How fashionable to tie a bow on a dress

Today we will learn different variations of how to tie a bow on a dress in style. It will become an original and very unusual decoration of your image, besides it will diversify any everyday outfit.


Fashionable and feminine

Images, complemented by a bow, look very gentle and romantic. Even the same dress can sparkle in a new way, if you tie a bow on it beautifully and in different ways. For clarity and ease of execution, below we will attach diagrams of various options.

How to tie a bow on a dress step by step

Today, the bow is one of the most popular trends, which is often added to their collections by Christian Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and other couturiers, which is demonstrated by numerous photos from shows.

A bow can be matched to any dress, even if it was not originally provided for it. The tight-fitting cut of the dress will be decorated with a voluminous bow, and on the contrary, a small and neat bow will suit the lush one. For slender girls, absolutely any option is acceptable, a bow at the waist will outline your shape especially favorably. However, remember that he is able to both hide flaws and unprofitably emphasize them.

Even wedding fashion often resorts to a similar design of belts. But the bow on the belt will be appropriate not only for a gala evening or a cocktail party, but even for office bows. For such a case, it is better to choose a ribbon of neutral or classic colors. It will look very interesting on strict dresses and blouses, ideally diluting the business style.

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We select a bow

There is not just a lot of schemes for beautiful bows, but also variations on how to arrange it and what material to choose. And to begin with, it is necessary to determine precisely these criteria.

Here are some options for embellishing your dress:

  • Bow on the neck will help hide age-related changes and outline the swan neck. Looks great with formal dresses.

  • Shoulder bow – an extraordinary decorative element for your image. It is best to make it larger and more voluminous.

  • Bow at the waist – the most versatile option, which can also be placed in front or behind. The front bow option is more suitable for young girls or girls. But remember that the location at the waist is more suitable for slender girls, as it can ugly emphasize the folds of a full figure.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Advice! For full girls, the option of tying a bow above the waist is suitable. In combination with a free-cut dress, it will hide all the flaws and remove a couple of extra centimeters. This applies to Empire dresses, Greek-style styles. In addition, a belt at the high waist line will emphasize the bust. [/stextbox]

  • Bow at the hips looks very organic and emphasizes their beauty. This belt is more suitable for tall girls.

  • Back bow will give grace to slender girls with impeccable posture. Very coquettishly, this option complements dresses with an open back, where the neckline playfully ends with a bow. Ahead, such a dress should be closed, otherwise the bow will become an overly pretentious element.

A bow is tied on the dress with a ribbon. You can choose dense ribbons from satin, chiffon. Bows made of satin or silk fabric look gorgeous. However, remember that they will hold their shape a little worse than dense materials. The length and width can be different, pay attention to the sash belt – it is ideal for emphasizing the waist and an extraordinary bow. If desired, the ribbon can be decorated with rhinestones, beads or sequins.

We tie a beautiful bow on a dress – a step by step diagram

For a bow around the neck, you can even use a thin scarf or scarf. It must be completely wrapped around the neck once and then tied according to the technique you like.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The fabric of the ribbon for the bow should match the material of your dress. [/stextbox]

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We select the option from the color palette depending on the dress, you can choose a bow to match or play in contrast. The point is small – learn how to design it step by step, as well as choose the most suitable option for your image.

Bow to match the dress and in contrast

Varieties of bows and step by step instructions

To learn how to tie a bow on a dress correctly, a detailed guide with photos and videos will help.

Simple options for a bow on a dress

[stextbox id=’warning’]

Advice! It is better to learn how to make the chosen version of the bow in advance, as it may not work out the first time. But having acquired the skill, you will ideally tie a bow before any important event. Moreover, each time it will turn out more and more beautiful!


traditional bow – one of the most popular classic options. Suitable for almost any style of dress, it looks very elegant and restrained. Make it easy, including on yourself:

  • Take a belt and tie a knot at the waist. The belt must sit tight, otherwise the bow will lean down. We fold both ends of the tape in the form of eyelets, cross them.
  • Now we skip the first loop below the second, as if stretching it into the resulting ring.
  • We straighten both loops in different directions, adjust the “ears” and you’re done!

Bow with one loop. Similar to the classic version, however, one end of the loop must be wrapped around the second and the knot should be passed halfway through it. We pass the second loop completely so that the entire length of the tongue flows to the bottom.

Bow with four loops – a little complicated, but very original. It is recommended to do for those who have mastered the classic version well, where there are only two loops. We tie a bow in the traditional way, but we make two more loops from the ends of the ribbon – that is, as if we are tying a classic bow for the second time. Straighten all four loops. The remaining tips need to wrap the knot in the middle.


Bow corrugation created using lightweight sliding materials. You will need a wide and long belt.

  • We spread the belt in full length and carefully form uniform folds. Holding them a little, we wrap the belt around the waist.
  • We impose the right end of the fabric on the left, leading vertically up. We wrap.
  • We bend the tip drawn up down along the outside and wind it under the other tip, which hangs freely. We tie a knot.
  • We hold the edge under the top layer of the knot.

Bow flower. It is also called multilayer. An excellent version of a real jewelry from a belt. It’s simple: you need to fold the ribbon several times along the length of the petals (the volume of the flower depends on the number of times, it is better to take a longer ribbon). Then fasten in the middle with a stitch and straighten the resulting layers inside out, pull them in different directions.

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business bow will be a suitable decor element for an office look or business meetings. We tie a knot, leaving the right end slightly longer than the left. Left…

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