How to clear pores

Some women have smooth and silky facial skin, while others have a slightly orange-like complexion. And all because the pores are too wide. This usually affects women who have oily skin or it is inflamed. From this, the pores are clogged with various impurities and the deposition of the sebaceous glands. How to clean the pores so that the face is better cleansed?

First of all, women want to immediately reassure. Such pores can not only be cleaned, but also narrowed using cosmetics or time-tested folk recipes. Ways to open the pores directly depend on many factors: the characteristics of the vessels, the structure of the face, the age of the woman, the type of skin.

The surest and simplest method used to open pores is ordinary steaming.

It is done like this. Place a bowl of hot water on the table in front of you. They bend over it, and cover their heads with a towel on top to create bath conditions. For a better effect, a decoction of herbs is added to boiling water, which helps relieve skin inflammation. The pores are well steamed out, now you can proceed to cleansing the skin.

It is necessary to remove various contaminants, fatty plugs, black dots, comedones from it, which until now clogged the tubules and prevented the skin from functioning normally. For a better effect when cleansing, you can use a light scrub.

You need to keep your desire to squeeze out black swollen dots on your own. This is currently not recommended. After all, not all pores are well opened from steaming, some need time before maturation. So you’ll have to be a little patient.

The next stage is another steaming. After cleaning with a scrub, dead cells and nasty plugs were removed from the skin. Now you can proceed to a deeper cleansing of the pores. This process takes a certain amount of time, so this procedure is best done on weekends. As a result, the woman will get a stunning result.

The steaming process is repeated again, but with a new portion of hot broth. They also sit over a container of hot water for a certain amount of time, allowing the pores to open even more.

The skin will become more elastic, supple and softer. Now it will be possible to remove black dots and comedones with a light touch of the fingertips. They will leave their place effortlessly.

There are contraindications for this type of pore opening. This procedure is not suitable for people suffering from lung diseases or asthmatics, high blood pressure, blood vessels on the face are close to the skin, sensitive skin and so on. Such women are advised to clean their faces in salons where special cosmetics are used.

Skin needs to be taken care of daily. In the morning and evening, wash your face with a disinfectant, wipe your face with a tonic, do cleansing every evening, and deep cleansing a couple of times a week. With proper care, the skin will always be healthy and radiant.

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