How to choose the right color for your clothes

How to choose the right color for clothes? It seems to be one of the most difficult questions. Therefore, today we will share the secrets of stylists who will help you decide on the color of clothes once and for all.

Tips from stylists on choosing a color matching technique

And we will start this article not in the way other authors usually do. After all, there is no single method for determining the color type, and it is best to combine several options.

Here is what stylists advise to do in order to choose the right color for your clothes:

Tip #1

Each person is divided into 4 seasons. But to say with accuracy that you are summer or winter means to say nothing. This division is suitable only for a quarter of people, which means that 75% of the inhabitants will not be able to find a suitable shade.

Tip #2

Do not listen to the seller: “This color suits you so much!” Its purpose is to sell a product. And only a few can actually say at random that this shade of clothing really decorates and refreshes you.

Tip #3

The most accurate determination technique is the 12 color type method. Therefore, study this technique as carefully as possible, and then you will definitely be able to select clothes that:

  • Slim;
  • Refreshes;
  • Emphasizes strengths;
  • Hides fatigue.

Based on color theory in 1898 by Albert Mansel.

How to choose the right color for clothes using the 12 color types technique?

12 color types

12 color types are divided into 6 groups:

  • Bright – colors without “impurities”, juicy and saturated;
  • Soft – muted, gray-filled colors;
  • Light – color diluted with white paint;
  • Dark – darkened with black tones;
  • Warm – gives off golden, yellow or orange colors;
  • Cool – has more blue or blue undertones.

What will help determine which of the 6 groups you belong to? Here’s what to look out for:

  • Shade of hair: natural, not dyed;
  • Complexion: no foundation or tan;
  • Eye color.

Dark color type

  • Dark eyes;
  • Dark hair;
  • A high degree of contrast in the lines of your face.

Hair color can be brown, red, and eyes with a blue tint. But if you look at yourself and see that your facial features are bright and practically do not need additional mascara or shadows, then you belong to the dark color type.

And to choose the color of clothes, download any color palette in which you yourself need to choose a shade. All colors that are closer to black will suit you.

Light color type

  • Blond, blond or beige hair;
  • Gray, blue or brown eyes with a light undertone;
  • Skin color is medium to light.

For basic clothing, it is better to refuse too bright or very softened shades. Therefore, it is best to focus on light colors with an admixture of white.

Soft color type

  • Hair: from dark blond to dark grayish brown, with a golden or reddish tint;
  • Eyes: blue-gray, marsh, amber, gray-green, brown with a gray tone;
  • Skin: medium to bluish.

When choosing clothes, you should pay attention to the mid-tones of the colors: not very bright, but not soft, not too light and not too dark. Avoid pronounced warm shades, stop at everything that has a message to gray.

Bright color type

  • The eyes are dark and light, but either the protein is saturated bright, or the pupil is very prominent and has a saturated color;
  • Hair: chestnut, dark blond, black;
  • Skin: radiant, perhaps very thin and well translucent.

When choosing clothes, give preference to bright and saturated colors: yellow, green, blue, red, purple. These are all your colors!

Warm color type

  • Hair: dark and light. The main difference is without a gray tint, but with a golden or ocher undertone;
  • Eyes: warm or amber-brown, green or green-brown, golden brown, turquoise shades;
  • Skin: with gold, peach, olive or bronze tones.

To choose the right color for clothes, you should abandon the cold colors, as they look unnatural and even give the impression that they are separate from each other. Therefore, choose any bright colors with a warm undertone.

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Cold color type

  • Hair: all shades, but with a blue tint, no redness;
  • Eyes: blue, brown, black, but also with a blue tint, without golden blotches;
  • Skin: pale or pinkish, olive or bluish.

In clothes, it is necessary to focus on cold pink, blue, green, gray tones.

If you see that several color types suit you, then this is quite natural. Each of these color types is cold and warm. Therefore, now you need a second technique, which is based on the following steps for matching clothing color to skin color:

  • Take a scarf, a piece of fabric or a sheet of paper in different cold and warm colors;
  • Go to the mirror in a room with good lighting;
  • Attach each in turn and pay attention to what shades the eyes look brighter and more expressive, and the skin is fresher and lighter.

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Don’t wear colors that stand out from the picture and make your face look pale!

Now you know the exact scheme of how to choose the right color for clothes for your personal color type. Try to apply these tips right now. And then you will never again have difficulties with choosing the color of clothes!

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