How to choose a coat according to the type of figure

How to choose a coat according to the type of figure to emphasize your strengths and disguise your flaws? In fact, it’s quite simple – you just need to use the clear cheat sheet from this article!

Main Rules


The main feature of the pear-shaped figure is the prominent hip area. Of course, many women prefer not to hide, but to emphasize such a part of the figure, but nevertheless, stylists note that the image will look more harmonious if you turn your attention to the upper body.

Choosing a coat according to the type of pear figure is quite simple – you just need to focus on models with an accent upper half. For example, a style with a wide turn-down or fur collar, chest pockets or decorative epaulettes will be a winning solution.

Are you attracted to coats with fur inserts? Then make sure that such decor does not look sparse and cheap. Lush fur in the same color with outerwear will look great. Contrasting solutions with a noble palette should also not be discounted. For example, you can conquer a blue coat with a luxurious burgundy fur collar.

If you go over the current trends, you will notice that outerwear with unusual accent sleeves is now at the peak of popularity. Such models are not suitable for every girl, but for a fashionista with a pear figure, they can become an extremely fashionable and successful solution.

Perhaps you have already noticed the relevance of coats made in the manner of a trench coat. Such models are the best suited for owners of a pear-shaped figure, because they shift attention to the upper body and adjust the proportions. As a bonus, the fashionista gets a graceful accent at the waist, created with a belt.

If you are closer to the laconic style of outerwear, you can head for minimalist A-line coats. But in order not to miscalculate with a favorite, keep in mind: outerwear should not end at the widest part of the hips.

Do you already have a coat in your wardrobe, but it does not match all of the above models? Dont be upset! To compensate for the volume in the upper body, you can also use stylish accessories, such as a wide scarf.

An Apple

Choosing a coat for a plump woman with an “apple” figure is usually a task with an asterisk. However, with recommendations from stylists, it ceases to be so complicated!

The main guideline when choosing the ideal model is a high waistline, which perfectly masks the volume in the abdomen. At the same time, overly tight outerwear should be avoided – it not only left the list of current trends, but also upsets with its ability to emphasize all the flaws of the figure.

On this type of physique, models in the form of a trapezoid and a cocoon look great. Often the basic straight coat becomes the best solution.

Do not miss out on fashionable sights and cropped styles – just make sure that they are presented in a single-breasted design. Masterfully beat the “apple” figure and asymmetric techniques in the collar or hem.


To choose a coat for a rectangle figure, you should head for models that reproduce accents at the top and bottom of the figure. For example, the perfect outerwear may feature patch pockets, an interesting collar, or tucks.

Along with such decorative techniques, a successful coat should also feature a waist accent – it is usually created by a belt. All of these techniques together will create a visual illusion of a feminine and proportional figure.

If a girl with a “rectangular” body structure wants to emphasize her slimness and stateliness, she can express her preference for a coat with a straight cut – it will beautifully repeat the line of the figure. Such models of outerwear are invariably in trend, because they successfully rhyme not only with emphatically feminine images, but also with casual style.

inverted triangle

Choosing a coat according to the type of an inverted triangle figure is quite easy – you just need to transfer the main focus in the image to the lower part, shifting attention from wide shoulders. Styles with a flared bottom, variations with a peplum, patch or fur pockets, trendy asymmetry or cuffs will perfectly cope with the task.

In a word, any design delights that draw attention to the lower part of the figure are at your service. At the same time, the top of the coat should be executed in the best traditions of minimalism – the more concise, the better. It is also recommended to abandon massive scarves, so as not to draw attention to broad shoulders.

With a lack of volume in the lower part of the figure, you can also express a preference for a feminine tulip coat. As practice shows, such models look the most advantageous in combination with a belt or belt.


In theory, the owners of the hourglass figure are allowed absolutely any experiments on outerwear. But if a girl intends to emphasize her virtues, and not hide them, she will definitely listen to the recommendations of stylists.

The main trump card of the owner of such a figure is a beautiful waist and a feminine silhouette: these are the ones we will emphasize! A wrap-style coat with a belt and a belt will professionally cope with the mission. Such a model definitely deserves attention, because it sits beautifully on a female figure, looks relevant and organically fits into a variety of images.

But there is one important nuance: if a girl has a large chest, she will prefer a coat with a single-breasted collar and no patch pockets in the upper part.

It is also beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the figure with a coat that expands in its cut from the middle. If at the same time the girl is not tall, a coat with a high waistline would be a more preferable option for her, so that it emphasizes the fragile top.


A real lifesaver for a woman with any type of figure can be outerwear with an asymmetric cut. Such a fashionable experiment on style can easily hide an unexpressed waist, a prominent tummy, broad shoulders and other features of the figure. Moreover, a winning asymmetric technique can impersonate not only in cut, but also in details or colors.

First of all, women with a rectangular or apple figure, as well as owners of a rectangular structure, can look at models with asymmetry in the first place. All of them can place an asymmetrical highlight away from their flaws and, thus, embody an effective distraction.

color blocking

The color block in the design of outerwear is not only a current trend, but also an opportunity to visually adjust the proportions of your figure. Such an extraordinary coloring can make the figure more slender or, conversely, voluminous – it all depends on the tasks of the fashionista.

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