How to choose a skirt according to the type of figure

In this article, we reveal all the secrets on how to choose a skirt according to the type of figure and not make a mistake. Take tips from stylists and choose only successful styles for yourself!

Universal formulas


The hourglass figure type is rightfully considered the standard of perfection. Everything is perfect in such parameters – harmonious proportions, a beautiful waist, and a feminine silhouette. There is an opinion that girls with this type of figure are allowed to choose absolutely any clothes. Theoretically, this is true, but nevertheless, stylists clarify that a well-chosen style should not hide the dignity of the silhouette, it should emphasize them.

Accordingly, if a fashionista with an hourglass figure wants to enhance her natural attractiveness, she can bet on such a style of skirt that will emphasize a beautiful waist and rounded shapes. An excellent solution would be models to the knee with a high fit, variations with drapery, wraparound styles and tulip skirts.

But it is better to avoid overly baggy and tight models – these two extremes will definitely not benefit a beautiful figure.

Of all the variety of accessories, stylists advise the owners of the hourglass figure to choose contrasting belts, belts, false peplums and corsets – such details best embody the emphasis on a beautiful waist.


An oval (aka an apple) is a type of figure in which the protruding part is the tummy. In this case, the chest is either equal to it in volume, or inferior in parameters to the stomach.

To choose the right skirt for full women with an apple figure, you should focus on your merits. As a rule, these are beautiful breasts and slender legs. Perfectly matched clothes will emphasize your strengths.

So, in order to choose a skirt with an apple figure type, you should focus on models above the knee that will not hide beautiful legs. Variations with a high waistline also look great, forming a feminine silhouette. If the soul requires experimentation, bet on stylish novelties with an asymmetrical cut.

To draw attention to beautiful legs, you can also opt for a skirt with a vertical slit. By the way, such a fashionable technique not only looks impressive, but also visually slims the silhouette.

Another win-win move is the choice of an A-line skirt. Thanks to a fairly loose fit, such a model has no equal in the corrective properties of the figure. At the same time, it is important to choose an A-line silhouette in such a way that it makes the waist more slender and does not highlight the abdomen. This function is best embodied by the oversized fit, which immediately expands.

With an apple figure, stylists consider creating an emphasis on the hips as an excellent distraction. When implementing this technique, pockets, draperies, frills and other decor will help you.

From the “forbidden” one can distinguish narrow pencil skirts, as well as models of thin flimsy textures that focus on the imperfections of the figure.


The key advantage of girls with a pear-shaped figure is the hips – they, in theory, exceed the parameters of the shoulders and chest. The waist with this type is usually pronounced.

To accurately choose a pear-shaped skirt, you should head for models that emphasize the seductive line of the hips. The arsenal of a girl with the specified parameters may consist of a pencil skirt, a sun style, as well as models with an A-silhouette.

If you want to disguise the extra centimeters in the hips, express your preference for light and flowing skirts with an oversized fit and a loose cut. You can also rely on a model without unnecessary decor, which will be several shades darker than the upper part of the image.

inverted triangle

Sometimes this type of figure is called a pear on the contrary. With him, the girl has pronounced broad shoulders and modest hips.

To choose a skirt for such a figure, it is also worth adhering to the principle of “hide the excess, emphasize the main thing.” In practice, stylists recommend looking at flared variations of a free cut, as well as models with active draperies in the hip area. The most fashionable pleated skirts are just the best option.

If a girl has beautiful legs, hiding them is a real crime. It is better to dilute the wardrobe with stylish mini-skirts that will distract attention from wide shoulders.

In general, placing an accent in the lower part of the figure is the surest strategy for the owners of the “inverted triangle” figure. This technique can be implemented with the help of a skirt, actively decorated with fashionable decor. A correctly composed color combination can also work in your favor, in which the main focus is on the bottom. For example, a stylish bow can consist of a bright skirt and a dark blouse.

A well-chosen print on a skirt can also help in visual correction of the figure. So, with the “inverted triangle” type, it is recommended to use the power of a horizontal strip, as well as a fashionable checkered motif.

With such external data, maxi length skirts, as well as overly tight variations, are banned.

A star example is a great motivation to look attractive with any natural data. For example, can you imagine that Angelina Jolie is a bright representative of the figure “inverted triangle” with muscular and broad shoulders? However, this woman definitely cannot be reproached for the lack of elegance and elegance.

When choosing skirts, Jolie usually prefers those models that accentuate the waist and make the hips visually wider, thereby diverting attention from the shoulders. One of her favorites is the A-line cut, which masterfully adjusts the proportions of the silhouette. In addition, she generally welcomes feminine clothing in the form of skirts and dresses – it is she who compensates for the lack of natural curves and a wide shoulder line.


With a rectangular type of figure, one can state the same volume of shoulders and hips, as well as a slightly defined waist.

In order to accurately choose a skirt for a girl with a “rectangle” figure type, she, first of all, should remember what functions this clothing should perform. Stylists suggest that the main mission of an ideal skirt with the specified parameters is to highlight the waist line, which, even if not striking, and also visually increase the hip area.

The best choice would be a balloon skirt with a bright large ornament, as well as a model with noticeable folds. It’s great if this bottom embodies the feminine mood in the image with the help of color or decor. This style always benefits a rectangular figure.

To achieve figure correction, you can also attract the effectiveness of decorative techniques. So, with a slender silhouette, it is recommended to use large contrasting prints, patch pockets and accent decor in the hip area – all these techniques make the forms more magnificent…

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