How to choose mascara

Since ancient times, the eyes have been assigned the most important role. Harmoniously selected and professionally executed make-up creates a depth of look, making it open and languid, emphasizing the beauty of a woman’s eyes. In eye makeup, mascara plays a major role. There is no woman who would do without her. How to choose the right mascara for yourself?

There are hundreds of different brands of mascara on the market today. In order to choose, among all this variety, what you need, turn your attention, first of all, to the composition of this product.

Any kind of mascara contains soot, dyes, soap and nutrients. Many manufacturers, in order to improve the growth and structure of eyelashes, add special preparations.

The most common of them:

  • keratin – it is part of the chemical composition of the eyelashes themselves;
  • lanolin – moisturizes and prevents fragility of eyelashes;
  • melanin – serves as protection against external environmental factors;
  • castor oil – nourishes the eyelashes from the roots.

The composition of the carcass also includes some vitamins: A, B5, E and F, which are the source of nutrition for eyelashes. In order to prevent the occurrence of microbes, disinfecting preservatives are added.

Depending on the purpose of use, mascara can be: curling, lengthening, giving volume and waterproof.

When applying curling mascara, the desired effect is achieved by making “curling” movements with a special brush. Mascara contains keratin and resin, thanks to which, when dried, a curved look is preserved.

The purpose of lengthening mascara is clear and understandable from its name. The constituent element of the carcass are silk or nylon fibers, which make the eyelashes much longer. Such mascara is available in double tubes – the colored side paints the eyelashes, and the white, in the form of a cream, contains fibers that give elongation. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the application, otherwise the eyelashes, having increased in length, will not create comfort when opening the eyes.

Well emphasizes all the expressiveness of the eyes, and also makes the eyelashes quite fluffy, mascara, giving volume. It contains a thick wax that envelops the cilia, thereby making them more voluminous. Waterproof mascara is good for wet weather. It consists of a special resin that prevents the mascara from getting wet. This type of carcass is the most aggressive and can cause an allergic reaction. For this reason, it is recommended to use it in extreme cases.

Gently cares for eyelashes and gives elasticity medical mascara. It has the appearance of a transparent gel. It contains elements of light dyes, it is richly saturated with keratin and proteins. Such mascara can emphasize naturally thick eyelashes that do not need staining.

Much depends on the quality of the carcass. First, pay attention to the packaging. It should indicate its country of manufacture, type of carcass, composition and date of manufacture. Notice the smell. High-quality mascara practically does not smell.

The composition of the mascara should resemble a cream. Too liquid or vice versa, thick mascara, you should not buy – the storage conditions were not observed.

Color is also not an unimportant factor.

For example, blondes should avoid dark tones and use them as evening makeup.

Those who are the owner of black eyelashes can be advised to use eyelash gel. It is not noticeable, it will give shape and lengthen the eyelashes.

Turn to colored ink, advise lovers to experiment. You can, for example, cover the upper eyelashes with black mascara, and the lower ones with colored mascara, to match the eyes. This will give depth and shine to the eyes. When choosing colored mascara, use more saturated tones. If possible, it is better to avoid lilac and pink colors – the eyes will look tired and tearful.

But still, the most basic, in choosing one or another type of mascara, is always your own opinion and preference. If you like your image, then your eyes will undoubtedly radiate radiance, thereby giving others a reason to make a pleasant compliment.

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