How has Soia&Kyo developed? The history of the famous brand

Canadian company Soia&Kyo was founded in 2004. Ilan Elfassy became the founder and creative director of the popular brand. Under the ego’s responsive guidance, the company grew and developed, reaching heights in the fashion industry. It is hard to overestimate the contribution of the Canadian brand Soia&Kyo to the development of the global fashion industry!

A little about the history of the company. Soia&Kyo is a division of APP Group (Montreal). This brand has played a decisive role in the development of Canada as the capital of warm outerwear. Still would! Canadian down jackets are well known all over the world. The exclusive style of jackets and other wardrobe items allowed the Soia&Kyo brand to quickly take a strong position in the ranking of the most popular outerwear manufacturers.

Throughout the 10 years of its existence, the Soia&Kyo brand has always remained the most recognizable thanks to its unique design. The main “chips” of the products of the Canadian company: small elegant buttons, fasteners, asymmetrical collars, wide belts and contrasting trims of jackets.

The history of the development of the global brand

From 2004 to this day, the company continues to improve in order to meet the requirements of its regular customers, whose number is growing day by day.

In 2006, Soia&Kyo was awarded the prestigious Canadian Outerwear Design and Style Award. Following this, the company made a real breakthrough not only in the development of Canadian fashion, but also in the global fashion industry.

In 2010, the management of Soia&Kyo decided to launch another clothing line for men and took on the obligation to bring all its products to European quality.

Today, Soia&Kyo offers a wide range of classic down jackets, soft suede jackets, urban leather goods and woolen outerwear. S&K is the perfect balance between fashion and comfort, and this balance makes Canadians’ collections mega-popular at fashion weeks in 2012 and 2013 every time. Today Soia&Kyo outerwear models are sold in many specialized stores in Canada, the United States, as well as in hundreds of large online stores that operate in all corners of the planet.

On the Internet, you can view the assortment and, if necessary, place an order with their partner in the CIS on the page of the brand’s product catalog.

As the director of the company himself says, “Soia&Kyo is a simple and sophisticated design. Our main task is to stay true to this light style. We believe in our strength and product quality!”

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