How not to dress overweight women

In this article, we tell you how not to dress overweight women in order to protect them from the most common mistakes. We offer to learn exclusively from the mistakes of others, so as not to allow our own!

Main taboos


Passion for the oversized trend can play a cruel joke on a full woman and visually add kilograms to her. The fact is that overly loose silhouettes make the figure more voluminous and immense – and this despite the fact that imperfections are really masked.

However, too tight and tight silhouettes are also considered far from the best solution for full parameters. It is much better to stick to the balance and combine slightly loose and semi-fitted clothing silhouettes.

Mini length

Stylists are sure that most overweight girls should not wear short skirts and dresses under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter at all that such a style is now in trend – it still looks unsuccessful in most cases, creating an emphasis on the fullness of the legs and visually reducing their length. The length above the knee is also able to undesirably land the silhouette.

The no less trendy midi length mark promises to look much more elegant and attractive. A win-win move is a combination of an A-line with a high waistline and a length below the knee. Vertical cuts or other decor with this direction are also welcome. By tucking any suitable top into such a skirt, a fashionista will easily create a more attractive and slender silhouette.

A full lady can also take into account that the midi skirt chosen for her should not be too lush and overall – otherwise, she will visually increase the volume.

As an alternative for a skirt, a woman with a full figure can also use straight trousers with or without creases or boyfriend jeans.

Maxi length

It would seem, what claims can stylists have to the length of the maxi, because it perfectly masks all the imperfections of the figure? But along with this property, long skirts and dresses can undesirably create the illusion of increased volume.

Cropped trousers

Obviously, with full legs, too dark styles of trousers are contraindicated. However, shortened models should also be avoided – in fact, they really only suit slim and tall girls.

Wide pants

Another trend of recent seasons that is not suitable for obese women is wide-cut trousers. An oversized silhouette in pants is the main enemy of wide hips, because it visually increases their volume. In addition, wide trousers expand the parameters of the lower part of the figure and form extra folds.

Tight shorts

An unconditional taboo for many obese women are also shorts, which are too tight-fitting. Not only is such a style recognized as a hopeless anti-trend, but it also undesirably emphasizes any nuances of the figure and visually increases its parameters.

A full woman is better off betting on discreet and elegant Bermuda shorts, which are back in fashion. Such models have a more comfortable free cut and due to this they only hide the imperfections of the figure. Stylists advise wearing Bermuda shorts in a duet with an elongated loose jacket to match – this creates a visually slimming monochrome and just a trendy bow.

Active decor

Many women opt for embellished clothing in the hope that jewelry will successfully disguise figure imperfections. But, alas, it doesn’t work like that, and the active decor only undesirably adds volume to the silhouette. Patch pockets, ruffles, flounces, frills, rhinestones, voluminous applications and other decorative delights can upset with a similar property.

Volumetric and active pleating on skirts or dresses can also visually distort the figure. Stylists recommend choosing more concise clothes with full parameters.

Elements of jewelry are allowed only in those areas of the figure that a woman rightly considers her virtues. In this case, the decor will serve as an effective distraction from the shortcomings.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can bet on minimalistic clothes with a laconic cut, which sits semi-loosely on the figure – with such silhouettes, the risk of a visual increase in kilograms is minimized.

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By placing all kinds of folds and draperies where there is already volume, the girl undesirably expands the parameters of the figure. For example, stylists are sure that overweight women with a belly should not wear tunics, shirts and dresses with active draperies in the problem area – this will only aggravate the situation.

However, such a decorative technique can also benefit the girl. If the drapery is vertical and combined with a sufficiently dense texture, it can gently envelop the silhouette and slim it.

Contrasting combinations

The multi-colored top and bottom in the image does the same thing with the figure as the horizontal strip – that is, it sharply cuts the silhouette and shortens the silhouette. Instead of such combinations, it is better to pay attention to trendy monochrome, which makes the image more expensive, sophisticated and feminine.


Too thin and contrasting belts are categorically contraindicated for a full figure, because they create an extra horizontal line in the image and visually expand the silhouette. But in general, such an accessory, matched to the outfit without too much contrast, is able to make the figure more slender, feminine and toned. In addition, a stylish belt will balance oversized clothing and provide it with a more winning silhouette.


For a fat woman, stylists also do not recommend purchasing leggings – this is definitely not her style. These clothes are not even justified by relatively slender legs. It so happened that in leggings 99% of women with full parameters look out of place and comical.

Ripped jeans

If for you the irrelevance of ripped jeans is a weak argument against them, you can take into account the fact that such a model adds visual fullness to the legs, and often also makes the bow comical and awkward. We believe that this is a significant advantage for choosing laconic straight-cut jeans. At the same time, they should not have scuffs and active decor – such details visually make them look fat.

Subtle textures

Fashionistas with plus-size parameters can diligently avoid using too thin and translucent fabrics in their image, because they treacherously focus on the slightest nuances of the figure.

Another forbidden texture for a full woman is a large knit with voluminous patterns. At the same time, in general, knitwear is not a forbidden solution, provided there is sufficient texture density and smooth vertical knitting.

heel stud

It is believed that a high rise on shoes visually stretches the silhouette and makes it more slender. However, such an action should not be expected from a stiletto heel: too thin a heel will only emphasize the pomp of the silhouette and add to …

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