How to apply blush

Not all women use blush and even less know how and where to apply them. Properly chosen blush is very refreshing to the face and can reduce a woman a few years in age, so not using them is almost a crime. In addition, a healthy blush on women’s cheeks always attracts the opposite sex. So, what are the blush and how to apply them, so as not to look like a nesting doll?

Varieties of blush

First, blush differs in structure. For dry aging skin, it is better to use cream blush. Usually they are available in beautiful jars in the form of a dense cream that can be applied with your fingers or with a synthetic brush. Fingers are preferred as they slightly warm the blush and are easier to blend. To shade blush is to erase their visible boundaries, that is, to take them into the skin. If you are used to brushes, be sure to take a synthetic bristle – it picks up creamy textures better, gives them better and is easily cleaned with water and soap.

There are also pressed blush, to which we are all accustomed, and crumbly. The latter are best left to professional makeup artists because they are usually highly pigmented and crumble. Ordinary pressed blush can be either matte or with the addition of a shimmer – fine mother-of-pearl, which even more refreshes the face and visually hides fine wrinkles. The skin literally glows from the inside, and only young girls can usually boast of this. So we can’t do without blush if we want to look young and look good at any age.

Color spectrum

The most win-win option is a peach-colored blush. They go to all women. This also includes coral color, and delicate pink. In the daytime, we only give a hint of a slight blush, and in the evening the intensity of the blush can be increased. Women with dark skin can also use plum shades of blush and even red, only carefully.

If you want to create an image of the Snow Queen, you can safely take on any cold shade of blush, up to purple. As an evening option, of course. For the image of Barbie, blush of a “childish” pink color is suitable for us. For daily use – all natural shades of blush, from beige to pale pink.

Bronzers are tan-colored blushes that often come with shimmer. Looks best on already tanned skin. They are applied to emphasize the tan and not in any way to create the effect of a tan on the face. If there is no shimmer in the bronzer, then it can be used to sculpt (model) the face.

In addition to colored blush, there are white and brown colors. They are used to model the oval of the face. With them, we highlight the cheekbones, make the nose wider or narrower, shorter or longer, visually raise the eyebrow, “make” the face correctly oval in shape. The technique of applying them is very different from the usual one, but more on that below.

How and where to apply blush

Blush is never applied mindlessly, in a wide strip from the nose to the temple. To properly apply blush, you need to consider the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, pick up blush on the brush and touch the most prominent place on the cheek. It is clearly visible if you smile. Next, move the brush up the cheekbone.

Before applying blush, examine your face, its shape, find the cheekbones, feel them with your fingers – it will be much easier for you to apply blush correctly. A brush for pressed blush is best taken from natural pile. Check that it does not prick, but it should not be very soft either. The brush should be elastic, otherwise it will be difficult for you to blend the blush, and on the face you will get not a healthy blush, but an ugly spot.

If you have an elongated face, then we apply blush in a completely different way. With the above upward application method, we slightly lengthen the face, which is ideal for oval and round face shapes. Girls with an elongated oval should apply blush only on the apples of their cheeks (smile for this). Another way is to apply blush almost parallel to the line of the eyes, and thus the face will visually become a little wider. One or two touches to the apples of the cheeks and then draw with a brush almost to the ear.

If your face shape resembles a heart (an inverted triangle), then you need to apply blush as with an elongated shape. If the face has the shape of an ordinary triangle, that is, the upper part of the face is much narrower than the lower, then we use the standard technique for applying blush as with an oval face.

Technique for applying modeling blush

With modeling blush, everything is not the same as with ordinary color. White color is designed to highlight and give volume to the face. Dark brown removes everything unnecessary on the face and moves us away from the oval shape. The brown color must be of a cold shade (it is also called gray-brown), and in no case should it turn into red, terracotta and other shades.

So how do you apply this blush? With the same brush as for regular blush. She’ll fit just fine. It can be oval or oblique. To work out small areas of the face, we also need a small brush.

White color is applied under the highest point of the eyebrow, on the upper part of the cheekbone, on the back of the nose, on the so-called Cupid’s bow – this is the place right above the upper lip, under the lower lip on the chin, in the middle of the forehead. If the forehead is narrow, then it is possible for the entire forehead. Dark color is applied under the cheekbones, along the hairline, from the tip of the eyebrow to the temples, on the wings of the nose. If the face is wide in the lower part, then with a dark color we pass along the entire contour of the face and shade everything towards the neck.

In order for us to really get a beautiful correction of the oval and facial features, everything must be carefully shaded. You can not be afraid of white, but you need to be more careful with dark. It’s better to under-intensify than over-intensify. Therefore, apply a dark shade in stages. Often there is no need for a full correction, so don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first or even the second time. Learn how to correctly emphasize the cheekbones and make a blush, and you will always look irresistible!

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