How to choose the right bra

Every woman is familiar with the situation when, having measured the entire store, you still can’t find the perfect bra, and if you do, then something in it is not right. Let’s figure out what you should pay attention to so that “something is not right” is no longer in the closet, because “I don’t know why I bought it.” Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a true professional in a lingerie store, honest and knowledgeable in all the little things. Yes, and it happens that we are embarrassed to turn to them for advice and decide for ourselves whether it suits us or not. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for a bra.

Let’s look at the volume

If the chest strives to crawl out from under the bones every time you raise your hands, then most likely the volume of this bra is large. The same conclusion can be drawn if the bra is pulled up on the back. Freedom is, of course, good, but “more spacious” is generally wonderful. But the fact is that the wrong bra can be harmful.

Here we should also say about the clasp, attention to this detail should be paid more to women with large volume, and most importantly, to those lucky women who have a small volume, but breasts of impressive size. The fastener should have not one or two rows of hooks, but three and be thick enough. This also includes the type of bras, which in structure resemble a corset, that is, they have a very wide volume band, most often this structure has the form of “Angelica” or a bustier. This is necessary so that the bra takes the weight of the chest and reduces pressure on the spine. Yes, it may not be so beautiful and elegant, but it will definitely bring only benefits.

It will be easier to choose a bra if you know your volume, for this you need to measure it with a centimeter under the chest.

Which cups to choose

Here everyone has their own preferences, some like a shaped cup, while others like “to breathe” and choose light bras. In both the first and second cases, you should pay attention to the inside, there were no seams on it so that they would not rub and irritate the chest. In this regard, the formed cup has great advantages, most often there are no seams in such cups, and the inner side itself is made of natural fabrics. It also gives shape and hides flaws, such as a slight difference in size.

As for their size, the chest should not hang from them, press the edges or bulge. If the cup does not pick up the chest on the sides, this most likely means that the chest is far away and you should pay attention to deep models. You should also pay attention to the straps, if the size of the chest is impressive, then the straps should be as thick as possible, as they distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders. But it should be remembered that they should not take all the load on themselves and the bra should remain in place if they are lowered.

Here are some tips to help you cut down on the “torment” in fitting rooms.

  • Cup sizes vary depending on the volume, so the same cup with different volumes will slightly differ in size. Therefore, it is likely that when increasing the volume, it will be necessary to choose a cup size one size smaller.
  • If the wardrobe is filled with light-colored clothes, then you should pay attention not to white, but to beige bras, since in this case they are much more inconspicuous, and white makes the color brighter. This rule also applies to cowards, to believe this fact will help the usual experiment, conducted by personal means.
  • In the wardrobe it is desirable to have at least one black, white and beige, preferably smooth – this is a classic. Also, at least one transforming bra, preferably a light color, since most often we wear open things in the summer.

How to choose a sports bra

Many women now want to look good and be healthy, which makes them go to the gyms, go jogging and move a lot. But few of them think about buying special underwear or postpone this purchase on the back burner, and in the meantime, a regular bra harms the chest and health in general.

How to choose the right one? Firstly, there is a minimum of decor on such a bra, there are no fasteners, as few seams as possible. Manufacturers of sports underwear are trying to create one-piece bras from a pleasant elastic fabric, the only task of which is to support the chest well. Also, when buying, you should pay attention to the label, it should indicate for which sport and what intensity of training this particular model is intended for. There is also a level of support, there are three of them: light, medium and strong. This is not just a whim of the manufacturer, but a concern for beautiful women, a desire to preserve our beauty for as long as possible.

What else to look for when buying?

Moisture Wicking – This label indicates that the fabric the bra is made from is super absorbent and is more commonly used in tops for high-intensity workouts to prevent irritation from sweat, although it is suitable for any type of activity.

Another inscription can be a huge plus when choosing – Anti-Microbial. It means that the fabric is treated with an antibacterial agent that will not allow unpleasant odors to ruin your workout.

Molded Cups and Compression are two labels to look for for women with large breasts. The first means that the chest will not sway during training to the sides, it will fix them tightly, and the second makes it clear that the bra has a strong tightening effect, which is simply necessary for owners of magnificent forms.

And, of course, you need to try it on in the store, jump and create the appearance of a workout. If there is no discomfort, then you can safely take it. With proper care, it will last a long time and faithfully.

Whatever bra you choose, no matter how well it fits and no matter how comfortable, you should like it first of all. It is impossible to feel like a queen and be self-confident if “not very beautiful, but it will do.” With a little patience and strength, you can find not only a comfortable, but also a beautiful bra, for which there will certainly be suitable panties, because everything in a woman should be harmonious.

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