How to care for highlighted hair

Hair highlighting remains relevant and fashionable for more than a decade. It gives the hair shine density, and creates the effect of sun glare playing on the strands.

From the moment of hair coloring, not only their appearance changes, but also the structure of each hair changes radically. As a rule, an aggressive clarifying composition containing ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is used to lighten the strands.

Even the most gentle paints that give light shades mercilessly spoil, thin and dry the hair. After the highlighting procedure, the hair often needs special care.

Special shampoos for highlighted hair are sold in every cosmetic store. If the hair is very affected by the clarifying agent, it is better to choose a deeply moisturizing and regenerating shampoo for damaged and colored hair.

When washing, be sure to use a conditioner balm. It takes good care of damaged hair, prevents them from being tangled later, adds volume and elasticity. Recently, a leave-in conditioner in the form of a spray has appeared on the shelves of cosmetic stores. It is ideal for highlighted hair, as it is easy to apply and has a longer and more effective effect, and is also very economical to use.

At least once a week, cosmetic masks should be applied to the hair. It is better not to save on them by buying them in specialized professional stores. For streaked hair, all kinds of placental, vitamin, protein masks are ideal. The composition of these masks must include glutamic acid, proteins, creatines and amino acids.

At home, from improvised means, you can also make no less effective means for caring for damaged hair. Masks can be made from medicinal herbs (sage, celandine, calendula), any dairy products, eggs, onions, olive oil or honey. In any mixture prepared with your own hands, it is recommended to add a couple of drops of liquid vitamins A and E, which are sold in a pharmacy, this will significantly enhance the therapeutic and cosmetic effect.

It is recommended to rinse the highlighted hair with a decoction of chamomile or lemon juice, which enhances the shine and color of the hair.

After the procedure of full or partial lightening, hair that has lost its pigments becomes completely defenseless against the aggressive effects of sunlight, which mercilessly burn and dry the hair. In order to avoid this, you will have to wear a hat, or constantly use products with UV protection.

After highlighting, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer or other thermal styling devices. It is preferable to use a wooden comb. It is better to refuse metal and plastic ones, they spoil and break weakened hair.

It is enough to follow the recommendations given above so that your highlighted hair will delight you with its beauty and health.

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