How to choose the right facial toner

Tonic is an integral part of the facial washing procedure. Every woman should know this. Cleansing the skin of the face even with mild and gentle means, we disrupt the natural rhythm of the skin cells.

This is exactly why using a tonic daily after removing makeup is absolutely necessary. Quite simply, tonic means tonic. And this, in turn, means narrowing the pores, improving blood circulation, complexion, removing the remnants of make-up remover and decorative cosmetics.

Tonic softens, tightens, refreshes the skin of the face. It has a restorative and antiseptic effect.

When choosing a tonic, you need to immediately figure out which one you need in terms of its effect on the skin – cleansing, toning, softening or moisturizing. Tonic is a logical and worthy completion of cleansing. Deprives feelings of tightness, burning, dryness and irritation. The skin shines with pristine freshness if you use this tool regularly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the process of choosing a facial tonic, taking into account the type of your skin: sensitive, problematic, oily combination or normal.

If you have normal skin, a moisturizing toner will do. Such a tonic includes alcohol (no more than 5%), various types of plant extracts, vitamins and supplements. This tonic gently relieves irritation and perfectly tones.

For owners of oily and combination skin, a tonic with an alcohol content of 5 to 30% is suitable. It has a matting property, tightens pores, removes pimples. Oily sheen, as it happened. But there is one drawback – you will have to use it more than once a day to achieve the desired effect.

If the skin is sensitive or dry, you should purchase a tonic with lipids that will perfectly moisturize, cleanse and nourish the skin. This tonic must contain: olive oil, grape, apricot, peach kernel oil, shea or shea butter, borage and cocoa. The presence of provitamin B5, vitamin E and urea in the composition enhances the moisturizing properties of the tonic. Cosmetologists recommend using a tonic for this type of skin along with milk and cream. The effect is enhanced – irritation, redness, dryness and peeling, as it never happened.

Problematic skin requires special attention. It is important to achieve the disappearance of the problem of clogging pores and the formation of acne. This type of skin needs a tonic containing disinfectant and anti-inflammatory additives that prevent the appearance of acne. The composition of such tonics contains medicinal herbs, essential oils, surface active substances (surfactants) and a minimum of alcohol. If there are problems in the neckline and shoulders, the tonic will help you here too.

If the tonic contains a large number of medicinal components (essential oils, marine components, etc.), it may not be able to “get along” with additional cleansing products from another series or company. An allergic reaction may occur due to a mismatch of the components of your products. Therefore, it will be more correct to stick to one series using facial cleansers. Means 2 in 1 are not desirable for frequent use. They are suitable for trips when you are away from home for a long time.

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