How to apply perfume correctly

Many of us have used perfume at least once in our lives. Choosing your own unique fragrance is not easy. It is very important to find your scent. After all, it will be an integral part of your unique image. And even if you have found your scent, it is very important that you also need to be able to apply it correctly. Yes Yes. You heard right. Exactly.

Until recently, I myself applied perfume as my mood dictated. It would seem that nothing complicated. It turns out not. There are many recommendations that will help the fragrance last longer and keep you in a good mood until the end of the day. Let’s take a closer look at them together.

Seasonality of perfume

Before, in every season, my perfume was with me. I am not alone in this. After all, not everyone thinks about how seasonality should be observed in their perfume. It turns out that for winter, and for summer, and for autumn, and for spring, their own flavors. Let’s not be lazy and take a closer look at which fragrance corresponds to which particular season.

We all know that summer is the most generous time of the year for fragrances. And how to apply perfume in the summer? We know that summer is a time of bright colors. But gentle and light aromas. Therefore, it is better to choose light and relaxed flavors. Perfume with sweet smells is preferable in winter. They warm.

In the spring, I would advise – more floral scents. And in the fall, you can gradually switch to aromas with sweeter tones.

natural flavors

In summer, choose natural flavors: notes of delicate flowers. The most important thing in perfume is the absence of alcohol in the composition of the bottle. Now there are many well-known companies that, as a rule, make such fragrances specially designed for this season. A variety of choices will keep summer from getting boring. No self-loving and self-respecting woman will deprive herself of only one fragrance.

Sweet flavors

But everyone has their own taste. And, if you cannot stand fresh fragrances, then there is no need to torture yourself: use only the fragrance that you like, regardless of the fact that it is summer or winter. Most importantly, be mindful of those around you.

The choice in the stores is great. The latest novelties of perfumers include winter fragrances in a summer version. They are sold labeled.

Spirit Persistence

Perfume, no matter how persistent, is best applied not to clothes. There are many other locations where the fragrance you apply will simply smell sweet. The most optimal solution is to spray your favorite perfume in the air and just walk through this cloud. Not bad, isn’t it? You seem to be bathing in perfume a little. A good option, for example, is the application of fragrance under clothes. Aromas applied to the body fill you with sensuality, revealing femininity and tenderness in you.

You can also apply perfume to the lining of the fabric, but do not forget that a stain or stain may remain on light-colored clothes. And please do not rub perfume on your hands, it does not lead to anything good. You simply, in this way, spoil the noble composition of the oils, and as a result, you will not be very happy with the aroma.

Sometimes you can overdo it with the smell, and apply too much perfume. What to do in such a situation? You just need to comb your hair with a damp comb, and dry it with a hair dryer. And the problem is solved.

Applying perfume to jewelry

Jewelry made from natural stones can react very badly to perfume getting on them. For example, amber and pearls simply lose themselves when perfume gets on them, so it’s best not to spray fragrances on jewelry.

Oddly enough, you will stop smelling after fifteen minutes, and those around you will feel it for a long time.

Therefore, it is believed that a person has such points on the body, when applied to which, a person begins to smell fragrant. There are about 15-16 of them. These are the places where blood vessels are thought to be very close to the skin. This can include such parts of the body as: the wrist, the center of the chest, the areas under the knees and at the ankles, temples. It is believed that points on the neck are very active.

About fragrances and their storage conditions

The aroma does not open immediately. And, in order not to change its aroma, you should not apply over the first second. It happens that you want to use not one perfume, but two in a day. Then it is better if you use lighter, gentler and fresher fragrances during the day. Well, in the evening, after a shower, you can apply your favorite more sensual perfume.

In general, proper storage of perfume can prolong its life. Therefore, to store your favorite fragrance, use cool, dry or dark places. If you use this unobtrusive advice, then longevity is guaranteed. Storage in a damp room, such as a bathroom, is not the right solution. It is better to put the perfume after use in the dressing table, or in the cabinet where you usually store cosmetics.

And in the end, I would like to share with a few more tips

  1. No matter how much you love the scent, try not to overuse it. Often, we get used to our perfumes, and do not notice how long we use the same perfume. Sometimes it even seems like you don’t smell at all. And, quite often, we begin, roughly speaking, to sprinkle ourselves with a bottle a day in order to feel better ourselves. Trust me, you don’t have to. If you have perfumed yourself – and you do not feel the aroma on yourself – then this is your smell. A scent that suits you, and only you.
  2. If you use hair conditioner, you should pay attention to the following recommendation. Don’t spray perfume on your hair. Why? It’s just that different smells can mix and the result will not please you very much.
  3. Set aside dedicated storage space. The durability of the perfume is also important.

That’s all. The main thing, remember, perfume is part of your image, your personality. And its correct application will only be a plus for you in the eyes of others.

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