the same image (for example, black and white), then this must be done correctly. To look slimmer, the color blocks in the bow should be divided vertically, not horizontally. A good choice would be a light-colored dress with dark inserts on the sides.

  • Same color bottoms and shoes. Another great way to make your legs longer and, accordingly, to become taller, is to choose shoes that match the bottom of the outfit. When you put on, for example, black trousers, then it is better to choose black shoes. If your look consists of a black skirt and shoes, then put on black tights to enhance the effect.

  • cutouts. Cutouts on clothes will help to lengthen the silhouette. First of all, this ability has a V-neck on blouses, T-shirts, dresses and any other things. A similar effect will have a horizontal row of buttons on clothes. You can lengthen your legs with a midi skirt with a cutout on the side or front.

  • Blurred contours. Clear transition lines break up the silhouette and make you appear lower. Therefore, if these contours are blurred, you can get the opposite effect. For example, you will get a good result if you wear jeans with a raw edge.

Well, another fairly predictable, but effective way to become slimmer and taller is to wear shoes with heels. For example, as a basic shoe, you can buy pumps with heels. The effect will be enhanced if they are the same color as the bottom of the image, or complement wide trousers.

Clothes to help you get shorter

While some girls want to add a few centimeters of height to themselves, others are trying to hide them by any means. Clothing can adjust the figure in any direction, so with its help you can also reduce your height a little.

First of all, you will need to give up heels. This is inevitable, because heels are designed to make a person taller. Do not be upset about this, because the stores have a huge selection of flat shoes.

Your next assistant is horizontal lines. We have already said that vertical lines stretch the silhouette, which means that horizontal lines have the opposite effect. Horizontal lines can be present as a print on any element of the wardrobe. Just remember that they can be a little fat. Horizontals can be used not only as a print, but also in a holistic way. Such lines divide the figure into separate parts, as a result of which you will appear a little lower. In the presented photos you can see examples of how horizontal lines are created using different colors of bow components and accessories.

Dark, matte fabrics, long slits on the skirts are able to slim and stretch the silhouette. Therefore, you need to abandon all this in favor of light fabrics. In addition, shiny fabrics can visually cut growth.

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Hide figure flaws with clothes

Every woman has some flaws, but not everyone knows how to successfully hide them. With the help of clothes, you can adjust your figure and hide what no one should see. For example, if your problem area is the waist, then you can remove the extra volume in one simple way. Take dark clothes as the first layer of clothing, and let the light coat or trench coat be the second layer. If you do the opposite, the figure gets the wrong shape and an extra volume is visible. In addition, you can hide a bulging belly under an A-line dress.

To divert attention from problem areas, you need to focus on the most attractive and beautiful places. If you have a thin waist, do not hide it behind shapeless clothes, but rather emphasize it with a belt. Large breasts can be highlighted with a neckline and wraparound items. You can also focus on a certain part of the body by putting on it or placing a bright thing near it – a scarf, handbag, jewelry.

Now you know much more about how clothes can shape your figure. Be smart about your bows and use the tips here.

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