How to choose the right trousers for your figure

We consider it our duty to recognize all the tricks on how to choose pants for a woman according to her figure. This stylish guide will come in handy for absolutely any fashionista, because trousers today are an indispensable and versatile component of the wardrobe, which a priori should look perfect.


Growth Matters

Short height is a powerful argument for choosing high-rise pants – this is the very cut that visually lengthens the silhouette. The list of favorites of petite fashionistas often includes shoes with heels. But few people know that the length of the trousers should be in harmony with the high rise – namely, reach the middle of the heel. This technique will help to make the length of the legs almost infinite.

Many stylists advise considering another trick. If you choose shoes to match the trousers, then this combination will also add a few precious centimeters to your actual height. In general, any experiments on the theme of monochrome are what you need for short girls.

Arrows and any vertical patterns and stitching are also the best friends of short girls. As for the ideal style, stylists are categorical here – you should avoid too wide legs and give preference to a laconic cut straight from the hips.

For tall girls, there are also a few rules that will help guide you when choosing the perfect pants. Pants tapered to the bottom are not the best solution that will add height and thinness. But you can experiment as much as you like on the choice of cropped trousers. A tight cut is also appropriate, but only when combined with a loose top.

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figure type

Choosing the right pants with a focus on the individual characteristics of the figure is an easy mission, because stylists have long created universal formulas for every girl.


It is quite simple to choose pear-shaped pants for a woman, because there are many interesting models in the trend that seem to be created for this type. Pear-shaped women usually have narrow shoulders and wide hips, which are combined with a thin waist and flat stomach.

On such natural data, flared models, cropped bananas and light pajama-style trousers with a moderately loose fit fit perfectly. The choice of the top deserves special attention – its main mission is to create a distracting maneuver from the hips.

You can be inspired by a stellar example. Jennifer Lopez is a well-known pear-shaped figure who often boasts a good choice of outfit. The girl loves elegant looks in one color with flared trousers – and they suit her incredibly!

But there are also categorical taboos. Too narrow models for a couple with capris, joggers and afghanis are contraindicated for such girls. You should also avoid active decor that can visually enlarge the hips – for example, you should abandon embroidery, appliqués and patch pockets.


The owners of the “hourglass” figure usually pick up clothes without any problems, because they have ideal proportions – approximately the same volume of hips and shoulders, as well as a pronounced waistline. When choosing trousers, stylists recommend first of all paying attention to a laconic straight cut, flared and a combination of an oversized fit and a free style. Pants that are loose at the level of the hips and narrowed at the bottom will help to visually stretch the silhouette.

If the girl has wide hips, she is advised to avoid the skinny model, as well as trousers with large pockets and voluminous decor in this area. With a slender figure, such variations are not a contraindication.


With this type, the main volume is located in the waist and chest, while the hips can be quite slender. It’s not so difficult for a full woman to choose trousers according to the “apple” figure – you just need to make sure that the chosen cut visually lengthens the silhouette.

A woman with a belly is recommended to take a closer look at high-waisted pants made of dense texture – this choice will hide and tighten all problem areas. The flared cut also deserves attention – it will allow you to create harmony between the large top and narrow hips. “Apples” also in most cases go for models with a high waist, a loose fit on the hips and a narrowing cut at the ankle level. With high growth, a shortened version of such trousers is allowed.

Tight models should not be excluded from your wardrobe, but you need to work out successful combinations with them. For example, an elongated jacket in a masculine style or an oversized coat is considered an excellent companion.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is also worth avoiding the most common mistake with an “apple” figure – this is accentuating the problem area with a contrasting belt.[/stextbox]

Among the unsuccessful models of trousers, there is a cut with a low waist, as well as variations with an active decor on the belt. Leggings and jeggings are also categorically added to the list of unsuccessful decisions, since with them there is a risk of creating a disproportionate figure.

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Girls – “triangles” usually have narrow hips and broad shoulders. Perfect trousers are the magic wand that skillfully balances the proportions of the figure.

When shopping, first of all, you should pay attention to trousers that are distinguished by a loose fit in the hip area – this will add volume and harmony. A win-win solution would be cropped loose bananas and a flared style from the hip.

But you can say goodbye to skinny and jeggings without regrets – such models will definitely not benefit the “triangular” figure. Vertical striped pants should also be decisively ignored.


To pick up trousers for a thin woman with a “rectangle” type of figure, you should pay attention to tight and straight styles. But they will look good only if they create an emphasis on the waist. High-rise cropped pants are also a good option.

Active decor on the hips and buttocks will also help to add a feminine figure – these can be patch pockets (like on cargo), flounces and voluminous applications.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Under the ban was a low fit, as well as a flared cut from the level of the hips.[/stextbox]

Focusing on fashion trends

In order for the choice of trousers to be really successful, one should take into account not only the individual characteristics of the figure, but also current trends. This list of trends will help you choose trousers not only for a young girl, but also for a woman over 50.

  • Trendy palazzos are a real find for girls with an inverted triangle figure. To create a stylish look, it is recommended to tuck any top into such pants – with this simple manipulation, the figure will look more fragile and feminine.

  • Flared trousers are best suited for slender girls with long legs. It is also worth considering that the expansion of the cut from the knees inevitably creates …

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