How to choose the right basic bag

“How to choose the right basic bag?” This question is asked by many women. After all, you elegantly hang it on the back of a chair on a date. From it you take out two identical chocolates for nephews. You put your plane tickets in, and then pulls the zipper several times to check if everything is in place. Therefore, you approach her choice with special responsibility.

Basic stylish bag: how to choose

To properly combine a wardrobe, you need to think carefully about all its details, including jewelry and handbags.

Fashion Basic Bag is a model:

  • neutral color;
  • without excessive fittings, inscriptions and decoration;
  • compatible with most of your things;
  • A classic that will be relevant for years to come.

The main general recommendations when choosing a basic handbag

  1. Colour.

In your arsenal of handbags, it is important to have two basic ones: dark and light. The handbag of the first option can be: gray, blue, dark green, brown, burgundy, dark lilac, the color of a ripe eggplant, etc. Among this list, there is no black color for nothing. Black is harder to fit into sets than other dark colors.

Relatively light, give preference: beige, powdery pink, ecru, light gray, taupe (gray-beige). White, like black, is best avoided, as such a handbag will stand out from the image.

  1. Size and type of figure.

Before you choose the right base bag, you need to determine in advance its size. This is very easy to do: divide your height by 4 and subtract 5-10 cm from the result. In such a simple way, we calculated the ideal size of your bag.

The model of the bag also plays a big role. For example, a bag that is worn on the hips focuses on this area. If this is your strong point, boldly emphasize the figure. Otherwise, it’s better not to risk it.

Tall women, especially curvaceous women, should avoid small handbags. Low, respectively, – overall.

  1. Style.

The concept is individual. It is important that your girlfriend looks harmonious with all suits and dresses. Instead of decor on the accessory, use contrasts. They will help make the big picture more interesting.

  1. Budget.

The bag, like shoes, must be of high quality. Therefore, we recommend not to save on this accessory, especially if it is basic, always with you, and must last for many years. It is for this reason that women, like men, often choose bags made of genuine leather, high-quality eco-leather or suede.

Trend bags 2021

Fashion trends 2021 are inspiring. But you should always remember that they should be in harmony with clothes, be functional, emphasize your taste, and not create problems. Trends will help you choose the best basic bag for you.

What basic bags are in fashion in 2021

Oversized bag

Bulky bags are a real trend! Perfect for every day, because they are very roomy and comfortable. They will be a bright addition to various bows – festive or casual.

Mini bags

Accessories that will add a touch of luxury and nobility to any female look. Small and reliable, where you can put only what you need for storage: a phone and a cosmetic bag. Suitable for small petite women.


An elegant model created in the style of “elegance”. A simple yet stylish bag that will create an elegant look. Models with imitation crocodile skin are in trend, but you need to be careful with this.

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Bag-backpack transformer

An original and roomy accessory that, depending on the mood, can be carried in the hand like a bag, or on the shoulders like a comfortable trendy backpack.

Classic bags with two handles

Louis Vuitton, Altuzarra and Gucc are the creators of bags that are always popular. This is a real combination of taste and comfort in one accessory. Versatile and stylish – perfect for your everyday outing.

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saddle bag

Popular model of 2021. Arose as a result of the interest of designers in equestrian sports. One of the best ways to turn a “boring” look into an interesting one. Looks expensive and always appropriate.


Double colors are always a stylish and practical solution. If you have long dreamed of a simple and at the same time stylish handbag to fit everything, then such a bag

exactly what you need!

“There are never too many bags!” – any woman will tell you this. Big ones, small ones, black and pink ones, on a chain or a strap – the list is endless. The main thing is to find your own, because it will be with you at key moments in your life. We wish you to learn how to choose the right basic bag, always be smiling and satisfied with such women’s purchases!

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