How to care for long hair?

Beautiful, healthy hair is an indicator of health, and if you also have long luxurious hair, then this is the pride of any girl, woman. Women’s hair has always attracted the attention of both men and women. Growing out your hair is hard, but even harder to take care of. Let’s look at ways to care for long hair that will help make them even more beautiful and healthy.

Correct washing

So, first you need: shampoo, conditioner, hair brush and hair mask. Long hair should be washed about once every three days.

Shampoo, first of all, should be suitable for your hair type, it is undesirable to use the first one that comes across. If you don’t know your hair type, then ask a hairdresser. Any shampoo should be changed every 2 months, and if you immediately feel itching, discomfort, then you should stop using this shampoo. Shampoo should be applied evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair, gently massaging the scalp.

Balm – conditioner is necessary for any hair, especially for long hair. It restores the structure of the hair, and most importantly helps with combing. It is better if the shampoo and conditioner are from the same manufacturer and go in addition to each other.

A brush or comb is needed in order to distribute the balm or mask evenly through the hair and in order to comb the hair before washing, which will facilitate it. Best of all is a brush or a comb with rare teeth or a wooden one. Wet hair is not recommended.

The mask should also be suitable for your hair type, folk or homemade masks are also welcome, which we will consider below.

Hair drying

After the hair is washed, the main thing is to dry it properly, especially long hair, without damaging it. For the hair itself, it is better to let it dry on its own. But if there is no time to wait, then a hair dryer will help with this.

A common problem is when the hair dryer sucks long hair from the back side where air is sucked in. If there is time left, then it is better to dry your hair longer and at a lower temperature, you can generally use cold air. You should also remember that you need to dry your hair at a distance of 20 cm from the head. And after drying, the hair should remain slightly damp, do not overdry long hair.


The easiest and most harmless way is to comb or dry with a hair dryer and secure with various hairpins. You can also fix your hair with varnish or foam, but be sure to wash it off before going to bed. Even high-quality varnishes or foams should not be used every day. Curlers and pigtails for the night are also a more or less harmless type of styling, which cannot be said about curling irons or irons that weaken hair.

Long hair coloring

If you are tired of your hair color and want to change it, think again, because the natural hair color can no longer be returned after dyeing.

It is best to use natural ingredients: henna, basma, etc. Remember one rule – the paint will lie more evenly and better on dirty hair. It will also be useful to remind you that it is better to check your skin for an allergic reaction before dyeing your hair. It is very problematic to dye long hair on your own, so ask a friend or go to the salon, where they will also pick up the paint for you.

If you decide to dye long hair at home, then comb it, divide it into 2 halves and comb it into a parting and dye 3 cm at the roots, divide it into a parting at a distance of 1-2 cm and repeat over the entire head. Then comb your hair to distribute the dye, then brush through the rest of your hair and put on a hat. Wash off with water after the time has elapsed.

Hair masks at home for long hair

It should be remembered that there are various masks that are applied to the scalp or to the ends of the hair. Almost all masks for hair ends include vegetable oils, such as: burdock, castor, olive and others. And most importantly, apply masks at home, you need freshly prepared ones.

  • Mask for dark long hair for shine. You need to take a collection of herbs or separately: chamomile, birch leaves, nettle and pour 0.5 glass of oil, put in a dark place for a week, then strain and the mask is ready.
  • Dandruff mask. To prepare a mask for dandruff, you need to take 3 tbsp. tablespoons of colorless henna (sold in paint departments and pharmacies) and add half a glass of boiling water, wait 15 minutes and the mask is ready. After that, rub the mask into the hair and head, wrap the head in a bag, preferably and wait 30-40 minutes and rinse off.
  • Mask for oily hair. For half a glass of kefir, you need 5 drops of citrus oil or a teaspoon of lemon. Keep the mask for 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.
  • Stimulating mask for long hair growth. The mask is made on the basis of mustard and sugar, due to heating and increased blood circulation, the hair follicles are stimulated and grow faster. A small amount of mustard must be poured with a small amount of boiling water, add 1 yolk and sugar (the more sugar, the more the scalp will “burn”), stir and rub into the scalp. Wait at least 10 minutes, it will scratch your head a lot, this is normal, because heating occurs. This mask is very suitable for oily hair, but dry hair should be used with caution and no more than 1 time in 2 weeks, when oily hair can be used once a week.


Nutrition is also of great importance for long hair. Here is a list of foods that are good for hair: liver, dairy products, fish and seafood, apples, lean beef, herbs, garlic, wheat germ, carrots and legumes, nuts, eggs. You should not eat a lot of sweet, fatty, spicy – all this harms the hair and scalp, as well as the face.

And of course, you need vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin B – Accelerates hair growth, reduces oily scalp (eggs, brewer’s yeast, cereals).
  • Vitamin A – Makes hair silky and soft (liver, eggs, cottage cheese).
  • Carotene – Carrots, sea buckthorn.
  • Phosphorus – Gives hair elasticity and rich color (fish).
  • Calcium – Needed for the structure of hair (greens, dairy products).
  • Iron – Strengthens, prevents early gray hair (buckwheat, liver).
  • Silicon – Makes hair healthy and strong (zucchini, cucumbers).
  • Iodine – Gives hair a healthy shine and look (Seafood, persimmon).

If you follow these simple rules for long hair care, then you will always have long, beautiful and thick hair. The main thing is not to be lazy.

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