How fashionable to wear shorts in the fall

We are going to tell you how to wear shorts in autumn and winter! This is a rather complicated element of clothing for the cold season, but you should not be afraid of it: it is with shorts that you get the most stylish and spectacular looks!


Selection Tips

  • Shorts for the cold season can be tweed – this is one of the most trendy textures. Dense material guarantees: the image will not look out of place. On the contrary, it will turn out stylish and cozy. Moreover, tweed clothing perfectly retains heat.

  • Woolen models will also be a good solution for a discreet and stylish look. They are great in tandem with delicate silk blouses.

  • Leather products have been at the top of popularity for several seasons in a row, and this is no coincidence. Fashionistas love them for the variety of combinations. A rough texture can be supported with a bold leather jacket, or, on the contrary, you can create an image with an interesting play of contrasts based on a combination with chiffon or lace.

  • Denim shorts can fit into the image of military style, safari or casual. But it should be borne in mind that such a model is more difficult to adjust to the autumn mood of the image.

  • If the type of figure does not contradict, it is recommended to choose models with an oversized fit. This technique visually lengthens the legs, emphasizes the waist, looks stylish and better protects against weather surprises.

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  • For winter, it is better to prefer shorts a half size larger. This will allow you to combine them with tight tights and look trendy.

  • Stylists advise plump women to wear dark-colored shorts with a matte texture in autumn. Such models hide flaws and visually make the figure more slender.

  • If a girl wants to make her hips more voluminous and appetizing, stylists will advise her to pay attention to the “lantern” style. This one looks great with a belt.

Frankly light and summer textures are unlikely to look good in an image for the cold season. You should build on the weather conditions and rely on warm models – they always look more appropriate.

Image Ideas

With a cardigan

A stylish bow for autumn weekdays is easy to get based on a combination of shorts and a cardigan. The base layer can be a shirt or t-shirt. As for the colors of the cardigan, stylists identify two successful solutions. The top layer can be matched to the tone of the shorts, or made the central accent of the image with the help of contrasting colors.

Recently, short cardigans with free-cut buttons are gaining popularity. It is customary to wear such models as an independent element of clothing; an alliance with a T-shirt or shirt would be inappropriate. If you like a stylish novelty, you can also pair it with your favorite autumn shorts.

With a sweater

A fashionable and practical combination option will turn out with a sweater. The comfort of such an image is on top. Moreover, this top reduces the extravagance of shorts in the cold season and allows the fashionista to feel free and confident.

If your choice is plain shorts, you can safely choose a bright sweater with an interesting print for them. The highlight of the outfit can also be the original textured knitting. But if the bottom is presented in a bright design, it requires the choice of a concise top.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! The combination with a voluminous sweater will visually lengthen the figure.[/stextbox]

With a turtleneck

A feminine and elegant look will turn out in a fashionable duet of shorts and turtlenecks. This combination not only looks stylish, but also emphasizes a beautiful figure.

With a sweatshirt

A laconic basic sweatshirt can perfectly complement the look with shorts. It will also give restraint to the bottom of a bold texture, such as leather.

If the bottom is plain, the sweatshirt may have a print or an inscription.

With a blouse with a bow

A fashionable image with a touch of solemnity can be created based on a combination with a light blouse. Models with a bow in such outfits are especially sympathetic to modern girls. This combination will be the perfect choice if you want to emphasize femininity and impeccable taste.

Subject to a free dress code, this combination can be a great solution even for working days. But it is worth adding shoes with heels and accent accessories to it, the image will acquire a more festive mood.

With a translucent blouse

If your shorts are strict or daring, you can play with the contrast and add a feminine top to them. It can be a blouse with lace or translucent inserts.

With a shirt

You can take a celebrity example and combine shorts with a shirt paired with a jacket.

However, you can do without the top layer.

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We select outerwear

An elongated outerwear can make a stylish company look. It can be an elegant coat, a down jacket, a sheepskin coat or a fur vest.

About choosing shoes

There is one universal rule that will allow you not to make a mistake with the choice of shoes. It talks about the importance of proportions: the shorter the shorts, the higher the bootleg should be.

The range of shoe options for combination with shorts pleases with variety. These can be ankle boots, boots, Cossacks, rough boots, oxfords, derbies or over the knee boots.

The combination with high boots requires a special approach. To him, you should choose a discreet closed top to exclude a hint of vulgarity.

About choosing tights

A few years ago, the combination of shorts with tights was considered bad manners and caused bewilderment among others. Now this is an unconditional trend.

Tights in this look are literally necessary, because it is they who will be entrusted with the mission of protecting the fashionista from weather surprises. A dark color is considered a universal option. Tights can be dense or translucent texture – it all depends on the temperature outside the window.

The texture of the shorts is important for a harmonious look. If they are made of tweed or wool, you should choose matte tights with a density of 40 den or more. Denim and leather models will look advantageous with translucent options. If you want to make the look more interesting, give preference to patterned tights. Small polka dots or an arrow will create the desired zest. But the grid can turn into a real failure.

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Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko

Evelina Khromtchenko, a recognized fashion expert, is sure that shorts will have a place in the wardrobe for the cold season. But in order for the images with them to turn out really successful, the host of the “Fashionable Sentence” gives some valuable recommendations.

  • Evelina suggests: in order for a woman over 40 to wear shorts beautifully in the fall, you first need to decide on the correct length of the product. Khromchenko considers the mid-thigh level to be the best reference point – the place where mini-skirts usually end….

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