How to comb your hair correctly

The combing procedure is the most important step in the overall hair care, it saturates them with oxygen, cleanses them of dirt and dust. It promotes their growth and strengthening, improves blood circulation and appearance, which ultimately affects the well-being and mood. Hair should be combed so that it is light and silky. And above all, this process begins with the choice of a suitable comb.

What comb is needed for proper combing of hair?

The choice of comb, comb, brush, should be given special attention. Combs made of natural materials are considered ideal: bone, wood. A woman in her arsenal should have several combs, each of which has its own purpose: for combing, styling, straightening, applying nutrients, massage.

Wooden combs and brushes are pleasant for the skin, do not electrify the hair, and are environmentally friendly. They are made from various types of wood: oak, birch, juniper. Beech and birch combs will help with dandruff and seborrhea. Oak combs are widespread, relieving stress, and juniper combs improve the general condition of the hair.

Horn combs are good, their advantage is that in terms of natural properties they are close to the composition of the hair, they do not electrify them, they are easy to care for. But they are short-lived, and in the process of use, damage appears on their surface.

Experts advise using brushes, as you can comb your hair and massage your scalp at the same time. Massage improves blood circulation and hair nutrition. The brush should have long and moderately hard bristles on a rubber base.

Plastic combs are hygienic, strong, durable, but they are electrified, causing the hair to become dull and brittle over time. Metal combs are hard and can injure the scalp. They should be excluded from the set of your accessories.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the hair, so that they do not get confused when combing, the teeth of a comb for everyday use should be rare, or of medium frequency. For safety reasons, you should choose combs and massage brushes with rounded and polished tips. If the comb is damaged, at least one tooth is broken, it should be replaced with a new one. All hair care items: combs, combs and brushes are recommended to be changed every year.

Comb care

  • The purchased comb is disinfected with a simple cologne, alcohol, vodka before use.
  • This is an item of personal hygiene, which should always be clean, it should not be given to anyone, and also used by someone else.
  • They clean and wash combs and brushes as they get dirty, with a solution of ammonia (40 ml per 1 liter of water), soapy water, shampoo.
  • Wooden combs need special care. For oily hair, wash and brush daily. An excellent disinfectant is chlorhexidine. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. For cleansing, the comb is placed in the solution for a few minutes.
  • Ebonite combs are washed only in warm soapy water.

Each type of hair has its own way of combing

In order for the hair to be alive, silky, they must be combed in the morning and in the evening, and during the day you just need to straighten your hair. Dry hair is combed more often – three times, very carefully so as not to damage them, oily hair – twice in the morning and evening, trying not to touch the scalp, so as not to increase the secretion of fat; For normal hair, twice a day is enough.

You should alternate movements with a comb with stroking your head with your hand, i.e. the first movement with a comb, the second with your palm. After that, it is recommended to stroke the hair for another two to three minutes, all movements are smooth, unhurried. Thus, the secretion of the sebaceous glands is distributed through the hair, they become elastic, silky and strong. To make the hair light, airy, it is useful to comb your hair in the fresh air.

It is best to comb your hair while lying on a sofa or bed, hanging your head down, starting from the back of your head and further, in all directions. This method strengthens and nourishes the hair, improves blood circulation and growth. You can carry out the procedure sitting on a chair, or in an armchair, lowering your head between your knees, as well as standing, tilting your head slightly down. Those who have high blood pressure should not stay in this position for a long time. This procedure is especially effective for hair loss.

If the hair is long, then it is more convenient to comb it while standing, starting from the tips, gradually moving along the entire length, using a massage brush and comb. They begin to comb – with a brush, finish – with a comb. Short hair is combed from the roots with a comb.

It is not recommended to brush wet hair. They are preliminarily slightly dried in a towel. A “skeletal” comb is ideal for them – a brush whose teeth are rarely located. If possible, the combing procedure should be carried out in a good mood – this will positively affect the condition of the hair.

Means for softening and improving combing of hair

The softness and suppleness of hair depend on the means that are used when washing – from shampoo, rinse, balm. Rinses envelop the hair with a protective film and make combing easier, especially with curly hair. It is convenient to use balms – conditioners. They make hair flexible, soft and strong. They contain provitamins that are useful for different types of hair, which must be taken into account when choosing a balm. Now the cosmetic industry offers a variety of products for different types of hair.

For rinsing, as an emollient, you can use slightly warmed, light beer. It not only softens, but also adds shine. Infusions and decoctions from plants successfully used in modern cosmetology are also effective:

  • infusion of birch leaves (10 g of dry birch leaves, brew in a glass of boiling water, cool, filter, rinse hair;
  • infusion of chamomile flowers, prepared similarly to the above recipe.

Luxurious hair is not only a natural gift, with some effort and proper care, even sparse and weakened, can become an irresistible decoration of appearance.

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