How to become a real lady: rules and secrets

A real lady is an excellent woman in every sense, so this article will be devoted to how to become one that conquers at first sight and look dignified at all social and business events.

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A real lady is not born, she is made. And the first thing you should start your training with is improving your sense of style.


Modern fashion allows everything: eclectic clothing style is in trend. But even in this case, you can “get a little screwed up.” Therefore, in order to become a real lady, first of all, you need to work on your own sense of style, so to speak, to find yourself. What does it include?

  • The ability to select harmonious shades of clothing that will suit the main skin color type, hair and eye color;
  • Familiarize yourself with the styles of clothing: what goes with what and what events this or that outfit suits;
  • Analyze fashion magazines and stylist pages to learn how to properly combine clothes of different styles.

In addition, a real lady always remembers the following factors:

  • Place – where he goes;
  • the weather;
  • What time is it now;
  • Your age.


The international protocol allows you to combine 13 jewelry at the same time.

But this does not mean that now you need to put on everything at once. It is this factor that betrays the simpletons who have recently arrived in the city and want to attract as much attention as possible to themselves. There are 2 practical tips that can definitely help you:

  • Morning – minimalistic and feminine decorations, which are distinguished by their lightness, grace, femininity;
  • Evening – massive and chic bracelets and earrings, precious necklaces and rings with diamonds.


If you are interested in how to become a real lady, get ready to tidy up your shoes:

  • Neat;
  • elegant;
  • No frayed heels;
  • No damage.

And it doesn’t matter if your Prada shoes are original or just a good copy.


You can choose a skirt of absolutely any style. Even the super-trend miniskirt of 2021 will become an adornment for a real lady if…

If the top is correctly matched to her, and she corresponds to the event to which the woman is sent.

The simple girl is distinguished by the fact that she freely wears a miniskirt, a bright top or makeup and shoes with heels. A lady knows how to combine short lengths even when compiling a business wardrobe:

  • Simple elegant top;
  • Low running shoes;
  • Light and refreshing makeup.

Dress code and planning

The lady is always eager to find out more about the event to which she was invited. This helps her to conform to the dress code and not stand out with a lack of sense of style.

And if a date is planned for the evening, this does not mean that you need to do “war paint” in the morning. The lady knows how to plan her day in such a way that she will definitely have 5-10 minutes to tint her lips and make her makeup a little brighter.


Real ladies monitor their posture 24 hours a day. They do not sigh or slouch at the first opportunity, when there are no sharp eyes nearby.

Just imagine for a moment a woman in a graceful and elegant dress made by a famous designer. In the company of friends and acquaintances, she feels free and allows her to relax a little, forgetting about her posture. What do people around see? A lady who in fact does not correspond to the status of “lady”. How to fix it?

There is hard and daily work on yourself. First of all, over your inner core – self-esteem and dignity. In combination with a number of well-chosen physical exercises, the result will not be long in coming: during the next visit to a social event, no one will have any doubts. Before their eyes will be a real lady.

But that is not all. The next important point is gestures.


Lots of gestures. Few gestures. We need a golden mean. More gestures will immediately betray a simple girl from the village or one who has never learned to control her emotions. And it doesn’t matter where you live.

If you don’t have enough vocabulary and want to decorate your speech with gestures, this is a sure sign that it’s time to set aside time for self-development and pick up a dozen books in your favorite genres.


If you want to become a real lady, you have to learn to live in peace. Slowness and grace – this is what distinguishes you from a simpleton who is always in a hurry somewhere and tries to embrace the immensity.

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Real ladies are not afraid to say, “Sorry, I’m late” or “Please come in.” But they try to do it sincerely. People immediately feel false. So forget the haughty tone and yes, don’t be afraid to apologize. It won’t make you weak. But he will talk about good upbringing and the ability to behave.

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Social media analysis

Although we have previously noted that you need to monitor the social networks of stylists in order to learn about the rules for combining clothes and fashion trends, now we want to pay attention to your own pages on Facebook or Instagram.

Simple people just want to talk more about their new gold ring, car, rights, husband’s bouquet, all the gifts, etc.

Real ladies know how to share their life events in a way that does not attract unnecessary attention. At the same time, their pages contain photos from their travels and trips to cafes and restaurants.

Here is a series of tips to help you become a real lady and look worthy both at a party and in the office.

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