How to apply powder

She saves makeup from unwanted shine with a simple stroke of the brush, she can always be found in a pretty lady’s purse. Light, airy powder is an integral part of any girl’s cosmetic bag. Every modern lady uses powder and everything seems to be simple. But do you know how to do it right?

The safety of the powder has already been proven – do not be afraid that the use of powder will cause unwanted pimples on your face. It contains natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc and ground silk, as well as various nutritional supplements. And that is why the powder has such a pleasant silky texture and a delicate, subtle aroma.

Before applying powder, blot your face with a tissue to absorb excess oil. Then use a daytime moisturizer or foundation – apply it on your face and wait for a while. Make sure that the cream is completely absorbed, otherwise, you can get the effect of uneven skin. And we need to achieve exactly the opposite.

Now you can use the powder – type it with a brush or powder puff, blow off the excess powder. Apply with a thin layer and light movements, because the excess of powder looks ugly, it does not mask skin imperfections, but on the contrary, highlights them. Use the powder carefully and it will be a great addition to your unforgettable makeup.

First, powder your chin with light upward strokes. Then from the chin go to the cheekbones and the edges of the face. Do this with a brush, and with a powder puff, apply powder to the central part of the face. Pay special attention to this part of the face, because the sebaceous glands are located here. Walk in the center of the face especially carefully. Apply the powder to your face gently, in weightless circular strokes. And finally powder your nose. Without powder, your look would be incomplete.

Use little tricks when applying powder. If you apply it on your eyelids and lips, then the eye shadow and lipstick will last much longer. And if you lightly powder your eyelashes, and then cover them with mascara, they will appear thicker. If you apply the powder with a damp sponge, you can create an almost weightless effect of foundation on the skin – light and airy.

You need to take care of your powder brush. Wash it in warm water with a mild shampoo, dry well in a warm place. And do not forget to change your favorite powder in time. Pay attention to its expiration date, and then there will be no problems with its use.

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