How fashionable to wear a scarf in 2021

Today we will tell you, adepts of style, how it is fashionable to wear such a stylish accessory as a scarf in 2021. We will prove that a scarf can be not only a beautiful addition to the image, but also an independent detail of the outfit.

fashion scarves 2021

When choosing accessories, take off what you put on last, the legendary Coco Chanel once said. But not a scarf, we say. We offer to consider all sorts of variations for any weather.

Shawl. Discard the stereotypes assuming that only grandmothers in the country wear shawls. It is important to choose a good fabric – knitwear or cotton in a neutral shade. By the way, a great alternative to outerwear. After all, a shawl can be worn over a blouse and tucked into a belt. The Olsen sisters with a shawl can even go out to a social event.

Silk and chiffon. Grace Kelly instilled casual chic in the stylists when she tied up her injured arm with a Hermès scarf. One fashion maestro even wrote the book “75 Ways to Tie a Scarf”, so silk is one of the universal solutions there … But more on that later.

Bright. A colorful scarf will definitely dilute gray everyday life. A combination with the same non-banal things will look creative. Take, for example, a yellow coat, and put on a purple or green scarf to it. Please note that if you have chosen a bright scarf, then in the image it should not be a “loner”. With a neutral shade of the main outfit, at least a few accessories should be accented.

Narrow and wide. These two opposites will find their place in your wardrobe. A narrow scarf in 2021 is fashionable to wear as a tie or as a hair ornament. Save a wide accessory for cooler weather, and wear in several layers directly on a jacket.

Printed. Various scarves with inscriptions burst into the game. A year earlier, we read “messages” on hats, blouses, and even coats. In addition, scarves and a cage with a floral pattern and an animal pattern remain in demand.

fringed. In high esteem is a long fringe, which is like the embodiment of comfort itself.

Snood. Also for autumn/winter. Now such scarves have slightly lowered their positions, but they have not completely lost their relevance. Large knitting has already sunk into oblivion. It is better to purchase a knitted scarf without a relief.

Stole. Fashion legislators passed the bill on stoles in the first reading. Now fashionistas are told to wear them with a solid color suit or a monochrome total look. It is recommended to choose ultra long scarf models.

scarf. In fact, Brigitte Bordeaux introduced them into fashion in the distant 70s. This trend is sure to please all Slavs who love fairy tales. In 2021, designers offer to make bandanas from scarves. Beige-brown gamma has become actual.

Fur. Variation for frosty weekdays. The trend is eco-fur. Just add some glamor and chic to your everyday outfit.

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How fashionable to wear a scarf in 2021

What is the most important thing in a scarf? Correctly. The ability to tie it beautifully. “With what it is eaten” – we will tell further. Here is a small checklist for you on how to put your knowledge of trends into practice.

  • Grandma’s scarf. This option is suitable for young girls. On women of elegant age, this trend will also look interesting. In this case, pay attention to monochromatic variations.

  • Tie on a bag. Jane Birkin could decorate any bag or basket with silk fabric. You can simply tie a scarf on the bag, or you can wrap it completely around the handle.

  • Bandana and turban. A lace bandana will look unusual. So did model Twiggy. A turban will give the image a vintage “plaque”, which is also very relevant.

  • As a belt or tie. Rather, a more aesthetic accent that does not warm in the cold, because it looks best with unbuttoned clothes. The scarf is easy to transform and put on as a “insulation” on the head.

  • Layering. Fashion trends dictate in 2021 to wear a wide scarf in a multi-layer set. For example, you can casually throw it over your shoulders, and tuck the ends into a belt. Trite? Then make an element of clothing out of a wide scarf – a jacket or a skirt.

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Stylish images with a scarf

And finally, a few actual images with scarves and shawls. Let’s break them down by season.

Spring. In the spring, light “laid-back” scarves are used. In the “bohemian” style, tie scarves on your head, and wrap the ends around your neck. Pleated dresses, voluminous skirts and flared pants are perfectly combined with such a headdress. Still, it’s not so hot yet, and the evenings can be cool – put on a scarf under the bottom of a jacket or cardigan.

Summer. Because of the stuffiness, you don’t always want to wear a bandage around your neck. Therefore, stylists suggested creating additions to outfits from scarves in the form of bracelets, belts and shoe ties.

Autumn. A fashionable bow can be created using a transforming scarf. And this is a large square piece of fabric. Wear it with coats, biker jackets, jeans and hats. We sunk into the soul of the image with a beige raincoat and an orange scarf, just draped over one shoulder.

Winter. Don’t discount scarves. In winter, models made of puffy fabric, wool and knitwear will be used. Also, the aforementioned fur scarves and snoods will become an independent accessory for an evening event. In this context, throw a scarf over a coat in a classic style.

In our photo selection, we showed you how fashionable to wear a scarf in 2021. Try to repeat one of the presented images, and you will certainly receive a lot of compliments in your address.

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