How to choose a scarf for a coat

In this article, we tell you all the secrets on how to match a scarf with a coat and complete the look in style in the cold season. With these tips, the error will be excluded!

Main Rules

Focus on style

In order to advantageously choose a stylish scarf for a coat, you should first of all focus on the style of outerwear.

  • If you have a coat with a collar in your arsenal, you can match it with a medium-sized scarf without a pronounced volume. An accessory elegantly tucked under the collar of outerwear will look beautiful and neat. A fashionista can also leave the edges of the scarf slightly casually falling along the shelves of the coat.
  • Is collarless outerwear your favorite? This style can be stylishly beaten with a collar or snood scarf, as well as straight accessories of medium width. You can also choose a scarf for a coat without a collar so that it falls beautifully along the shelves of outerwear.

  • You should choose a scarf for a coat with a hood so that the accessory does not look too voluminous and overall. For example, a cozy collar that fits around the neck in soft, neat folds will be a winning solution. You can also pick up a classic straight scarf, but at the same time neatly hide it under the collar and hood.
  • The current V-neck coat puts forward its own requirements for choosing the perfect scarf. To begin with, a fashionista should decide: with the help of an accessory, does she just want to drape the neckline or completely cover her neck? In any case, accessories with a smooth texture will look great – and their size directly depends on the mission of the scarf.

  • An oversized coat is an unconditional trend of the season, which has long won the hearts of many fashionistas. Choosing a scarf for such a model is quite simple – first of all, it is recommended to ensure that the accessory matches the overall concept of the image, that is, it is moderately voluminous. Such a detail can be thrown a little carelessly over the shoulders or wrapped around the neck in a relaxed manner.

A trendy double-breasted coat can be advantageously complemented with a laconic knitted scarf made of soft texture or a fur boa. In warm weather, an elegant scarf made of silk or chiffon promises to be a good solution – such products will add a touch of lightness and sophistication to the images.

  • If you want to complement a coat with fur with a scarf, then ignore accessories from a similar texture – it is better to express your preference for a laconic scarf made of fine knitwear, chiffon or silk.
  • It makes sense to combine a long coat with an appropriate accessory – a plaid scarf or a cozy stole. A product that subtly falls down along the shelves of outerwear will look very elegant.
  • When choosing the perfect scarf for a cropped coat, it should be borne in mind that oversized and massive models will not be the best choice, because they simply make the created bow heavier. But a classic straight scarf without a pronounced volume can be a great solution. At the same time, it is better to choose a model from a light texture – it is easy to tie it with a tie or other original knot.

  • The style of the coat is another criterion for a successful image. So, outerwear of classic design looks great together with delicate airy accessories and laconic details from a smooth texture. But for coat models with a hint of casual or sporty style, it makes sense to choose a voluminous scarf with a coarse knit effect.

Different models of scarves: how to choose?

A scarf is an extremely stylish accessory, which modern fashion gives a lot of relevant readings. We offer you to understand the intricacies of combining fashionable details!

  • If your choice fell on an actual voluminous accessory, it is recommended to wear it exclusively over a coat. This trendy accent looks great paired with single-breasted or cropped outerwear. An excellent choice would also be a concise straight-cut product. A voluminous scarf should be worn in a simple variation so as not to weigh down the final image.

  • A cozy scarf-plaid can be interestingly beaten in an outfit if you put it on in the form of a poncho or a practical cape. At the same time, it is better to choose outerwear in a minimalist design.

  • Recently, a scarf in delicate pastel colors has been popular with fashionistas. Such models perfectly refresh the appearance, make the features more expressive, and also beautifully rejuvenate the bow. Stylists suggest that pastel accessories are wonderfully refreshing looks with dark outerwear.
  • Almost all models of scarves can be thrown over the head in the form of a scarf – such a stylish technique looks great in a company with a classic or minimalist coat.

Color combinations

Choosing a scarf for a coat by color is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. A fashionista does not even need to come up with her own successful combinations – all the win-win formulas for color combinations have long been created by top stylists!

  • Choosing a scarf for a black coat is quite elementary, because this is a basic model of outerwear that can easily make friends with almost all accessories. For example, a fashionista can make an image with such outerwear more expressive and spectacular with the help of an accessory in red, blue or purple colors. Combinations with white, beige, pink and other pastel shades can also be considered fashionable tandems.

  • A brown coat is a trendy model that fits perfectly into the casual style. Stylists suggest that details in caramel, beige, gray, milky or blue colors are the best fit for such outerwear. The resulting outfits will turn out to be relevant, sophisticated and elegant.

  • A stylish novelty of recent seasons has become a burgundy coat, which is in perfect harmony with the colors of the autumn landscape. Such a model promises to look advantageous in a duet with a blue, pink, white, gray or beige scarf.

  • It is not at all difficult to choose a scarf for a beige coat, because in the framework of modern fashion, such a color scheme is perceived as the new black. Stylists suggest combining neutral beige clothes with accessories of related shades – for example, chocolate, brown, caramel or milk. If you want to play on the contrast, bet on an accentuated bright scarf – even a novelty in neon design can be a stylish solution.

  • A rich green coat is ideal for creating stylish and slightly extravagant looks. This model creates a winning alliance with a beige, gold, purple, red, brown or burgundy accessory.

  • Choosing a scarf for a gray coat is quite simple, because such a neutral color scheme harmonizes wonderfully with both basic and bright tones. So, an elegant solution would be a combination of gray and beige in one look. If you want to enhance the showiness and expressiveness of the outfit, you can pick up a juicy…

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