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How grunge style will help in self-expression in the summer of 2020

Grunge is not only a trend in fashion and music, but also a style that has a spiritual meaning. It implies a protest against glamor, a denial of the appearance accepted by society. There are no limits for him – he is impudent and untidy. Therefore, for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express themselves, this style is perfect. Grunge was born in the 90s in America and in rock music. Kurt Cobain from the Nirvana group was its brightest representative.

grunge style

At the moment, grunge is quite popular, in everyday life this style is used by Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart, and Chloe Grace Moretz and many others.

How is grunge different from other clothing styles?

Grunge is a style that cannot be confused with any other. Its most striking distinguishing features:

  • baggy, layered;
  • negligence, carelessness;
  • non-standard combination of fabrics;
  • aging of things;
  • soft colors, muted and dark;
  • comfort and convenience.

The most prominent things inherent in the style:

  • torn, worn things: fishnet tights, jeans, T-shirts, stockings;
  • shapeless bags, backpacks;
  • plaid shirts, pants and/or skirts;
  • free sundresses of any length;
  • wide and sloppy sweaters;
  • faded t-shirts;
  • leather jackets;
  • chunky boots, sneakers and/or worn sneakers.

How to dress grunge in summer

To dress in this style, it is not necessary to have a lot of things in your wardrobe, the main thing is what combinations you can make with them. All the necessary elements are purchased both in second-hand and mass-market, as well as in luxury stores. But it is worth remembering that grunge is characterized by cheap, aged and casual clothes.

A couple of tips for creating an image:

  1. Use dark, muted shades: blue, black, brown.
  2. Buy oversized clothes (1-3 sizes larger);
  3. To make the bow careless – holes, dirt, scuffs;
  4. Look for cheap fabrics. For example, from flannel;
  5. Try to look for clothes at home, pawned somewhere far away a long time ago. Perhaps it will just come in handy for summer outfits.

Who is grunge for?

The grunge style is suitable for all ages, as it has no boundaries and screams that it does not recognize the rules in fashion. You should not listen to the opinions of others – it is important to dress the way you want. Male and female grunge, in truth, are not much different.

Actual images for the summer

See the photo below for examples of the most striking grunge clothing models.

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