How to choose comfortable shoes in the store

Few people know how to choose the right shoes in the store. Because basically look only at the appearance. Properly selected shoes will not only be a beautiful addition to the image, but also a safe product for the health of the feet.

Criteria for choosing store shoes

When you need to choose shoes for a holiday or for every day, experts recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • ease of use;
  • practical model;
  • size suitable for all parameters;
  • neat appearance.

If the shoe fits in almost all parameters, but causes discomfort when walking, do not take it. Look for a safer option, because it affects the overall health of the body.

What are the mistakes when choosing new shoes?

Everyone has made a mistake at least once when choosing shoes. To prevent you from repeating these mistakes, the most common ones are listed below.

  1. Morning shopping. In the evening, your leg swells a little and increases in volume. If in the morning the shoes are for the future, then in the evening they can press and rub.
  2. Online shopping. Very often on the Internet you can find a budget option for suitable shoes. But here there is a chance not to guess with the size or to fall for scammers.
  3. Material. High cost doesn’t always mean quality. Look not only at the price tag, but also at the quality.
  4. Low cost. Poorly made shoes can affect the position of the spine. Having bought inexpensive shoes now, you will have to pay dearly for treatment later.
  5. Narrow model. These shoes should not be worn all the time. The shape affects the phalanges of the fingers. With prolonged wear, they can become deformed.

Choosing the right shoe size

An important role in the selection of shoes is played by its size. The most commonly used French (35-47) or English (2-12) dimensional grid.

When choosing shoes, many people know only that the model should not be small. If you wear a pair of shoes that are smaller than your size for a long time, the foot may become deformed, a bone near the big toe or hammer toes may appear. Constantly clenched fingers impair blood circulation.

To choose comfortable shoes in the store, you need to pay attention to one more factor. Shoes don’t have to be big. If the shoes are larger than your size, the roll of the foot will become incorrect. There is a free space in the cape, the fingers do not control it. Due to this, the foot hits hard while walking. Accordingly, there is a large load on the joints and the musculoskeletal system is disturbed.

Most people have one foot longer. Before going to the store, measure both and focus on the longer one. If you really liked the model, but there is no suitable size, you can choose a special insole. It will fit large shoes to your size.

People with wide feet try to choose shoes 1-2 sizes larger, since such models are wider. If the boots fit you but are too tight, don’t order a larger size. Take another model.

Another important criterion that is often neglected is completeness. You can determine it in the widest part of the foot. To do this, measure the line from the little finger to the bone of the thumb. And consider the lift height. If you are afraid to do it wrong, contact a sales consultant for help.

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A properly selected model will fit snugly on the leg, but not press. If the shoes are more complete, then the foot will rest against the cape, and the heel will “leave” from the heel. If it is less, then the pair will quickly “trample”, and the fingers will be constantly compressed, the foot will be deformed, and pain will appear.

As already mentioned, in the evening the legs swell. Casual shoes in which you will spend a lot of time should be chosen after dinner. And shoes for an evening event – in the evening.

When trying on, be sure to take a few steps. While walking, the foot becomes longer. It is important not to buy shoes in a hurry.

In a good store, sellers understand the length and fullness of the feet, they know different models. Therefore, they will be able to measure your foot and offer different options for shoes of the right size.

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Choice of comfortable material

To make you feel comfortable, you need to take shoes from a comfortable material (top and lining). Genuine leather is a good option for shoes of any season. It can stretch in the evening when the legs are swollen, and return to its previous state in the morning. Accordingly, your foot is constantly in shoes of the correct fullness. And the leather lining keeps the temperature stable inside the boots and soothes burning feet.

When choosing, also see if the shoe has an arch support. A hard flat sole or lack of arch support can harm the health of the legs and the musculoskeletal system.

If we talk about shoes with high heels, then they can be worn, but not for too long. Experts recommend walking in heels no more than 4 hours a day. The rest of the time, the foot should fully recover.

When choosing high heel shoes, be sure to choose the right size. The heel should not be too narrow so that there is a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bsupport. For such shoes, it is desirable to purchase insoles that will reduce the load on the metatarsus. They are usually made from leather and gel.

Now you know how to shop for comfortable shoes so you can keep your feet healthy.

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