How to choose the right color for clothes

When wondering how to choose the right color for clothes for a woman, it is worth considering the color type of each particular fashionista. The combination of shades of skin, hair and eyes forms certain color types, in which certain shades of clothing will look relevant, advantageous, or, conversely, cause dissonance. We will analyze in the material below what shades in clothes and accessories will suit all four color types.


Girl Winter

This color type is characterized by contrast in a combination of shades of eyes, hair and skin. The main signs of a winter girl are:

  • dark shades of hair – deep black or deep chestnut;
  • pale, almost porcelain skin;
  • deep eye shades from green and blue to dark brown.

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The tan on the skin of a winter girl keeps evenly, the skin almost never burns out and reacts inertly to solar radiation.

For the winter color type, it is better to choose all the cold shades of the color scheme. For example, if it is blue, then it is exceptionally cold with a silvery undertone. In general, for a girl and a woman in winter, the following shades in clothes will be relevant:

  • snow-white;
  • silver and cold gray;
  • black;
  • lilac and blue in cold colors;
  • green and brown, chocolate also in cold shades or close to them;
  • cherry and burgundy (by the way, these colors of clothes are slimming);
  • ripe raspberry;
  • coffee color.

Unsuccessfully on a girl in winter, warm shades of red-brown and yellow colors, as well as warm olive and earthy colors, will look. They are not combined with the cold contrast of this color type.

As for jewelry and accessories, it is best for a girl and a winter woman to wear white metals – white gold, platinum, silver, steel. Of the stones, pearls, zirconium, diamonds, diamonds are relevant. They perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the cold color type.

[tds_warning]Tip: it is not recommended for the Winter color type to change dark shades of hair to light, cold or fiery red. This is how you lose your contrast. [/tds_warning]

Girl spring

This color type is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • very light, thin and almost transparent, like porcelain skin;
  • shades of hair – warm, include golden blond, light blond, honey, reddish tones;
  • eye color is often light green, gray, light blue or light brown.

As a rule, girls and women of the spring type have a gentle light blush and a light pink tint of the lips. Basically, people of this type are prone to sunburn. And in the summer they have a lot of bright freckles.

If you are a spring girl and don’t know how to choose the right color for clothes, then know that all warm and fresh shades will suit you, including peach, pale orange, warm tones of pink shades, red, scarlet, powdery, golden, apricot, all green shades plus aquamarine and turquoise, brown-violet, golden, salmon, baked milk and linen shades, cream and beige tones.

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As for the unsuccessful shades in the outfit, these are all cold tones. But the most taboo are cold pink, snow-white, black and silver.

It is better for a girl to wear jewelry and accessories in spring from yellow metal. Suitable gold, bronze, yellow plastic. Juicy amber, yellow topaz and rauchtopaz, turquoise will look great from stones. Remember that stones and jewelry should be the larger, the simpler the cut of the dress.

Regarding handbags and shoes, it is better to choose genuine leather and all shades of brown. Black shoes do not go well with your warm and dynamic look.

Girl Summer

For the summer color type, the following features are characteristic:

  • eyes of all gray and blue shades;
  • moderately pale skin with a pink or grayish undertone;
  • hair of cold shades with an admixture of ashen, more often blond.

As a rule, the skin of girls of the summer color type tans quite well, the tan lasts for a long time and is an even bronze coating.

If you don’t know how to choose the right color for clothes according to the summer color type, keep in mind that all cold shades are in harmony with it. The most relevant will be:

  • all soft, smoky, as if blurry tones;
  • pastel range, including beige, vanilla, soft lilac and soft powder;
  • gray-white and pearl;
  • warm grey;
  • pale blue and beige with a gray undertone;
  • cherry, dark pink and purple;
  • burgundy, raspberry, marsala.

As for the unsuccessful color scheme, it is undesirable for a summer girl to wear frankly warm shades. The most unfortunate are ocher, orange, carrot red, bright green, egg yolk shade, black and snow white. You should also not focus on catchy and poisonous shades in the image. They are more inherent in the spring girl.

Experienced stylists recommend that a summer girl choose a color according to the monochrome principle. That is, combine 2 or more shades of the same color in a bow. But keep in mind that it is desirable to combine shades so that they are not very close within the same color. Otherwise, they will merge with each other and create disharmony. It is advisable to combine not just shades within the same color, but also choose contrasting ones. You can consider this using the example of blue: turquoise, blue, azure are contrasting to it.

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If you find it difficult to choose contrasting shades in an outfit, remember the children’s rhyme about the rainbow, in which “Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting.” That is, each adjacent color is a contrast to the previous one. In this case, the colors in the counter are listed in this order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple.

Accessories and jewelry are best worn in white metal. Ideal for a summer girl are silver, platinum, steel and white gold. Stones – white and pink pearls, transparent stones, glass.

As for shoes, brown-pink, gray and gray-blue shades will be the best options. It is also interesting that black shoes will look on a girl and a woman in summer.

Autumn Girl

Of all the 4 color types, it is autumn that is the brightest, warmest, and most dynamic. For a girl, autumn is characterized by such features in the image:

  • shades of hair from honey red to dark chestnut;
  • eye colors are warm, including amber, honey, warm brown with a golden hue;
  • the skin is pale with a pink undertone, often does not tan very well.

If you are a girl or woman of the Autumn color type and want to choose the color of clothes that suits you, then opt for these shades:

  • all the colors of the autumn sky, including pale blue, grayish and even bright warm blue;
  • shades of the autumn forest – yellow, orange, ocher, green, red, burgundy, brown, brown;
  • all shades of autumn colors – lilac, burgundy, mustard, fawn, orange.

An autumn girl should not wear black and snow-white clothes, as well as choose soft …

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