How to choose an evening dress?

Every girl rejoices at the upcoming holiday. She imagines how all the guys will see her off with their eyes, in general, she should be the most beautiful on this holiday. But joy turns to bitterness when it comes to choosing an evening dress.

“There are a lot of dresses, but there is nothing to wear” – this is what every fourth girl thinks, having tried on almost the entire fashion collection in a boutique. Yes, yes, choosing an evening dress is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

In order to shine at the holiday, think about what type of dress you want? It can be both a cocktail dress and a breathtakingly long one. Choice made? Excellent! Now it remains to choose the right dress for the figure. After all, all girls want the dress to emphasize only dignity!

So, let’s try to figure out the correct choice of an evening dress so that all the eyes of men are directed to you?

If you have an average height, but you want to appear taller, a dress with a high waist that ends just under the bust. It is important that there is a thin bottom and up to the knee. If you are a lover of ruffles, forget it. The bottom of the dress should be without any frills. Shoes must be high heels.

If you want to look thinner – choose a tight-fitting dress. The top must be deep. This way you will look slimmer.

If you are a romantic, sweet nature, a dress made of light fabric or a skirt that is cut along an oblique line will suit you. Stylists recommend wearing an enlargement bra. In this outfit, you will be the cutest and most charming and emphasize your gentle feminine curves.

You have beautiful hips, but you dream like a supermodel – choose a dress with a wide bottom. It will fit around the waist, hips and at the (as you think) widest point of the hips will expand slightly. The top should have a large neckline. The main thing is to know the measure. Otherwise, a wide bottom will make you wider and fatter.

If you consider the shoulders to be one of the sexiest parts of the body, feel free to buy a dress that will have short sleeves. It would be better if the dress is made of light airy fabric.

The choice of color depends on your appearance. Agree: flashy colors will not suit a pretty girl.

So, if you have light pink skin, expressive green or blue eyes, red hair, then try to choose light and very gentle tones (pink, blue, or beige). For girls who have dark eyes and hair, it is better to use cool colors (gray, purple, etc.).

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