How to apply perfume for a sillage

There are tricks on how to make perfume last longer, plume fragrances have the ability of a perfume to “capture” space, sound at a distance from its owner.

How to apply perfume so that there is a train: useful tips

To make the fragrance last longer and keep its plume throughout the day, here are some tips for using it:

  1. Apply perfume only to a clean body.
  2. Apply perfume to moistened skin with lotion.
  3. Wear only one fragrance per day, unless you have a proven stepping strategy.
  4. Use only high quality perfumes.

How to choke?

The ideal image of a modern woman requires the right fragrance. To keep the smell of perfume longer, choose a perfume with a high concentration of base notes in the composition. A fragrance is a kind of message from us to the world around us, informing us about ourselves and our intentions. In order for the message to be heard and correctly interpreted, it must not only be pleasant to us, but also appropriate in the proposed circumstances.

Classification of perfume bouquet selection:

  • Smells of the East. Base notes: balsamic amber, black pepper, clove, labdanum, vanilla, sandalwood. Oriental fragrances are preferred by creative people, lovers of collecting traditional things, well-mannered and highly moral girls with a special love for themselves, their appearance.
  • Fruity-citrus aromas. The base notes are quite abstract due to the distinctly different fruit scent. Lovers of fruity scents have an infectious smile, feminine unpredictability, are very smart, and know how to work in a team.
  • Flower bouquets. Base notes: jasmine, rose, tulip, ylang-ylang. Such girls notice all the little things, love sincerity, honesty, have a sharp mind, the ability to find a common language with everyone.
  • wood incense. Base notes: longevity, cedar wood, sandalwood. The most unpredictable combinations of these notes speak of highly organized, disciplined girls, nothing is impossible for them, they achieve their goals step by step.
  • Fresh (water-air) fragrances. The base notes are reminiscent of natural nativeness. Such aromas are preferred by lovers of harmony and purity without trash in the house, head, friends.

Look at each item, choosing your character traits from it, collect a bouquet of individual notes of perfume. Based on the knowledge of suitable combinations, it will not be difficult to make a choice. By the same principle, collect a perfume bouquet as a gift to a loved one.

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Self-confident girls are not used to following the classic approaches of using amber color when creating collaborations. There was a fashion for a “perfume wardrobe” with new answers to the question – “How to use perfume correctly”:

  • Early morning starts with energetic scents, energizing for an active day – citrus, dew, grass.
  • A day planned with plans is accompanied by light aromas with floral notes.
  • After the bustle of work, all sorts of spices come into play for more informal meetings. From light pink pepper to spicy cinnamon.
  • The mysteries of the nightlife are accompanied by bold accords of woody bouquets.

Try to distribute perfume bottles to the places of their use, without carrying them in a bag with you. Even the most high-quality perfume is capricious, when the bottle is shaken, it disturbs the formula created by the perfumer. It is up to everyone to decide whether to shake the perfume while carrying it with them, or to ignore this rule. The main task of a bottle with your favorite perfume is to bring joy to its owner!

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Where should perfume be applied to make it smell longer?

There are hot spots on the body that quickly reveal the aroma of perfume and cold spots for a long play of perfume, retaining its rich plume throughout the day.

Apply fragrance to your favorite places:

  • Wrists and elbow bends – the close location of the blood vessels warm the chemical formula of the spirits, entering into a long-term union with them. By applying the fragrance to your hands, you will enjoy a light veil of fragrance with every movement.
  • Neck and area behind the ears — these zones are made for spirits! The combination of both warm and cold areas of the body allows the perfume to open from the highest to the lowest note. In warm spots behind the ear, where earrings are fastened, the fragrance will open faster, you will hear the top notes of the perfume very soon, and the hairline will retain the fragrance for a long time playing with ease. The combination of aroma will ideally open up surrounding you and those around you with its mood.
  • Hair – everyone noticed that hair absorbs fragrances and retains them for a long time. Apply perfume to a comb, comb slightly damp hair. A pleasant train for the whole day is guaranteed!
  • chest and body – applying the fragrance on the body, it reveals with natural shades, sounds excitingly bright, rich, shimmering with all colors and subtle nuances.

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Choose perfume as clothes, emphasizing the harmony of the figure with the image, soul, thoughts and actions. Match the fragrances to the place, passing on selectively the necessary information to others, enchanting the subconscious with a veil of smells. Remember all the secrets of how to apply perfume so that the plume is not just covering the skin with incense, but connecting perfume with body fluids, emphasizing individuality.

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