How to choose the best BB cream?

Once this cosmetic was invented by German dermatologists, but gained its popularity thanks to Asian makeup artists. It was BB cream that contributed to the widespread use of Japanese and Korean cosmetics. Choosing the right BB cream for you is no less difficult than foundation. In addition, such creams have a much smaller range of shades (about 4).

Initially, BB cream was created as a means of healing scars after operations, but soon it began to perform mainly a decorative function. BB creams differ from foundation creams in that they perform not only a masking function, but also moisturize the skin, have sunscreen properties, and promote collagen production. BB cream has a denser texture compared to foundation, thanks to which it perfectly masks skin imperfections. This tool has a different undertone, as well as additional properties such as reflective particles, the ability to matte the skin. All this should be indicated on the packaging.

The BB cream is very natural on the skin, without creating the effect of a mask, and adapts to its tone. With it, you will become the owner of a natural make-up that will look like there is not a single gram of makeup on your face. In addition, if ordinary tonal creams tend to emphasize peeling on the skin, BB cream will save you from this annoying nuisance.

Choosing a BB cream

BB cream can only be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. This should be done with rubbing movements, starting from the T-zone. Wait until the cream is absorbed, and then proceed to apply it to problem areas of the skin. At the same time, use it according to the principle of applying a corrector. A good BB cream will blend nicely over the previous layer, keep adjusting to your skin tone.

To remove BB cream, use only special hydrophilic oils. You can usually buy them in the same place as the BB creams themselves. But if it is not possible to purchase them, or if they cause an allergic reaction, ordinary olive or sea buckthorn oil can also be used. In no case do not try to wash off the product with water or various make-up remover lotions, because in this way it will not be possible to completely remove the cream. First, treat your face with a cotton pad soaked in oil, and then remove the remnants of the product with a regular make-up remover gel.

Try not to use BB cream daily, as its thick texture can clog pores over time and this will negatively affect your appearance. BB cream, like any foundation, needs rest for the skin.

BB creams aren’t as categorized by skin type as foundations are. Many firms are limited to only four shades. But some features need to be considered when choosing this cosmetic product.

For normal or dry skin, use the universal cream that is in each line. An example of such a cream is Missha M Perfect Cover. The packaging of such a cream usually indicates that it is suitable for any type of skin. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, use an intensely moisturizing BB cream. These creams usually have an emulsion base that releases water droplets on contact with the skin. They perfectly moisturize the skin and are quickly absorbed. Most often, the name of such a cream contains the phrase “Water drop”.

For problematic skin, a cream that fights excess sebum is suitable. These creams do not contain mineral oils that clog pores. They also include various caring ingredients that soothe the skin and eliminate inflammation.

For mature aging skin, the line usually contains special creams. They hide wrinkles and slow down the process of skin aging. In addition, creams for this type saturate the skin with collagen. They are designed not only to hide the signs of age-related changes, but also to slow down their occurrence.

It is better to give preference to Asian BB creams, because according to the reviews of fans of this cosmetic product, they are in all respects better than their Western counterparts, which have little in common with Asian products except for the name. The only caveat is the fact that Asian companies produce products designed for fairly fair skin and even have a whitening effect, and if you are the owner of a luxurious tan, it will be difficult to find the right shade. If you’re not fair-skinned and love trying new beauty products, you might want to get a Western equivalent of a BB cream, but if you’ve used Asian ones before, don’t expect the same result.

Of Western BB creams, creams from companies such as Dior, Clinique, L’Oréal Paris, Vichy, MAC deserve positive reviews. There is an inexpensive Garnier, but all three of its shades have a pronounced yellowish undertone, which is not suitable for everyone. In addition, it is not suitable for owners of oily or combination skin. If you purchase one of these creams, be as careful as you can because they don’t have the ability to perfectly match your skin tone like Korean BB creams.

It is very difficult to find Asian BB creams and other products in Russian stores. Plus, they often go up in price. But you can order these cosmetics through a worldwide network. The choice of online stores with such cosmetics has become quite large, and you can easily find the right option for yourself.

You may spend some time looking for the right BB cream, so it’s best not to buy a whole tube at once. Many companies have sets of probes from several tools with different features. They usually do not have too high a price, and you can make a choice in favor of the cream that will ideally suit your skin type. The Korean company Missha has a similar set of mini versions of various BB creams of this brand.

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