How is rye flour used for hair?

Every fashionista cares about her appearance, and it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged attractive image without beautiful well-groomed hair. The rhythm of modern life imposes its own standards on people: you need to quickly move around the city, quickly dine, work quickly, and despite this frantic speed, we still do not have enough time to fully care for our appearance.

In the morning in the shower, the hair is subjected to the first test: the impact of shampoo, which is not always ideal for this type of hair, or its composition leaves much to be desired. Further, like a hot dry wind, a hair dryer passes through the hair, drying and dehydrating them, and on the street frost or the sun completes the process, although the use of artificial hair dyes has not even come up! One way or another, the condition of the hair and scalp of most people leaves much to be desired – there is dandruff, split ends, and loss of precious hair.

Rye flour – a storehouse of vitamins

Despite the constant innovative developments of various laboratories and scientific centers, more and more people are turning to natural methods and hair care products. Among them there is one very interesting method, the main character of which is the most common rye flour! Although, of course, you cannot call it ordinary – rye flour contains many vitamins, such as B, E, PP, A, as well as amino acids and other very useful trace elements. All these beneficial substances will enter our body through the cell membranes of the scalp, when using rye flour for cosmetic purposes.

The Amazing Benefits of Rye Flour for Hair Health

First of all, you should know what effect rye flour has on the condition of the hair and scalp. Rye flour nourishes and moisturizes the scalp very well – dandruff, redness, itching disappear, hair follicles strengthen, and, as a result, hair loss decreases. The hair itself becomes thicker (however, this directly depends on the nutrition of the scalp), the density increases significantly. Wavy hair begins to curl into beautiful curls, and not a shapeless broom, which is very difficult to cope with. The cross section of the hair is noticeably reduced, often it disappears completely. Hair not only looks well-groomed, it gains real health and strength.

Rye flour shampoos

Dry shampoo

The first use of rye flour is dry shampoo. An indispensable recipe for quick hair cleaning in extreme situations. A handful of flour must be carefully rubbed into the scalp, after which it can simply be combed out, and at the end shake your head well. It’s amazing how dry flour can remove dirt and grease from your hair! As a result, you will have fresh and clean hair.

Preparing Liquid Shampoo

If you have enough time and desire to thoroughly rinse and treat your hair, you can already make a real flour shampoo. To do this, pour 3 tablespoons of flour with a small amount of warm water and mix well until the consistency of the dough, as for making a pancake. Add a couple of drops of essential oil – geranium, jojoba, lavender, and if you want freshness, you can use mint oil. Also, to enhance hair growth, you can add a teaspoon of mustard powder to the mixture – it will increase blood circulation, and the scalp will quickly receive all the necessary vitamins from rye flour!

How to apply rye flour shampoo

Next, the hair must be thoroughly moistened along the entire length, and, already on a wet head, apply rye flour shampoo. Shampoo must be gently rubbed into the scalp, while it may foam slightly. After – the rye mixture should be distributed over the entire length of the hair and left for 20 minutes. After the specified time, you can start washing off the shampoo. It is worth remembering that shampoos made from flour, as well as masks based on chicken eggs, should never be washed off with hot water, as the flour will boil, and it will be a very big problem to clean it out of the head. It is best to throw your hair back and under a medium-strength stream of water, gently untangle and smooth the strands with your hands.

Natural conditioner balm

After the hair is cleansed of rye shampoo, it can be rinsed with slightly acidified, vinegar or lemon juice, water, this will help make the hair soft, manageable and silky. After using the shampoo, the hair must be dried naturally. Then they will not fluff and will not dry out. Such washing should be applied once every 3 days, and if the hair is kept clean for longer, the interval between applications can be increased.

Rye flour hair mask

Another option for using rye flour for healthy hair is the use of rye flour masks. For the mask, we need an infusion of nettle decoction, for this you need to pour 1 tablespoon of dry nettle with boiling water and leave to infuse for 1.5 hours. 4 tablespoons of flour and 1 yolk are added to the finished broth. Apply the mask to damp hair, leave for an hour, after covering with a film, and insulating your head with a towel. This mask is suitable for normal to oily hair.

And for dry hair, you need a special, nourishing mask, to prepare it, you need to mix 3 tablespoons of 30% fat sour cream, 1.5 tablespoons of honey, 4 tablespoons of flour. Mix the ingredients, add any essential oil of your choice to the already prepared mask – it will give an additional aroma to the hair. It is enough to withstand the mask for 20 minutes. During this time, the hair will be saturated with strength and energy, and will remain soft and obedient for a long time. It is enough to use such a mask once a week as a treatment and nutrition for the hair!

Beautiful and healthy hair is easy

Once you try to use rye flour instead of your usual shampoo, you most likely will not want to go back to it. Since after 6 months of use, the condition of the hair changes dramatically. Instead of sick, chemically exhausted hair, you will be pleased with lush, soft and shiny hair. Hair growth will accelerate, hair thickness will increase, problems with the scalp will disappear, but do not forget that external health is built by the bricks of a person’s internal health. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and vitamin intake are the key to your beauty!

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