How to combine prints in clothes

Clothing with a print looks original and spectacular, helping to create interesting images. Therefore, it is not surprising that many fashionistas are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to combine different patterns in one bow and how to do it correctly so that as a result it looks beautiful, and not tasteless and vulgar.

Types of stylish prints

Dresses with elegant and bright patterns are fashion favorites of the last few seasons. The trend is not only dresses, skirts, trousers, T-shirts and blouses in large and small patterns, but even jeans, fur coats and coats. In total, designers distinguish five main prints:

  • Floral. Delicate and sophisticated, bright and chic buds have become a real hit in recent seasons. Leading brands are happy to use fabrics with floral patterns for sewing a wide variety of clothes.

  • Abstract. This unusual print looks very impressive. Abstractions can combine a variety of drawings and patterns.

  • Animalistic. These are patterns that imitate the colors of animals existing in nature (python, zebra, leopard, tiger). Things with such a pattern help to create a catchy and spectacular image.

  • Geometric. Mathematical patterns are extremely popular with designers. Stylish striped outfits, cheerful peas, laconic houndstooth and bright plaid do not go out of fashion.

  • Ethnic. This original print preserves the cultural traditions of a particular nation.

Stylists advise women of fashion to be imaginative and to create stylish looks, feel free to mix clothes with different patterns.

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How to wear prints

Designers divide fashionable print bows into the following main groups:

  • Full body print. “Full body print” is what leading brands call things with a pattern that occupy the central part in a fashionable bow. It can be either a dress, sundress, overalls, or a raincoat, coat or fur coat with an original and beautiful pattern.

  • print block. Under this phrase lies an outfit, consisting of one plain thing and the second – with a print. As a result, a contrast is created, against which the clothes with a pattern look even more spectacular. This combination of things is the favorite of many fashionistas.

  • Print accent. In this case, the pattern adorns a fashion accessory that brings an interesting accent to a stylish bow. Not only shoes are in fashion, but also bags, scarves, hats, gloves with an interesting pattern.

  • print + print. This is the most difficult combination of fashion items. Stylists recommend connecting prints, guided by two basic rules – by color scheme or pattern.

Before embarking on bold experiments, fashionistas can start by purchasing a few items with a spectacular pattern and combine them with plain clothes.

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Rules for combining fashionable prints in clothes

Many fashionistas don’t dare to wear multi-pattern clothing because they think it will look flashy and gaudy. In order to successfully combine things with different prints, and at the same time create a solid and beautiful image, you must adhere to simple stylistic rules:

  • Prints in various sizes. When choosing a fashionable outfit, you should make sure that all the drawings differ in their dimensions. The thing with the largest pattern will be the main one in the image and will help to make a beautiful accent in the bow.

  • Things with the same print. The combination of things with the same pattern looks good together. This applies to both floral, geometric, and animal prints. One thing should be with a large, and the other – with a small pattern. Such outfits look elegant, feminine and very impressive. They are suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

  • Various geometric prints. According to stylists, things with a mathematical pattern are best combined with each other. Plaid and stripes, peas and rhombuses, houndstooth and cage are a great combination for a stylish outfit. Original and spectacular bows are obtained, in which, for example, large and small or vertical and horizontal stripes are connected together. An equally successful option is an asymmetric image of the pattern.

  • Floral patterns and geometry. Clothes with large flower buds do not mix well with each other, but in combination with a geometric print, fashionistas will be able to create a beautiful and harmonious look.

  • Animalism and geometry. In order to get a fashionable bow as a result of this combination, girls should follow the main stylistic rule regarding the color and size of the drawings.

  • Animalism and flowers. Leopard print looks best with floral patterns. It can be a combination of skirt + blouse, T-shirt + pants or dress + jacket. In this case, it is necessary to select clothes with a small animalistic pattern so that it becomes a kind of background for flowers.

  • National character. Things with ethnic patterns harmoniously complement each other. Another good option is to include animal print clothes in such a fashionable look. The African pattern looks great in combination with things in a leopard or tiger pattern.

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By following these tips, every fashionista will be able to successfully combine clothes with different prints in one look and look stylish and impressive in any situation.

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