How to celebrate the New Year

The New Year’s dress is a talisman for women who follow fashion and believe in their luck and destiny. Find out what is better to celebrate the year of the Horse – in a guipure dress, or in another stylish outfit of the corresponding color.

This question worries women every year, who not only closely follow fashion trends, but also worry about how to please the new owner of the year according to the eastern calendar. After all, it is known that if you break traditions, you can not hope for good luck in the coming year. Thus, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the New Year’s toilet, regardless of where you will meet it – at a corporate event or in a cozy home environment.

It is already known that the hostess of the coming year, the Horse, is distinguished by her love for certain colors, and her aristocratic manners leave no doubt about her commitment to a restrained and elegant style. The Wooden Horse in some horoscopes is called blue, in others – emerald, in any case, both of these colors are very loved by her.

In addition to blue, our Horse really likes its closest neighbor – purple, so you can combine these colors or use them separately. Since the horse is wooden, it means that it will not mind sand, beige and brown shades. Therefore, a traditional little black evening or cocktail dress can contain any inserts of a similar color. By the way, a guipure dress can become an absolute hit of New Year’s outfits, since lace in the form of all kinds of guipure inserts and details is back in fashion.

The horse is a very stylish lady, therefore she prefers exclusive models. And if you still think that these exist only in the collections of foreign fashion designers, then you are deeply mistaken. Our domestic craftswoman – designer Svetlana Zotova has developed and presented on her website a whole collection of New Year’s outfits, each of which, in accordance with its name, represents a universal formula for happiness in the coming year.

Soft, feminine, stylish clothing lines, executed in accordance with the latest fashion trends and the creative imagination of the author, will appeal to all women with a refined taste that prefers elegance and simplicity. There is nothing superfluous here, but for some reason these dresses have a mysterious magnetism that calls for their possession, and you can be sure that all of them are a real exclusive from a talented designer.

Thus, when choosing a dress for the New Year, be guided by considerations of elegance, simplicity and restraint of azure, blue, beige, purple, black, gray and their combinations, which the Horse of 2014 loves so much.

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