How fashionable to dress overweight women in 40 years

Now we will tell you about all the secrets of how to dress fashionably for overweight women at the age of 40. Read carefully so you don’t miss anything important!

Learning to follow fashion

At 40, it is already worth choosing to selectively follow fashion trends and take all the best from them. There are several stylish commandments that will allow you to make friends with modern fashion.

  • Do not go to extremes and introduce aggressive, flashy things into your wardrobe. Any woman will look amazing if she bets on elegance when composing her image. Therefore, you should forget about rhinestones, short tops and too bright colors.

  • In the image, everything will turn out perfectly, given the comfort and quality of things. To be a style icon, you must first of all look neat and not tolerate an uncomfortable fit.

  • Add stylish accessories to a simple look with basic things, and it will immediately sparkle with new colors. It can be a beautiful brooch, a stylish hat, a pendant or an actual clutch. Buying stylish little things will help you to be on the fashion wave and at the same time not go broke.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! Bags and clutches should be medium-sized. Small accessories will create dissonance with the parameters of the figure, and too large ones will emphasize fullness.[/stextbox]

  • Recently, it is difficult to ignore the relevance of the oversized cut. However, overweight women are advised to use it in moderation. Excessively loose clothing will only add volume to the figure. Therefore, it is more logical to choose one thing in a moderate oversized format, and prefer the rest of the clothes in a fitted cut.

Rules for choosing clothes

Knowing the trends is, of course, good. But a full woman at 40, in order to dress fashionably, must take into account not only fashion trends, but also suitable styles.

Dress shirt

  • A smart and trendy wardrobe usually consists primarily of dresses. Only these clothes will allow you to look as feminine and attractive as possible. Now there are many styles in the trend that are perfect for overweight women. This is an empire style, case, trapezoid, A-silhouette. In addition to the cut, you should pay attention to the density of the fabric, which does not emphasize the imperfections of the figure. It is also worth choosing matte rather than shiny textures.

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  • In 2019, trouser suits are at the peak of popularity. Great news! Such stylish sets are perfect for ladies with luxurious parameters. A single color palette of the image stretches the silhouette and slims. At the same time, accessories and shoes can be interesting to choose from the chosen range.

Stylish jumpsuit

  • Laconic and basic silhouettes are appropriate only where the figure does not have significant flaws. If you need to adjust the area of ​​​​the shoulders or abdomen, it makes sense to choose a fashionable cut with a smell or asymmetry. Now the trend is dresses, blouses and jackets of such styles.

  • However, a fashionable jacket can be presented not only in a cut with a smell. Now, after a long absence, the peplum is returning to the list of trends, and this is definitely in the hands of overweight women of 40 years old. This cut perfectly hides all the nuances of the figure in the abdomen.

  • Jeans are a versatile and practical item that makes any look stylish and modern. True, this rule works if the latest fashion trends are observed. Today, it is worth ignoring obvious scuffs, large torn elements, low fit and all kinds of applications. Of the forbidden styles, we note skinny and hyperbolic flares. Instead, you should choose a classic straight cut, boyfriend or flared with an extension from the hip and a high rise.

  • In addition to jeans, stylists recommend having trousers in your wardrobe. A dense texture, dark colors and a moderately wide cut are preferred. But the leather texture and tight-fitting style are considered unsuitable options for a full figure.

  • A basic stylish wardrobe is unthinkable without a skirt. A win-win solution that is always in fashion is a pencil skirt. True, it is permissible with moderate fullness and subject to a dense texture that hides figure flaws.

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  • Girls with plus size parameters usually wear men’s cut shirts. They are versatile in their combinations and perfectly hide figure flaws. You can’t go wrong with a loose white shirt for a stylish basic wardrobe.

more color

It has been proven by many stylists that the perfect wardrobe starts with the right colors. Now we will tell you how to do it.

  • Do you choose black shoes for the sole reason that they “go with everything”? It’s time to change stereotypes! Feel free to add colorful pieces to your shoe wardrobe that make the image much more interesting and brighter.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! If you are afraid of a bad combination of colored shoes with the rest of the image, follow a simple rule. Stylists recommend combining the shade of shoes with any accessory or clothing.[/stextbox]

  • The pastel palette looks beautiful and stylish. Moreover, the fashion rule says: “a shade lighter – a few years younger.” For adult women, beige, gray and dusty pink shades should be a priority. At the same time, light shades are recommended to be combined with dark deep tones, which perfectly hide imperfections.

  • Prints are not forbidden, but require careful selection. Medium geometric and floral motifs are recommended. The direction of the drawings is vertical to visually stretch the silhouette. Also, geometric colors can create optical illusions and correct the figure.

  • Colorful black and white prints also perfectly slim. It is important to choose a small ornament that distracts attention from the flaws of the figure.

  • Monochrome sets are not only a stylish trend, but also a way to make the figure more slender. A single color vertical perfectly corrects the silhouette. If you are afraid of boring monochrome look, play with a creative combination of textures in the look and accessories.

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Common Mistakes

People tend to make mistakes, including when compiling a wardrobe. But our mission is to help readers avoid fashion failure.

  • Long shapeless dresses and skirts completely kill all femininity and attractiveness. You should definitely refuse such things if you want to look stylish and young.
  • Old-fashioned raincoats without a hint of a silhouette are firmly entrenched in women’s wardrobes. But you should say goodbye to such clothes if you don’t want to look like a pensioner.

Modern style

  • Masculine, rough shoes without a heel are another common mistake. A wide nose and ankle straps are also not suitable for full ladies. We offer to replace such shoes with stylish boots and shoes with stable heels. These shoes straighten your posture and…

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