How not to look like a grandmother after 50

Every woman should know how not to look like a grandmother after 50 in order to look stylish at any age. In adulthood, most have already formed their own taste, but fashion brings new trends. How to be attractive and not get lost among fashion trends?

How not to look like a grandmother after 50: fashion tips

Stylists have identified a number of recommendations that will help you stay young and beautiful even after 50.

Use shoes of different colors

Most often, at this age, women prefer to wear black shoes. Because we are sure that this is a universal option for any images. Designers claim that the presence of style is confirmed by colored shoes. For example, try wearing yellow pumps under a colorful skirt. If you don’t know how to combine such shoes, then match them to the color of some detail from the image: bag, scarf, coat, etc. Such an element will emphasize individuality.

Change from a V-neck to a round neckline

A stylish bow can easily be ruined with just one neckline. Some ladies over 50 try to actively flaunt their cleavage. However, the V-neck can look quite vulgar. And to show the skin, which does not always look elastic and neat. Instead, in sweaters and dresses, use a round neckline. It will visually lengthen the neck, and not show too much. You can add a string of pearls to a dress with such a neckline, it will make the image more sophisticated.

Choose pastel colors

Many ladies have pleasant memories in their lives associated with clothes in bright colors: a red dress for a date, a blue suit for a corporate party at work, etc. That is why they continue to buy things in these colors. After 50, this trend should be removed. Stylists are sure that an image 1-2 tones lighter can rejuvenate you by at least 10 years. Give preference to pastel shades. Sand-colored clothes will add femininity and lightness.

Stay Neutral

After 50, women disagree. Some people think that a short T-shirt with a cartoon character is an appropriate element of their wardrobe. And others mentally lost ground, and are ready to wrap themselves in shapeless hoodies with knitted vests.

Choose a neutral option. Colorful tops are more suitable for teenagers, but baggy clothes are not the way out. To create a bow, choose clothes of a classic style, dilute it with informal details. A classic jacket, loafers, a standard bag and cropped jeans are a great option for everyday events.

Pay attention to details

Adult women can dilute their bow with interesting details. It can be an unusual hat, glasses, bracelets, rings or a bright silk scarf around your neck. Choose unusual accessories for a neutral look. This technique will help you look younger.

Use small bags

You can create a fashionable image at this age thanks to a small handbag. Set aside huge sacks that look like sports bags or shopping bags for grocery shopping. For formal and informal events, try to wear clutches or small bags of a different style. You can peep the models in the current trends of this year. A laconic bag will always be an appropriate detail of a woman’s outfit.

Comfort comes first

20-year-old girls try to squeeze into tight dresses and go out all day in high heels. At 30 and 40, you want peace of mind, so the ladies switch to oversized and sports shoes. After 50, women should choose comfortable and appropriate things. Opt for stable and practical heels, straight/A-line dresses and skirts, and boyfriend jeans. Such styles will be comfortable to wear, while looking good.

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Choose the right prints

Bright intricate patterns are not always suitable for adult women. A universal option for ladies 50+ will be geometric patterns, floral prints and abstraction. Loose overalls in unusual lines from dots will be a good option for a walk or an informal meeting. This pattern rejuvenates and gives lightness. Leave the options with incomprehensible inscriptions, photographs and drawings from films / cartoons to the children.

Wear oversized with care

Women 50+ can wear loose clothing. It is important to remember that there can be only one such detail in the image. If you want to wear bulky pants, then the top should be tight-fitting. And if you chose a voluminous sweater, then skinny trousers will suit it.

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Find the right coat

If in youth wearing down jackets is still forgivable, then in adulthood they look ridiculous. Now there are many modern models. Look for coats that are loose-fitting, wraparound, double-breasted, etc. Any classic models will look appropriate in the wardrobe of a 50-year-old lady. In a coat you will feel comfortable and look young.

Don’t wear jewelry

A lot of trinkets, bulky necklaces and bracelets look pretty only on teenagers. For women, this is too vulgar. For images, choose laconic jewelry. It will be enough thin beads or a couple of rings.

Now you know how not to look like a grandmother after 50, follow these recommendations to stay fashionable at any age. Don’t follow trends, create your own style!

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