How to cover up pimples on face

The sudden appearance of a pimple on the face can seriously spoil the mood and even plans for the day. So that an unexpected phenomenon does not become a disaster, you should always know how to mask acne on your face in 10-20 minutes.

maskirovkaEvery girl should be able to hide imperfections on the skin with the help of improvised means and master the technique of masking acne using decorative cosmetics.

Perfect face in 10 minutes

How to hide acne on the face? Moreover, effectively, quickly and without depriving the skin of the face of naturalness? This question is often asked to cosmetologists by the fair sex of different ages. To give the skin a perfect look in emergency situations, it is necessary to be able to properly mask one or another of its shortcomings with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Having available tools and performing simple actions in a clear sequence will allow you to eliminate an unexpected problem and look great.

Step number 1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face, treating areas with inflammatory elements. Experts recommend using anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor drugs for this purpose. Often, the well-known drops “Naftizin”, “Nazivin”, “Vizin”, etc. are used for this. A pimple is carefully treated with a Q-tip dipped in a liquid.

Step number 2. A non-greasy cream should be used as a base. A cream containing anti-inflammatory substances will have a double effect.

Step number 3. Next, acne is covered with a small amount of foundation and shaded. The tone of the cosmetic product should be slightly lighter than your skin color.

Step number 4. Then a greenish corrector or concealer is applied to the inflammatory elements. The fact is that the green color allows you to neutralize the redness, making acne less or completely invisible. For express masking of acne, you should get a special pencil corrector, which can be found in pharmacies or cosmetics stores.

Step number 5. At the end, the face is powdered with translucent powder so that its color is more even with a matte finish.

Step number 6. When doing makeup, try to make your eyes more expressive. This will shift the focus from the face, and acne will remain even less noticeable to others.

How to cover up acne without makeup

If you have the time and prefer to use natural skin care products, you can hide acne without makeup – with the help of improvised means.

  1. Ice. Cold is known to constrict blood vessels. Place an ice cube or frozen cotton swab on the affected area for 3-4 minutes.
  2. Vasoconstrictor drops. These drugs, for sure, are present in every medicine cabinet. Effectively relieve inflammation and make pimples and blackheads inconspicuous drops for the nose: “Xilen”, “Nafthyzin”, “Nazivin” and the like; eye drops: “Vizin”, “Stillavit” and “Octilia”. Moisten cotton wool or Q-tip in the product and treat the problem area or apply as a lotion. After 10-15 minutes, the vessels will narrow slightly, and the redness will be barely noticeable.
  3. Tea tree oil. This essential oil is found in many cosmetic preparations with anti-inflammatory properties. Apply the oil with a cotton swab to the pimple. Results will appear in 30 minutes. If there are 5-6 hours in stock, the oil should be applied every half hour. This will completely eliminate redness and relieve inflammation.
  4. Bodyaga. Great for removing redness. Dissolve the powder (half a teaspoon) in warm water (a teaspoon). Cover the pimple with gruel. Leave for an hour, rinse with warm water.
  5. “Streptocide”. If there is a streptocide ointment or powder in the first aid kit, feel free to use them to mask acne. The product is applied for 30 minutes (the powder is pre-diluted in warm water). Then the composition is removed with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide. By the way, hydrogen peroxide is also a faithful assistant in eliminating inflammation, having an antimicrobial effect.
  6. “Aspirin”. Acetylsalicylic acid is an excellent remedy for inflammation. To remove redness, 2-3 aspirin tablets are powdered and dissolved in a small amount of water. The composition is applied directly to the pimple.
  7. Tincture of calendula. This medicinal plant is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Soak a cotton swab in the tincture and apply to the pimple, hold for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Toothpaste. It should be clarified that not every paste has an effect. First, you need to give preference to the classic white paste, since dyes can cause negative reactions, only aggravating the situation. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the components contained in the paste. If the preparation contains zinc, soda, triclosan, fluorine and hydrogen peroxide, it is suitable for masking acne, since all of these substances have anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a small amount of paste on the pimple, leave for 15-30 minutes, then remove with warm water.
  9. Coffee. Instant coffee is also suitable for the procedure. Prepare coffee gruel by dropping a few drops of warm water into coffee (half a teaspoon). Apply the mass on the pimple for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Common Pimple Concealment Mistakes

  1. Pimple squeezing. Many people think that the best way to hide a blackhead is to remove it. This is one of the common misconceptions. Squeezing pimples and blackheads is impossible! Why can’t you squeeze pimples? Such an action will only increase the area of ​​​​inflammation, and even leave a bloody trail, later it can turn into a non-healing scar.
  2. Thick layer of foundation. In the hope of hiding acne, a generous layer of foundation is often applied to the face. Another common mistake. When using tinting agents beyond measure, the face takes on an unnatural appearance and looks vulgar.
  3. Dark foundation color. Tonalka dark shades look extremely ridiculous on inflamed skin. Dark colors are applicable only for make-up of healthy skin. Also, avoid applying pink blush, as this color gives out all the imperfections and defects that are present on the skin.
  4. Cosmetics in bright colors. Wanting to divert attention from problem areas, women often use lipsticks and lip glosses in bright colors. Shine and bright colors visually make the areas affected by acne more inflamed.

No less erroneous is the opinion that by masking acne and other imperfections on the skin, you can not worry throughout the day. The duration of the disguise is short-lived and lasts only a few hours. As soon as the time of the magic of cosmetics passes, the face again acquires a greasy sheen. Everything that was hidden comes out, and the skin looks even worse than before applying makeup.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is necessary to fight acne radically, various ways to hide them are just emergency help for a temporary improvement in appearance, and in the meantime, the problem remains unresolved. Reasons for the…

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