How to become visually taller and slimmer without heels

Have you ever wondered how you can become visually taller and slimmer in an image without shoes with heels? If yes, then sit back and absorb the information that you will read below. It is up-to-date and, most importantly, verified, which is proved by the photos depicted here.

Styling tricks that will make you taller and slimmer

It is physically impossible to change your height, but what prevents you from doing it visually? If you are not happy with your height, then this does not mean at all that you will constantly have to walk in heels. There are so many ways to create images in which the silhouette seems longer than it really is. We are happy to share them with you.

monochrome image. If you want to appear taller, then pick up monochrome outfits. In such outfits, all things should have the same color, or at least be in the same color scheme. All elements of the image seem to merge with each other, and the figure thus lengthens.

Overalls. A jumpsuit can make you look taller if it is solid-colored, with a high waistline, with wide legs, and even with a V-neck. Finding such a model is not at all difficult, as you might think.

V-necks. When shopping for dresses, sweaters, or blouses, look for V-necks. They visually lengthen the neck and in general the whole figure. It is best if such things are fitted, because oversized clothing creates the opposite effect. In addition, one more technique can make you taller – when putting on jackets, vests or cardigans, try to leave the buttons unbuttoned. To enhance the effect, use a V-neck and an unbuttoned jacket in one look.

Cropped top. If you want to appear taller, then don’t wear a top that ends at the widest point of the figure – at mid-thigh level. Stick to cropped tops that end 5-7 cm below the waist. Throw in high-rise pants and you’ll be taller than you really are.

vertical stripe. Probably everyone knows that things with a vertical stripe can make a person slimmer. But, besides this, they lengthen the silhouette in parallel. At the same time, trousers with a vertical stripe and a top with the same print have the same effect. A horizontal strip will not give such a result, and on the contrary, it will add extra pounds.

Choose the bottom of the outfit

A well-chosen bottom of your image will visually lengthen your legs and, accordingly, make them taller. In this case, we offer the following ideas:

  • Wide pants. Palazzo trousers, gauze and other wide-leg trousers form an A-line and make you look taller. Such models of trousers are very fond of many girls for their light and laid-back appearance. To enhance the effect, choose models with a high waist and tuck the top into them. Especially interesting is the image in which the trousers are so long that they completely cover the shoes and touch the ground.

  • High waisted. Jeans, trousers or skirts are best to choose with a high waist, and tuck the top into them. Thus, your legs will seem longer and heels are not even needed here. The belt in this image should be thin, because wide models can shorten the silhouette.

  • open your ankle. If you have thin ankles, then you can visually become taller by simply leaving them open. Complete your wardrobe with culottes, turn-up jeans and any cropped trousers. In them, your legs will appear slimmer and longer.

In addition, stripes on trousers have the ability to lengthen the legs to some extent. They are an integral part of the sport-chic fashion style that is at the peak of popularity today.

Secrets of choosing shoes and accessories

To appear visually taller and slimmer, you need not only to choose the right clothes, but you should also focus on shoes and accessories. To make your legs visually longer, you can use flat shoes, but with a pointed toe and a deep neckline. Massive shoes are something that short women should avoid.

Try to choose shoes of the same color as the bottom of the outfit. This is a small reference to the monochrome look. But, if the color of the top may differ, then the bottom and shoes should be in the same color scheme. Thus, the shoes seem to be a continuation of the trousers, and the legs are visually lengthened. If you are wearing a skirt, then choose shoes according to the color of your skin or tights.

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When choosing a bag or backpack, choose medium and small sizes. The shorter you are, the smaller the bag should be. Against the background of a large handbag, you will get lost and will seem even lower.

Responsibly treat the choice of such a thing as a scarf and a scarf. The most successful options are long narrow scarves or shawls that fall freely down and create the necessary vertical. Do not wrap a scarf around your neck or knit intricate knots.

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After reading all the above information, you should no longer have questions about how to become visually taller and slimmer without heels. Undoubtedly, shoes with heels are very feminine and beautiful, but when you have neither the strength nor the desire to wear them, then use all the useful tips that we have provided you.

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