How to choose sunglasses according to your face shape

Many are interested in how to choose sunglasses according to the shape of the face for women. Let’s take a look at the basic rules of choice together to always look irresistible.

Regardless of your face type, it is worth remembering the following features of glasses:

  • Do not choose models that repeat the type of face. They will completely merge with your features, they will not contrast or emphasize advantages favorably.

  • With the help of glasses, you can visually correct the length of the nose. For example, models that sit high on the bridge of the nose can make the nose longer, and glasses that are exactly on the bridge of the nose can visually reduce.
  • According to the standard, glasses should not cover the eyebrows. Ideally, the upper arch should barely touch the lower brow line, but today there are more and more bold options that reach the middle of the forehead.

  • When choosing glasses, also be guided by the color of the hair. The tone of the frame and the tone of the hair should be combined with each other. Blondes are the easiest – any shades suit them. Red-haired girls should choose something bright, juicy – purple, blue, light green. For brunettes, dark gray or silver models are ideal.

If you want to choose glasses according to the shape of your face, then start by asking the question “Do you know your type of face?”. There are 6 basic shapes, named after geometric shapes. The combination of features, the height of the chin, nose, forehead, width – all this affects the shape.


square glasses

Carefully examine your reflection, if there are difficulties with determining the type – use a measuring tape or ruler. After determining, you can safely order sunglasses online or buy in salons.

How to choose the right sunglasses for women according to the shape of the face, you can find out in the photo below. Remember the main rules and features of each form.

Glasses for oval type

The oval shape is characterized by smoothly defined cheekbones, gently descending to the chin, rounded, non-sharp features, a forehead several millimeters wider than the lower jaw.

Almost any frames are suitable for the oval type. Choose round, square, rectangular models of any shades. Usually girls want to emphasize the smoothness of the curves. Take a closer look at the glasses “chanterelles” with sharp outer corners. They look bold, can radically change the shape of the face. To make the image softer and lighter, it is worth buying thin metal frames, aviators or wayfarers are suitable. Coral, ocher, muted green or blue shades will look good, emphasizing the natural features of the face.


[stextbox id=info]Note! Do not choose too voluminous, massive or square frames – they will oversaturate the bow, make the face heavier.[/stextbox]

Aviator glasses

Frames for round faces

This shape visually resembles a circle, since the width is approximately equal to the length. The forehead is low, the cheekbones are not pronounced, the jaws are wide.

Most girls do not like cheeks and rounded features, but they can be emphasized favorably. For this shape, square glasses or models with strictly defined corners are suitable. They will create the necessary contrast with rounded features. Glasses with small eyepieces, thin, round frames, such as “Tishade” or “Lennon” are categorically contraindicated. This is a special type of glasses worn by John Lennon. They are distinguished by a perfectly round shape, while the thickness and materials can be any.



Take a closer look at fox glasses, “cat’s eye” – models in which the outer end is pointed and elongated, like a fox’s eye.

cat eye


Models for a rectangular face

With a rectangular type, the lower part is clearly expressed, there is a wide forehead, the chin is elongated. Girls with this shape tend to expand their faces a little, so you can choose glasses with a wide, massive frame that will protrude beyond the cheekbones and temples. Round models look especially advantageous – they round off facial features a little, add expressiveness. Also pay attention to the “aviators” – they have a lightweight metal frame. The glasses fit comfortably because they have silicone tips on the temples and bridge of the nose.


Chunky frame glasses

For a rectangular face, you do not need to choose narrow or thin glasses, models for working at a computer. They will divide the faces into two unequal parts, narrow the features.

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Glasses for a square face

A square face is distinguished from any other form by protruding cheekbones, a low forehead and a short chin, the width and length of the face are approximately equal, the features are strict.

Photographers believe that the square shape is the most photogenic. Well-defined cheekbones, a neat chin make the image light, but at the same time strict. That is why it is worth choosing sunglasses that can smooth out geometric features. You need to choose the exact opposite, look at round or oval frames with soft lines and tapered corners. You should not choose models that repeat facial features that have right angles; square or rectangular options are categorically not suitable. Skip the butterfly-shaped glasses, as they have a chunky bottom that will make the features even heavier.

Chanterelle model, other teardrop shapes, despite the fact that they have an acute angle, are suitable for this type of face. They visually lengthen the face, are a continuation of the cheekbones. The width of the glasses should not be more than the width of the face, too thin frames will also not work – they will simply be lost.


Frames for triangular shape

The triangular type is also called heart-shaped, the features for women are as follows: a wide, high forehead, a sharp, angular chin, and a medium width of the cheekbones.

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For this type, it is necessary to balance the upper part of the face, make the lower part more massive and voluminous. You should not choose heavy glasses, they will lift the upper part, make the features even more like a heart. Therefore, you need to pay attention to teardrop-shaped models, in which the width of the temples is equal to the width of the face, the bottom is weighted. The ideal option would be low-set “aviators”, “wayfarers”, glasses without a pronounced frame. Models with a narrow bridge and voluminous eyepieces look harmonious and emphasize the sharpness of the lower cheekbones.


Glasses for pear shape

The pear-shaped type has pronounced cheekbones, cheeks, the width of the forehead is shorter than the width of the lower jaw, there is a sharp or rounded chin.

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The pear-shaped type is distinguished by a slight angularity of the features, the severity of the lines. To soften and balance the image, purchase models with a wide eyepiece that narrows downwards. The ideal frame for such an occasion is the Wayfarer. The model was popular in the 60s of the last century, but today it is becoming relevant again. To make the cheekbones more expressive, choose the model “cat’s eye” and “chanterelles”. They are visual…

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