How to choose clothes for women with narrow hips

How to choose clothes for girls with narrow hips? In this article, we will talk in detail about the rules that fashionistas should follow, whose forms are not quite perfect and resemble an inverted triangle. This feature of the figure can hardly be called a disadvantage, because it is enough to carefully approach the choice of wardrobe so that no one even guesses about your imperfection.

Useful tips: how to choose clothes for women with narrow hips

When choosing clothes, you need to try to level the imbalance that occurs between the upper and lower body, and also focus on the merits of the figure.

We offer some useful recommendations for choosing things that will be useful for women with narrow hips:

  • Often, such women have broad shoulders. Therefore, when drawing up the image, this fact should be taken into account. Do not weigh down the top with bulky details: give up shoulder pads, large collars and voluminous sleeves.
  • Try to focus on the bottom: give preference to light-colored clothes with frills or decorative details in the hip area.
  • When choosing blouses, discard models with flounces, pockets and other decor in the chest area. Such inserts will draw unnecessary attention to the top, increasing the imbalance.

There are also a number of clothing models that are taboo for women with narrow hips:

  • loose and voluminous dresses that make the silhouette too large;
  • mermaid dresses, they not only focus unnecessary attention on overly slender hips, but also make the top massive;
  • deep square or semicircular neckline, visually increasing the top.

Next, we’ll talk in more detail about what clothes to choose for women with narrow hips.


When choosing a skirt, you should give preference to voluminous models.

  • A tulip-style skirt looks great – it will emphasize the beauty and slenderness of the legs, give the buttocks the desired shape.
  • Pleated models of various lengths are indispensable.
  • The proportions of the sun and half sun model are improved. Particular attention should be paid to high-waisted skirts, they make the forms more feminine and attractive.
  • Trapeze is another stylish option that allows you to make the bottom of the figure more proportional.


Girls with small hips will suit almost all fashionable styles of trousers. However, special attention should be paid to the following options:

  • Riding breeches, bananas, chinos with pleats at the waist. Such styles look the most impressive.
  • Do not forget about trendy jeans and slouchy trousers, in combination with a discreet top they will look very stylish.
  • Fashionable culottes below the legs will also look spectacular and help hide figure flaws.
  • Stylists also recommend looking at models with decor in the hip area – patch pockets, prints, embroidery.

It should be noted that the figure of an inverted triangle is almost the only one that fits low-rise jeans.


Ladies with narrow hips just need to wear shorts. Slender girls may pay attention to mini models with drapery; larger women are advised to wear slightly elongated shorts. This piece of clothing allows you to make the hips a little larger and demonstrate the harmony of the legs.


For everyday looks, it is recommended to purchase dresses with a V-neck. The neckline of this shape will visually narrow the top. Give preference to models with narrow sleeves. The skirt of such a dress should be straight or flared. Ideally, if several fabrics are used when sewing the model, for example, the top is made of a dark or plain material, and the bottom is made of a lighter or printed material.

Blouses, sweaters, jackets

As in the case of dresses, it is ideal if the top has a V-neck that visually stretches the silhouette.

  • When choosing a blouse, choose models made from lightweight materials, such as chiffon.
  • The sweater should be made of dense knitwear, as tight as possible to the figure. A great option is a noodle sweater. Oversized models and sweaters with a large collar are best left on a hanger in the store.
  • When choosing a jacket, look for a single-breasted model with a fitted cut. The clasp is valid for one or more buttons. The recommended length is just below the hips.


A swimsuit is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of body type. Ladies with narrow hips should refrain from tankini models, that is, consisting of a T-shirt and swimming trunks. Ideal options are a separate swimsuit, as well as monokini and bandeau, which are popular today. To visually increase the hips and reduce the top, choose a swimsuit with a solid color bodice and printed bottoms. Properly selected model will allow you to look attractive even with a minimum amount of clothing.

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No one will argue that many famous and popular star divas have an inverted triangle figure. Among them are Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer, Charlize Theron. They all look simply adorable!

Mistakes in dressing girls with narrow hips

  • Girls with narrow hips should be wary of the layering trend. So, a combination of several things at the top will visually increase the shoulders and make the hips narrower. Oversized sweaters and blouses should also be ignored. The priority is harmony of proportions or emphasis on the lower half of the body.

  • Emphasizing the shoulders is the next total mistake. So, styles with puff sleeves are not suitable for all girls.

  • Accessories can not only diversify the image, but also adjust the figure. The use of accent details at shoulder level reads like a failure. It is recommended to shift attention to the dignity of the figure, as well as highlight the waist to balance the silhouette.

  • Using monochrome in an outfit equates to a common mistake. With narrow hips, the contrast of the top and bottom is welcomed with an emphasis on the latter.

  • Sweaters and cardigans with bulky textured knitting are a bad purchase for a woman with narrow hips and broad shoulders. Stylists suggest paying attention to the smooth knit texture without decor when it comes to choosing tops for the cold season.

  • Tight styles in choosing a bottom are a bad idea. It is recommended to avoid leggings, skinny jeans, tight trousers and pencil skirts. At the cut of the bottom, a visual increase in volume is considered a key task.

Image color palette

As you know, light shades visually add volume. Girls with narrow hips are advised to swap the terms in the classic formula “light top + dark bottom”. Places in the basic wardrobe deserve trousers, jeans and skirts in beige, milky, white and light gray tones.

In the winning outfit, the bottom in delicate pastel colors is also appropriate in combination with the top, which is darker and deeper in hue. Duets look harmonious, in which several pastel colors are combined.

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