How to choose hair color by color type

Hair for every woman is an extremely important part of the image. Well-groomed, shiny healthy hair, with good styling and a suitable haircut, complement the image, make a woman more well-groomed and attractive. But the imbalance in the appearance and condition of the hair can significantly worsen the appearance of a woman.

It is extremely important to have healthy and beautiful hair. First of all, you need to choose the right hair color. At first glance, this is easy enough. But the principle of “like-dislike” is not appropriate here. Like a haircut, the choice of hair color will depend on many factors. Consider the key areas in this complex case.

Stylists divide everyone into two categories.

Warm palette. She is characterized by:

  • brown, golden-green eyes;
  • golden peach skin;
  • the original hair color is chestnut, of all possible shades.

Cold palette. Main settings:

  • black, gray, blue, green eyes;
  • hair color is ashy, light brown or blue-black with cold tints;
  • the skin is light, it can be either slightly pale or with a slight pink blush.

This distribution is not entirely accurate. There is a more substantial classification system. There is such a thing as a “color type” – this is a set of colors and shades of a certain range in appearance, taking into account which, you need to select all the color solutions of the image. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Spring color type

A woman of this type outwardly personifies spring itself. She is light, gentle, with a slightly childish face. It exudes freshness and romance. A spring girl is likely to have:

  • light eyes (blue, emerald, gray);
  • very delicate fair skin, almost pale. Inconspicuous, light blush – pink or pale peach. The skin quickly burns under the influence of sunlight;
  • hair of all light shades (from blond to light brown-haired);
  • your hair is more likely to be frizzy or unruly. Soft to the touch, quite thin.

If a girl belongs to this type, then the most suitable for her:

  • sunny colors, bright and saturated (honey, hazel, amber or red);
  • a darker option – chocolate or red chestnut, caramel or mahogany;
  • to give volume to the hair, you can do light highlighting or coloring in the same warm range;
  • the hairstyle is best in a romantic and natural style.

As for the taboos in choosing a hair color for spring personalities, it is worth remembering:

  • any dark paint with dark tints (especially blue-black, crow’s wing, beaujolais);
  • too bright colors make the face even paler, worsen the texture of the skin;
  • ash color is also not appropriate. He will bring disharmony into the overall image.

Famous girls with a spring color type: Charlize Theron, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Asmus, Polina Gagarina.

Summer color type

Summer girls are very common among Slavs. Surprisingly, the representatives of summer are the owners of cold colors. Divided into groups as contrasting, non-contrasting and medium. The following is typical for girls:

  • skin color may be different, but everyone is united by a clear bluish highlight on the skin;
  • if freckles are present, they are necessarily very dark;
  • lend themselves well to tanning, the shades are very diverse and stay on the skin for a long time;
  • depending on the localization of the vessels, the blush is quite intense, up to redness;
  • hair without yellowness, but a light palette;
  • “summer” hair is dry and often split;
  • eye color of various shades, but with a classic gray tint;
  • Contrast is measured by comparing the intensity of hair color with skin tone.

For cold girls of this type, it would be most appropriate to use:

  • it is reasonable to dye your hair in the same “cold” color direction – pearl, silver, light brown with an ash tint;
  • you can use the classic discreet color – light brown;
  • all sorts of wheaten shades will especially refresh the face;
  • The darkest representatives of this color type will suit the popular black tulip.

Categorically representatives of the summer should avoid the following:

  • dark colors (dark chocolate or rich chestnut);
  • red and red colors will visually age the image and will focus on skin defects;
  • It is undesirable for brown-eyed beauties to lighten their hair.

Autumn color type

Again, the autumn woman demonstrates all the splendor and beauty of this season. It is bright, unusual, swift and stylish. To find an autumn girl, you should look for:

  • golden skin, even tone;
  • many freckles;
  • no blush;
  • despite the more saturated skin tones, it does not respond well to exposure to sunlight;
  • eyes are bright, look very expressive (bright amber, brown with a cognac tint, emerald green and olive);
  • hair always with a red tint;
  • hair is healthy and strong, often curly or forming large elastic ringlets.

Such bright and extraordinary girls should pay attention to:

  • to emphasize individuality, it is reasonable to use a tinted shampoo. He will only make the emphasis on hair color more accurate, but will retain the overall concept;
  • to change the image, a chocolate palette, chestnut shades are suitable;
  • coloring with various brown shades will be successful.

Bright autumn beauties need to be careful and avoid such mistakes as:

  • strongly lighten hair;
  • you should forget about the desire to experiment with the color “orange”.

Winter color type

Such women have exceptionally cold shades in their appearance. The characteristic features are:

  • eyes of cold tones, also brown and blue;
  • pale skin with a bluish tint;
  • the tan does not actually lie down, it is accompanied by burns;
  • dark and black hair with a blue tint.

For such unusual girls with the classic parameters of the winter color type, we can advise:

  • bright non-standard colors are suitable;
  • black hair can be diversified with a dyed lock of an unusual color.

Winter women absolutely do not need:

  • any red tones;
  • no lemon or orange tones.

In addition to observing these elementary rules of style, the psychological factor must also be taken into account. The owner should like the color. She should feel organically and naturally in a new transformed appearance.

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