How to be feminine in oversized clothes

If at least once in your life you have wondered how you can be feminine in oversized things, then you definitely need useful tips and tricks. Wearing oversized things is really not quite easy, because you can go over the line and get a shapeless look. We will tell you how to remain feminine and beautiful in things that are a couple of sizes larger.

How to create a feminine look with oversized clothes

Oversized style has been popular for a long time. And even if your wardrobe does not yet have a thing of this type, then fashion trends will sooner or later force you to buy something. Therefore, the knowledge that you gain here will definitely be useful to you in the future.

Oversized style means wearing things that are several sizes larger. As a result, the outfit looks like someone else’s shoulder, but that’s the point. A well-composed image in this style can not only not fill you up, but vice versa – slim and make you more fragile. The style has touched almost all items of a woman’s wardrobe, so you need to analyze in more detail the features of the combination in the images of different things:

  • Sweaters. An essential piece for your fall/winter wardrobe. If you choose a baggy top, then the bottom should be completely opposite. Skinny jeans, a pencil skirt, a midi dress look good with an oversized sweater, and you can take accordion boots here as shoes.

  • Shirts. A large elongated shirt can even replace your outerwear. For example, a simple white shirt goes well with tops, skirts, shorts, and can also be worn over a dress. The proportions of the figure are perfectly preserved if you wear a loose shirt with high-rise jeans.

  • T-shirts. When choosing a loose T-shirt, pay attention to whether you look like you are about to go to bed in it. It is very important not to cross the line and choose a really stylish oversized T-shirt. It can be worn under a pantsuit, and goes well with jeans and shorts.

  • Jackets. Loose jackets look good on any type of figure. If the jacket is long, then it can be worn as a dress, emphasizing the waist with a strap. In a trendy layered look, the jacket can be combined with a sweater and dress, or with a blouse and vest.

  • Jeans and trousers. The fitted versions of denim trousers have recently lost their popularity, and they have been replaced by loose models. Culottes, palazzos and other types of trousers with wide legs and a clear waistline are relevant. For such pants, again, you need to pick up a more tight-fitting top.

  • Coat. An oversized coat will complement both casual and business looks. To look easy in it, you can wear it open or with a strap. From shoes to a free coat, any options are suitable – both with heels and flats.

  • Jackets. In the cold season, we want to hide in a cozy jacket, and the oversized style is most suitable for this. You can combine these jackets with fitted trousers, skirts and dresses.

I must say that girls with curvy shapes can also afford loose clothes. Partial oversized elements will help them hide some figure flaws. But, here you need to be very careful not to become completely shapeless and massive.

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Useful tips and secrets

To wear oversized clothes and remain feminine and attractive at the same time, you need to learn how to properly use all the positive aspects of this style. In voluminous clothes it is comfortable, it hides flaws and draws attention to itself. Use these tips to look stunning:

  • Never dress oversized from head to toe. Volume should be only one part – top or bottom. In this way, you show that a beautiful figure is hidden under baggy clothes.
  • Don’t forget to use accessories. If you’re wearing a loose sweater, accentuate your slim waist with a belt. The same rule applies to trousers – they should have a high fit and a pronounced waistline.

  • Bare your shoulder. Oversized wool sweaters with dropped shoulders look very attractive. A sort of slight negligence looks very feminine and elegant. To, wearing a loose sweater, focus on the neck – another beautiful female body part – collect your hair in a bun.
  • Choose calmer colors. Wearing voluminous things, you already run the risk of being in the spotlight. Therefore, you should not supplement an already bright image with extra colors. Pastel colors look very gentle and sophisticated.
  • Try on boots. A very popular outfit is an elongated loose sweater and over the knee boots with heels. You might like your look in this look, so give it a try.

To remain a real woman, even in clothes a couple of sizes larger, you do not need to have superpowers. It is enough just to correctly combine things and styles, and also not to forget about your individual merits and show them.

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In the presented photos, the models demonstrate how you can be feminine in oversized things. And you can look the same if you keep all of the above tips in mind. Fashion is very changeable, so take a moment and buy yourself a couple of oversized outfits.

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